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How to Recover Deleted Photos, Files, Videos From your Pc

Recover Deleted Photos, Files and Videos from Computer Hard drive

So do you want to recover deleted photos, Files and videos from hard drive of pc ? if yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with the guide on How to get back deleted files from pc .

Sometimes it happens when we accidentally delete our files or because of anyone reason we delete them and later on we regret, And After doing that the first thing we think is that is there any way to restore back deleted files on computer ?  So yes now there is a way with which you can recover hard drive files without any special requirement .

So before going to the Guide Let us discuss a little about the Most important terms related to This guide:

Why You Need Hard drive Data recovery?

So as i discussed earlier that it happens many time when we accidentally delete our files and later on we remind that it was important fiile and it should not be deleted, Despite this sometimes because of incomplete installations or any other issue our hard disk gets automatically formatted and all our files gets deleted so in these cases Hard drive data recovery software can help us to bring our data back again.



So before you go the guide to recover your files and Data it is important that you should know what precautions you should take after you delete your files.

How to Recover Deleted Files from android without root and with root.

Precautions to take after you delete your Files, Photos and videos?

So after deleting files most time users ignore the precautions they should take, So below is a list of things users should take care of.

  1. Users Should stop adding new data to the hard drive because when you add new data it gets overwritten on the old data files and hence chances of recovering data back gets reduced.
  2. Dont reinstall windows as this will also format the old data and recovering back data again will be a problem.
  3. Dont format the Hard drive again and again.

Now the next big question which comes every time in mind is that which is the best software to recovery data from hard drive, So in this guide we have shortlisted the best software which are recommended to Recover deleted data.

What is the Best Recommended Software for Hard drive data recovery ?

There are plenty of software’s available on the internet which claim to recover your data back but most of them are useless or they dont work well . so we have shortlisted 1 best software which is best software for recovering data back from formatted hard drive .

  • Wondershare Hardware Data recovery Software.

so starting with the Guide on How to recover deleted files from Pc

How to Recover Data, Files, photos and Videos from Harddrive using Wondershare

  • So first of all Download Wondershare Data Recovery Software From official website.
  • Now Install the Software in your pc.
Recover Deleted Files, Photos, Videos and Data

Recover Deleted Files, Photos, Videos and Data

  • Now open the software.
  • After you Open you will See 4 different options.
  • Now select the Lost File recovery option if you want to Recover Deleted files.
recover deleted files from computer

recover deleted files from computer

  • Now select the partition or Disk you want to recover files from.
restore deleted files from computer

restore deleted files from computer

  • As soon as you tap on Hard drive the data recovery process will start.
  • Now you will be asked to Select the format of files you want to restore.
recover deleted computer files

recover deleted computer files

  • Now just select the files you want to recover using the software.
  • As soon as you tap on recover the software will start recovering your files.
  • Thats all!!! This was how you can restore back deleted files from pc.

So this was our Guide on How to recover Deleted Files, Photos, videos and Data from computer. I hope this guide helped you. If you have any kind of problem or doubt you can comment down below in the comments section.

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