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Download Fuchsia Os For Android Devices

Fuchsia OS Download for Android Mobiles

Download Fuchsia Os : Alright, so Google is no joke when it comes to competing with themselves, whether it’s Hangouts and Allo and Duo, Inbox or Gmail, Android or Chrome OS. Well, hang on wait a minute you might not agree with the last one. Why? Well, Android is for “Smartphone” whereas Chrome OS is for “Desktops”. But despite this Google has finally brought a new Player in the Game, the Fuchsia OS for “Smartphones”. Well, you might wonder why Google has decided to develop a new OS for “Smartphone” when the Android was doing really well. Even it is the most popular and loved Operating System at this point of time.

Download Fuchsia Os for Android Devices

Download Fuchsia Os for Android Devices

Download Fuchsia Operating System for android devices

Well, the reason behind the development of this New OS, “Fuchsia” can be the fact that the Technology keeps evolving and that’s why Google may be decided to give birth to a new Operating System. With that being said let us now see what Fuchsia OS has to offer, or we might call it Features of Fuchsia OS.

List of Devices Getting Fuchsia Os Upgrade

Features of Fuchsia OS

So, when it comes to UI or User Interface for that matter, Fuchsia OS looks lit. There are tiles for all the apps. As on the home screen, in middle, you find your profile. tapping your Profile will give you access to quick toggles like Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Brightness, Volume and much more. There is also a Log Out Option which let you log out of your Google Account.

Swiping Down, you’ll find certain cards which represent the Installed Apps, there is a separate card for each App. As long as you tap on the card the respective app will get opened.  The cards look nice and are well managed. The animations are also very fluid and nice.

Swiping Up will give you access to Google Cards, like the one you found on Google App on your Smartphone, you can customize each card the way you like them. There is a section of Ask Me Anything which lets you search for something on Google. As you tap on to ask me anything a keyboard with a nice dark theme get popped up which let you enter your search query. You can also tap on mic icon and say whatever you want Google to Search for You.

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So now when we have read features of Fuchsia OS, we hope that you guys also seems interesting to test it out. Don’t worry we will provide you Fuchsia OS which you can Download and can test on your Smartphone.

Download Fuchsia OS for all Android Smartphones

Here is the button to download Fuchsia OS directly to your Phone. Simply download it and install it. Enjoy the taste of Fuchsia OS on your Android Device.

   Fuchsia OS

So, Guys, that’s it, it was our take on guide for Download Fuchsia Os For Android Devices. in case you have any queries or questions, leave them in the comment section below.

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