Technology In Cricket – A Boon Or Bane

Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane ?

 Technology in Cricket – A Boon or Bane   , yes You Listened Right Technology in Cricket Boon Or Bane  As This Blog is About Technology So We Thought to Write A Article On technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane , Because World Cup is The Most Trending Topic Now A Days .
Our Post Will Have two Parts As Follows :- 
  • Technology in Cricket – A Boon or Bane – For Cricketers 
  • Technology In Cricket – A Boon or Bane – For viewers .
First We Will Cover The Topic For Viewers .
You All Might Be Familiar With Cricket , But Just For Your Info Cricket Is A Game Played Between Two teams , It Consists Of Different Levels Like World Cup , Odi , One Day , test Match t20 And So on..
Okay Without Wasting Much Time lets Head Over To our Post  
Technology In Cricket – A Boon or Bane – viewers wise 
High Definition Cameras Used In Cricket .

As I Am Also A Viewer So i Will Discuss What I Feel For Technology In Cricket . 
So According To Me Technology Used in Crickets used Now a Days Is Definetly Boon For Viewers . 
Why i Feel So , Reasons Are As Follows :- 
I Will Start With Cameras Used In Matches .
Now A Days Cameras Used For Recording Matches Are Ultra HD Cameras Which Are Capable of Capturing Every Single Visual Detail Of Match .The Cameras Used In Matches Are So Good That They give A Real Like view Of Match In our Home televisions .
Camera View of Cameras Used Now A Days :- 
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Fly Over Camera Used In Cricket To Capture Images From Height 
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Camera View Of Camera Used To Capture images In Late 90’s
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
So As You Can See That There is A Huge Difference In The Camera Quality in Both Images , So Here Technology in Cricket is definitely A Boon . 
Second Technology used In World Cups now Are Third Umpires .
There Are Usually Two Empires Standing In The Field ,Mostly Their Decision Is Considered As Final Decision Unless The Player ask For A review Again . 
As We All Know That Those Umpires Are Humans Too and Every Human Can Do mistake , So If a player Feels Doubt In The Umpires Decision He Can Ask For Review . Then Comes The Third Umpire .
The third umpire sits off the ground and has access to TV replays of on-field situations that might lead to dispute if not intervened such as stumping, run-out, boundary, or catch. The role of a third umpire is to adjudicate and once the right decision is arrived upon, he must inform that decision to the ground umpires via a wireless device. The slow motion video replays assist the third umpire to arrive at the correct decision, without having to consult anyone.
Many argue that the decision making by a third umpire may not be as effective as the Hawk-Eye technology deployed in tennis .
So The Decision Of The Third Umpire is Considered As The Last Decision . 
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
And In late Days There were No Computers , Or There was No technology With which you can Judge the Right Decision , And Now A days In World Cup the third umpire Team Is Loaded With Many Computers , Software , trackers That They Can easily Take right Decision In just A Couple Of Seconds . 
The Third Technology Used In Cricket Is Hawk Eye . 
The technology was first used in a Test match between England and Pakistan on Lord’s Cricket Ground, on 21 May 2001. It is used primarily by the majority of television networks to track the trajectory of balls in flight. ICC trialed a referral system where Hawk-Eye was used for referring decisions to the third umpire if a team disagreed with an LBW decision.
Its major use in cricket broadcasting is in analyzing leg before wicket decisions, where the likely path of the ball can be projected forward, through the batsman’s legs, to see if it would have hit the stumps. Consultation of the third umpire, for conventional slow motion or Hawk-Eye, on leg before wicket decisions, is currently sanctioned in international cricket even though doubts remain about its accuracy in cricket.
The Hawk-eye referral for LBW decision is based on three criteria:
  • Where the ball pitched
  • The location of impact with the leg of the batsman
  • The projected path of the ball past the batsman
In all three cases, marginal calls result in the on-field call being maintained.
Batsmen also benefit from the analysis of Hawk-Eye, as a record can be brought up of the deliveries batsmen scored from. These are often shown as a 2-D silhouetted figure of a batsmen and colour-coded dots of the balls faced by the batsman. Information such as the exact spot where the ball pitches or speed of the ball from the bowler’s hand (to gauge batsman reaction time) can also help in post-match analysis .
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
in Late Days There were No Such Hawk Eye Technolgies That Could Exactly give These Type Of Ball Analysis , So Obviously Here also Technology in cricket Is Proved as A boon .
The Third technology used in worl cup cricket Hot Spot .
This is possibly the most reliable of all the recent technologies to have crowded the sport of cricket. It uses the same technology used in military for fighter jets tracking and is accomplished by having 2 infra-red cameras at the 2 ends of the ground. It is mainly used to decipher if the ball has hit the edge of the bat or some part of the batsman’s body or if it has completely missed everything. The infrared image shows a bright white spot where the ball has made contact as the friction raises the temperature and provides a clear picture during caught behind’s or lbw’s where the bat and pad are close together. The technology though has a shortcoming as it occasionally fails to show thin edges from fast bowlers due to lack of friction between bat and ball. Overall, this is a great technology but is very very expensive and the cost for hosting it can run in to several thousands of dollars. It is also difficult from logistics point of view to get these cameras available across various grounds during a tournament like the World cup .
Note :- it is not a part of the DRS in the World Cup 2015.
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
So here also Technology In Cricket is A Boon , And Here Also You Can see How The World Cup Has Changed In Several Years Because There was No Such Facility Available Of HotSpot In Earlier World Cups . 
Fourth Technology Used in WorldCup Now A days  Drone Camera Or Spider Camera . 
Spider Cam is a system which allows the camera to move in all the 3 dimensions, i.e., up-down, forward-backward and left-right. The Spider Cam is placed over the playing field and is supported by cables. It is used to give a bird’s eye view of the events on the field and provides the television audience with candid shots of either a player or of the shots when a ball is hit in the air. It is a superb addition and gives fresh perspective and unique viewing angles thus enhancing the user experience. The Spider Cam caused a controversy recently when it came in the eye line of Steve Smith and the Aussie skipper shelled a simple catch of Virat Kohli during the test series. The ball, if it hits the Spider Cam, is declared dead. The Drone Cam has not been used till now and will be used in the later stages of the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and it will be interesting to see what it brings to the plate.
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Drone Cameras Are One Of The Most Biggest Achievement Of Technology For Cricket And World Cups As It Can Go To Height Where a ordinary Camera Cant , So It is Obviously one of the Biggest Witness Proving That technology is Definitely a boon For Cricket . 
And Last But Not least Flood Lights used in Day Night World Cup Matches . 
These Lights Are used In matches From 1952 But , The lights Used now A days have Carried A vast improvement Over Those lights , As These Lights Can Make a Night – A Day By Its Ultra luminous Quality . This Is A Small Thing But Actually It Plays A Important Role in Night matches , As just Because Of Lights All Technology Like Hot spot , Hawk Eye , Cameras Are able to Capture Their Requirements . 
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
Technology Used In Cricket A Boon Or Bane blogger dream team
As You Can Se That The Above Image Is From A Night Match , But because Of The Flood lights We Can Visually Feel It As A Day Match . 
There Are Several more Improvements Adopted In modern World cups :- 
  • Speed Gun and Ball Spin RPM
These two technologies involve giving the speed at which the ball is delivered by the bowler and the number of revolutions imparted by a spin bowler respectively. They involve the use of a Doppler radar which passes on the relevant information. These figures are used to make the TV viewing more knowledgeable and interesting. They are also used by the analysts of the teams to measure performance of the players.
  • Zing Bails 
A very recent addition to cricket, they were used for the first time in international cricket during the ICC World T20 in Bangladesh held in 2014. They are currently being used in the ICC World Cup 2015. With the conventional cricket bails, it was sometimes difficult for the 3rd umpire to ascertain the exact time when the bails were out of their grooves and this often caused a controversy during close run out decisions. The zing bails have a microprocessor in each of the bail-ends which detect when the bail is completely dislodged from the stump grooves and the LED’s light up within a fraction of a second. Apart from assisting the umpires, they also provide a pretty spectacle as the flashing red LED lights makes for a dazzling sight when a fast bowler castles a batsman.
Second Part of our Post Was 

Technology Used in Cricket – A Boon or Bane – Cricketer wise 

Obviously i Am Not A player , But what i Feel For Cricketer Regarding Technology Used in Cricket – A Boon Or Bane , Then I will Say That This Would be A Neutral Because Some technology opted Is Boon And Some Are bane And They May Differ In conditions . 
I Dont Have Any Words to Say On This Because i cant Feel What A Cricketer Can Feel , What I Feel is Only that it is neutral nor Boon Nor Bane or Both Boon And Bane . 

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