How to use Facebook App without Downloading Facebook Messenger.

How to Chat on Facebook App Without Downloading Facebook Messenger .

Do you want to send messages by facebook app instead of downloading messenger ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide on How to Chat using facebook App only and not using the Facebook messenger
Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest Social platform in the world .Recently facebook announced that now there are more then 1 Billion users worldwide using facebook . Facebook updated their policies and News feed and just with those facebook released a new rule in which users will only be able to chat after installing the facebook messenger app , Before this rule users were able to Chat by using the Facebook app only , But Now after this update users are forced to download both apps which not only drains the battery but also makes the smartphone laggy by consuming a large amount of battery .  
So today we are with a guide On how to use facebook app without downloading facebook messenger .

How to Chat on Facebook Default App without Downloading Facebook messenger ?

So Starting with the Guide :- 
  • First of All Download the Apk from Here .
  • After Downloading .
  • Go to the settings of your Smartphone .
  • Now Enable third party installations.
  • After enabling Third party installations .
  • Install the Chat enabler Apk you downloaded earlier .
  • And thats all !!! after Installing App you will be able to use Facebook app to chat .

So thats all !!!! This was our guide on how to Chat on facebook app without Downloading Facebook messenger . This guide not only will help you to chat with your friends by using facebook app only but also will  help you to increase the speed of your android smartphone . Facebook And Facebook messenger app consumes almost 200 Mb ram and upto 650 Mb of storage and due to that entry level smartphones start lagging and hanging because  they dont come with More ram . So by following the guide on how to chat using facebook app you will be able to save a lot of ram .

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