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Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android Smartphone

Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2018

So do you want to Know Best Video editing Apps for Android in 2018? If yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Top free Android Video Editing Apps. If you are a content creator or just want to share some awesome videos on social media, then using the right video editor to make the best clip is very important. While you can use the dedicated software on your pc, they not only need more resources but also require to have knowledge on how to use that software. This is where video editing apps for android come in place, and today we will be sharing some of the finest ones available out there.

All of these apps will be provided with a description, and if you want to download them, just click on their name, and it’ll take you straight to their play store pages. And so here are the best video editor apps for android.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android Smartphone

Best Video Editing Apps for Android Smartphone

Best Video Editing Apps for Android: Adobe Premiere Clip

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While looking for video editors you must have surely come across Adobe Premiere, since Adobe is a huge name among content creators, and this is the mobile version of their infamous video editor. While this one may not have all the advanced futures, it is certainly very easy to use and it can auto-generate videos according to the music. If an auto mode cannot fulfill your needs, you can always manually pick media files and arrange them however you like in this app. And the last part is that it also has the support for Adobe Creative Cloud using which you can continue your editing work on your PC and vice versa.

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Best Video Editing Apps for Android: FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

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FilmoraGo is a video editor for Android by the very famous Wondershare, which is also known for their PC video editor called Wondershare Filmora. This app features a simple and easy interface with quite a lot features including the basic ones as cut, trim, rotate, rearrange, insert as well as some pro features like reversing videos, 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratio support for Instagram and YouTube respectively. You also get the features of voice over, themes and playback speed control. Overall this a great app for prosumers who want a very simple user interface.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android: KineMaster

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KineMaster is hands down, the best video editor available on Android with features that make it very close to a professional experience. At first the user interface can be a little overwhelming as this app is targeted towards only the prosumers. Talking of the features, well you get everything that you can think, and this app provides everything that all other apps provide with the inclusion of the fact that this has multi layer and chroma video support using which one can easily make true pieces of art. All that being said, this app is unfortunately not completely free, you have to get a monthly/yearly subscription to use KineMaster to the fullest.


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Last but not least, Quik, a video editor developed by the folks over at GoPro Action Cameras, is a great app not only for the GoPro owners, but also for the people who don’t want to spend their time in learning video editing. This app will allow you to add up to 50 images and video which it combines to make a very nice slideshow like short video which will also include music, and it’ll show you your videos and images according to that. Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, this app will give you 23 different editing styles so that your video is totally unique. Overall a great app for those who don’t wanna spend much time in editing their videos.

We wish to see more and more awesome apps for content creators and social media lovers so that can create anything right on their mobile phones. Also, let us know which Video Editor for Android is your favorite one down in the comments section. If you loved this post, consider sharing it on social media and check out our other posts for updated tech content!

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