Download Ios Siri Apk For Android Smartphones

How to use Apple Ios Siri on Android Smartphone – The best Alternative of Siri Assistant for android .

Do you want to Use and Download Siri Virtual assistant on Your Android Smartphone ? Then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide on How to run Siri Virtual assistant on a Android Smartphone .
Siri is a Virtual assistant for Apple ios iphones and it is also worth mentioning that siri is one of the major reasons why i use iphone . Upto Now there is no Well made default Virtual assistant for android , Even Windows also have a Virtual assistant called Cortana which is as much good as siri .Android Smartphone with biggest battery in the world Launched .

Before going to the Guide Download ios Siri apk for android Let us clear you that as of now there is No Official Siri For Android But still we have many alternatives and today we have shortlisted the best Siri alternative for android smartphones .

How to install Ios Siri Apk on a Android Smartphone ?

As we mentioned earlier that upto now there is no official Siri app available for android but still we have many alternatives of it in the play store . So just to make your work easier in choosing the best alternative of Siri For android We have shortlisted two Virtual assistants which works the same like siri do and in some aspects they also have more features then Siri .Lenovo k4 note – successor of Lenovo k3 note soon going to launch .

Best Alternative of Siri For android Smartphones .

So the First Best Alternative of Siri For Android Is Undoubtedly  The CORTANA
Cortana :- 
Cortana is one of the best Siri Alternative for android and not only this but cortana is also the best alternative of SIRI itself on Ios iphones . Some days ago the company tested siri and cortana together on a iphone and surprisingly Cortana was able to give more accurate answers then Siri .Just for your information Cortana is the Default personal Assistant for Windows smartphone same like siri but some days ago the company released it for Android and ios officially .

The Reason why Cortana is the best alternative of Siri for android is that it is very simple to use , all you have to say is Hello Cortana and Cortana will Start working for you .

So Here is A Guide on How to install Cortana On Android Smartphone – The Best alternative of Siri for android .


  • First of all Download Cortana From Here .
  • After Downloading , go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • After going into the settings enable third party installations .
  • And Now install Cortana .
Thats all you have successfully installed the best alternative of Siri for android .
Now coming to the next best alternative of Siri for android .


After Cortana there is no official Personal Assistant released for android but still there are many third party assistant apps which works the same like Cortana and Siri .
The Second best alternative of Siri For android is Assistant.ai .
Assistant.ai is a good alternative of Siri but still it needs more work to compete with The Microsoft cortana which works smoothly and Without delay . Anyways Here is how to Install Assistant.ai
  • Download Assistant.ai From Here .
  • After Downloading , go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • After going into the settings enable third party intallations .
  • And Now install Assistant.ai .
So this was our guide on How to Install Siri on android smartphone , i hope you Downloaded ios sir apk on your android smartphone .

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