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How to Downgrade Miui 10 to Miui 9 All Xiaomi Devices

Downgrade All Xiaomi Devices From Miui 10 to Miui 9

Downgrade Miui 10 to Miui 9 in any Xiaomi device by following this Guide , So if you have upgraded your Xiaomi Device to Miui 10 then you can Follow this guide and rollback to Miui 9 Easily. Miui 10 is the latest operating system from Xiaomi and it comes with a all New design which is good for users who were bored with the old and traditional design of xiaomi which wasn’t upgraded from So long.

In this Guide we will show you the easiest way to Downgrade all Xiaomi Devices to Miui 9 from Miui 10, Miui 10 Comes with many new features but still there are some features and bugs present even in the New Os from Xiaomi, However this being true that nothing is perfect in this world we can expect some bugs and errors from Xiaomi itself. So in this guide we will show you the easiest way to Downgrade Miui 10 to Miui 9 with the easiest way. So without wasting much time lets start the Guide.



Rollback to Miui 9 from Miui 10 Easily

This guide is the most easy guide you can follow to get back to Miui 9 from Miui 10 and also this doesn’t needs any Special requirements However still there are some points you have to take care before you Downgrade to Miui 9 from Miui 10.

Points and Pre-requirements

  • Make sure your device is Not rooted
  • Make sure there is More then 65% battery in your Phone
  • Make sure You have made a backup of all important files contacts

Downgrade Miui 10 to Miui 9 on Xiaomi Smartphone

Downgrade Xiaomi to Miui 9 using Recovery ROM

Recovery roms works on only those roms which are similar for example if you are currently using Miui 10 China rom then you have to download Miui 9 china rom and then after you will be able to Downgrade Miui 10 to Miui 9 Using Recovery rom method.

Steps to Downgrade Miui 10 to Miui 9 Recovery rom method

  • First of all Make sure that you are using Miui 10 China rom and then only proceed
  • Now Get Miui 9 China rom from official Website and then Rename it to or Whatever you prefer but make sure you remember the name carefully.
  • Now Launch updater app on your Xiaomi Phone
  • Now press on the menu button in the app
  • Now you will get Three Different Options
  • Tap on Choose Update Package and choose the Miui 9 China Rom you downloaded earlier
  • Thats all!! this was the first and Most Easiest way with which you can install Miui 9 China rom on Miui 10 Device

Install Miui 9 Rom on Miui 10 Device For Rooted Smartphone

  • First of all Download Miui 9 recovery Rom for your Device
  • Now Boot your smartphone in TWRP recovery mode by pressing Volume Down + Volume Up button
  • Now your smartphone will boot in TWRP recovery mode
  • Now Perform a Factory reset of your smartphone By Selecting the Factory Data reset option in the TWRP recovery mode.
  • Now go back and Tap on Install
  • Now choose the Rom package
  • Now Swipe to Confirm the installation
  • Thats all!!! You have successfully Installed Miui 9 Rom on Your Miui 10 Device
  • Now you can Setup your Miui 9 Device and use it.

So this was our guide on How to Downgrade Miui 10 to Miui 9 by following the easiest method, Incase if you have any doubt feel free to Write Down in the comments section below. Also consider checking out other articles.


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