iMacwear M7 Android 4.4 3G Smartwatch Phone – Review Specifications And Price

iMacwear M7 Android 4.4 3G smartwacth Phone – Good or Bad ?

Are you planning to buy a new smartwatch ? Then you are at right place today we will tell you about a smartwatch that is seriously good in every terms . The gadget today we will discuss about is not only a Smartwatch But it is a smartphone as well that’s why we have written ” Smartwatch Phone ” .
Smartwatches are undoubtedly one of the fastest growing gadgets in this world . Most of the smartwatch needs a Smartphone to make them work but the smartwatch today we are gong to tell you today doesnt need any smartphone because it itself is a smartphone and can do almost all work a smartphone do .You may also like :- Best 1 Android Mobile Below 10000 rupees – July 2015 


Okay now without wasting much time lets start with the specifications of the smartwatch .

iMac wear Has the largest Battery ever used in a Smartwatch .


With 600 Mah Battery you can use the watch upto 7 days with average usage and with heavy usage the battery can last upto 5 days .
Usually most of the Smartwatches come with small batteries that doesn’t last for a long time but imacwear m7 smarwatch will never let you feel down because of battery issues .

M7 Is water resistant


imacwear M7 Comes with IP67 rating which means this watch Have the following features :-

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  • M7 is Totally protected Against Dust .
  • Protected against the effect of emersion between 15 cm and 1 cm
So never worry about dust and water when wearing the smartwatch .
Capture Ultra Clear Photographs with 5Mp camera of M7
M7 Watch has a inbuilt 5 mp camera capable of capturing Super clear videos and Images plus the mic of the watch also records the voice extremely clear for your Vidoes .
M7 Smartwatch supports Gps Google Maps real time location
Being a Smartwatch and a Phone m7 has tracking and location searching feature which helps you in Getting real time location and finding places , so never worry of being lost at any place just turn on the gps on M7 and You will get info about every location .
And Last but not least :-
And as is said last but not the least iMacwear M7 Supports sim card which can be used to Use Gps , use internet Can be used to make calls and many more things .
I have seen many smartwatches but seriously this is the first one which have sim support and a watch on which we can make calls and use internet separately without syncing to the smartphone .
The smartwatch have many more features like you can use Whatsapp , instagram and any android app and many more .
The regular price of the smartwatch is 236$ but for our loyal readers we are providing this smartwatch phone at only 112$ .
If you wish to buy the watch you can buy it HERE
so This was our Guide on Imac M7 android smartwatch phone i hope you liked it .

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