Upcoming Smartphone From Xiaomi , Can Be Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

The New Beast From Xiaomi Is Ready , Can be Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 – Here is All What we Know upto Now .

Xiaomi redmi note is considered one of the best smartphone below rupees 10,000 in India ( Both 3G and 4G varaint ) And just because of its success and great demand Xiaomi is all set to release a upgraded version of Xiaomi redmi note code-named as XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 2 .
Upto now there are no official words or official announcement from xiaomi regarding the Smartphone ” Xiaomi Redmi note 2 ” 
But if sources are to be believed Xiaomi is All to release a new smartphone in its redmi note series .
Just because this is a pre released info , so we cant take guarantee whether the specifications and looks will match the official release . 
Xiaomi redmi note 2 specifications , features

Xiaomi redmi note 2 specifications , features 

If sources are to be believed there are no major changes made in terms of hardware and specifications of the New xiaomi redmi note 2 , but still lets have a look what Xiaomi redmi note 2 is Bringing this time .
Octa Core Processor :-
Same like xiaomi redmi note , note 2 will also bring octa core processor , we still dont have no guess or idea on the clocked amount of each core but one thing we can say Undoubtedly and with guarantee is that Xiaomi redmi note will come with qualcomm Snapdragon processor this time and the reason why we are saying so is Xiaomi is having disputes with Ericsson on installing mediatek processor in their smartphones without permissions . 
13+5mp camera :-
There are no changes in Camera also , it is same like its predecessor 
rear one :- 13mp 
Front Camera :- 5mp 
However it is  still a mystery that whether this time camera will come with features like :- Beautify , Auto color as seen In Mi4i’s  Camera.
5.5 Inches Screen :-
The screen size reportedly is also same like the Xiaomi redmi note , but there is no report on the formation of the screen so lets wait for the official announcement and only after that we will be knowing formation ,ppi , glass and etc info about the screen .
2Gb ram :-
This is also same like xiaomi redmi note , but as we told earlier that this smartphone will be equipped with qualcomm snapdragon processor so there are vast chances we can notice ups downs in the performance .
Looks :- 
Yup !!! This is the only change we have noticed so far in xiomi redmi note note 2 over its predecessor  , we must say that Xiaomi redmi note 2 is A solid build and is likely to bear Accidental Pocket Falls . The body of xiaomi redmi note 2 is made of Hard Metal .
Some of the images of New Xiaomi redmi note 2 :- 
Xiaomi redmi note 2 specifications , features

Xiaomi redmi note 2 specifications , features

Xiaomi redmi note 2 specifications , features
Xiaomi redmi note 2 specifications , features

We would like to give our sincere thanks to gizchina for images .
Xiaomi redmi note 2 specifications , features

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