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GAPPS 8.0 Download Google Apps 8.0 for Oreo Lineage Os 15 ROMS

GAPPS 8.0 For Lineage os 15, AOSP and all Oreo Custom Roms

GAPPS 8.0 Download Google Apps 8.0 for Oreo: Alright, so you are someone who loves to play with your Smartphone by Rooting, Flashing Custom ROMs, Recoveries, MODs Patches and more. Now you have got an awesome Custom ROM for your Smartphone which you just flashed but the problem comes when you found that there are no Google Apps 8.0 oreo preinstalled which you require in order to use your Smartphone properly as some Google Apps are more of a necessity like the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Gmail etc.



Download Working GAPPS 8.0 for All Android Oreo custom roms

So In order to help you guys to get these Google Apps (Gapps) on your Smartphone, here we are with our post on Download Google Apps 8.0 (Gapps). There are a lot of Packages which you can choose from. They are arranged from the Smallest to the Largest, so take a look at your Storage Space and requirements. These Google Apps will work on any ROM based on these Android Versions :

You might Notice that Android Oreo isn’t in the List, but even if you are using  Android 8.0 Oreo-based ROM, no need to worry, we got you Covered as well, And if you Are Using a Xiaomi Device You can follow our guide on Download Gapps 8.0 Oreo for Xiaomi Devices

Let’s first help you in deciding What Package you should Choose.

Which Gapps 8.0 Package to choose

Here is a Chart showing the Apps that each Package contains, this will surely help you in choosing the Right Package for your Smartphone.

Download GAPPS 8.0 Google Apps

Download GAPPS 8.0 Google Apps


Now once that’s clear let us help you in deciding the Platform.

Which Gapps 8.0 Platform to choose

All the Gapps in this List have DPI-optimized support for all Google packages, today most of the Android Devices have 32-bit Architecture, you should choose ARM if your device too have a 32-bit Architecture. You should choose ARM64 in case of a 64-bit Architecture. and in case you have Intel x86 Architecture like most Zenfones have, then go with x86. A quick google search about your Smartphone can help you get Architecture info for your specific Smartphone. Let’s take a quick Overview here :

  • ARM64 – For devices with 64-bit Architecture devices.
  • ARM – For devices with 32-bit Architecture.
  • x86 – Intel-based smartphones like Zenfones etc.

So, now let us get straight to Download Google Apps (Gapps).

Download Gapps 8.0 for Lineage Os 15 Android Oreo custom roms

Download Google Apps for Android 8.0 Oreo

In case you are having an Android 8.0 Oreo-based Custom ROM on your Android Smartphone, then you can download Gapps from here.

Now, let us start the Packages from Smallest to Largest in size.

How to Install Android 8.0 Oreo Gapps 8.0 On Custom rom

  • First of all Make sure your smartphone has TWRP recovery installed, Here is the Guide on How to Install TWRP recovery on any Android smartphone
  • Now turn off your smartphone completely.
  • Remove battery if ( Removable )
  • Now Boot Your smartphone in TWRP Recovery
  • Now you will get many options on the screen
  • Now tap on Wipe
  • Now choose Wipe Dalvik cache
  • Wipe Cache partition
  • Now tap on Install
  • Now choose GAPPS appropriate for your smartphone
  • Now Swipe To confirm the Installation
  • Now Wait for the installation to get completed
  • Now tap on reboot
  • Thats all !!! You have successfully Installed GAPPS 8.0 On Your oreo custom rom.

So this was our guide on Download Gapps 8.0 for Android oreo Custom roms, we hope this guide helped you and if you have any doubt you can comment down below in the comments section.

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