Ultimate Trick of Flipkart 2016 To Get Free Home Delivery On Any Item

How to get Free Home Delivery On Items Below 300 rupees  Flipkart Trick 2016 .

You All Might Be familiar That Flipkart Doesnt Do Free Home delievery Below 300 Rupees items ” flipkart Trick ”  , Today We will tell You How to Get Free Flipkart Home Delivery On items Below Rupees 300 . Flipkart is one Of the Leading Online marketing Place in India Followed By Snapdeal and amazon , But one thing Which makes every Online Shopping customer worried about Flipkart Is Its Condition Of not Giving Free Home Delivery Below 300 Rupees items . Which means If you Buy a Product of rupees 270 From Flipakrt Then you Have To Pay a Total Amount Of 370 i.e 270+100 Rupees delivery Charges( Delivery Charges may varie with your delivering location ) So Today we will Show You Flipkart trick 2016 .

Flipkart trick 2016 to Get Free Product Home Delivery Below Rupees 300 Items .

Flipkart is Undoubtedly one of the Best Online Market Place i usually use , But as i mentioned Above their terms And Conditions Dont allow Free Home Delivery Below rupees 300 Items .
This Trick Will Guide You How To Get Free Home Delivery on all items From Flipkart , So Basically This is a Flipkart 2016 Trick .
Before Showing you The Flipkart trick Let me Clear your Their Packing Startegy , With Which You will get a little Bit Idea About Flipkart 2016 trick .

Amazon Trick to get Free delivery on any Product .

Flipkart doesnt work Like Snapdeal in terms of packaging , For instance You Had ordered Two items Same time/ Same day , let us Assume Them Be a Gucci Wallet And A RayBan aviator . Flipkart Will Pack Those Two Items in different Packing which means a Different packaging for Wallet And Different packaging For RayBan aviator , It doesn’t work like snapdeal Which packs Both two items in One packing which is not pretty Good . 
Okay Now lets Headover to The 

Flipkart 2016 Trick To Get free Product Home Delivery 

You Wish To Take a Trimmer From Flipkart Worth Rupees 125 But due to Home Delivery Charges You Find the trimmer To Be a Little Bit Over budget , So BAsically A product of Rupees 125 Wont Actually Cost You 125 it will Cost you some around rupees 225 So lets Apply the Trick 2016 on Flipkart .
According to Flipakrt If you Order Any Item Above 300 You Need Not To give Delivery Charges so 
Order One Trimmer Worth Rupees 125 
And Now Order any Item Above rupees 200 Let assume it to be a Perfume , Now Your Final Paying amount is Rupees 325 Rupees Which means You Have Passed A amount which makes your Products Eligible For free Home Delivery Now Place The Order On Your Address . 
Now When You Get A message From Flipkart or Bluedart Courier or any other courier Service Which Says That  Your item is Handed Over to our courier Partner And Will Reach you on xyz Date , Then immediately Cancel The  2nd item Which was Perfume As a  Example In our article And Give any reason for cancellation And Dont cancel The First One , Now When You will Go to Pickup your Item The Courier  man Will ask you For The Original Price which was 125 Instead of 225 Without Any Delivery charges . 
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Flipkart trick 2016 to Get Free Product Home Delivery Below Rupees 300 Items

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