Lenovo K3 Note Review – The best smartphone Below 10000

Lenovo K3 Note – Getting more For Less .

Recently Lenovo Launched the most awaited device ” lenovo k3 Note ” . The device was launched in india via well Known E- Commerce Company ” Flipkart ” At a price tag of 9,999 . Believe it or not but this smartphone is the best competitor of Yu’s Yureka plus and Xiaomi redmi note followed By infocus’s M330 . 
After 22 Days of Hard usage and heavy multitasking we are here with The Very Best Review and detailed review Of Lenovo k3 note which will help you to decide if to buy lenovo k3 Note or not . 

Lenovo K3 Note Review – The best Alternative Of Xiaomi redmi Note and Yu Yureka Plus . 

As we all Know Just after some days of Launch of k3 note Yu launched a Improved version of Yu Yureka naming it as YU Yureka Plus , It was Clearly visible that yu launched Enhanced version of Yu Yureka just To take on Lenovo k3 note and not only this but also they made a Price cut of 1000 Rupees. Coming to Xiaomi they launched 2 Version of xiaomi redmi note in india :- 
  • Xiaomi Redmi note 3G 
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G 
Due to Some issue’s Xiaomi redmi note 3G was banned in India , Xiaomi redmi note 4G is a quad Core Smartphone with only Single sim So it doesn’t stand in any way in front of K3 note .
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Okay now without wasting much time lets head Over to the main topic ” Lenovo k3 note review ” 
Starting with the Most important And First Thing :- 
Lenovo k3 Note’s Display 


Lenovo K3 Note Comes with A 5.5 1080p Full High Definition Display Having a pixel ratio of 401 PPI .
Lenovo k3 Note is the only smartphone below 1000  such Full Hd display with 401 pixels per inch seriously Hats off to this awesomeness by lenovo . 
The display of lenovo k3 Note is Undoubtedly a good performer in the sub-200$ rupees 10000 range . 
We played a full hd video in The lenovo k3 Note and The quality seriously Impressed us , The colours displayed Were too Vibrant and real . 
Coming to the touch of the Screen it was too soft , touch response timing and Action was also Tremendous . 
To check the Display performance under Brightest Conditions we took the Lenovo k3 note under sun light with full brightness of the Screen . Each and every image was Clearly visible There was nothing like reflection . 
All though the Display quality impressed us and no doubt this is the best Display you can ever get In a 9,999 rupees 160$ dollar Smartphone .
Coming To The :- 
Build quality And Design Of lenovo K3 note .

Starting with the back of lenvo k3 Note :- 
The back of lenovo k3 Note is Simple with no added Designs and Elements which is a good Thing , the angular Corners of the lenovo k3 Note makes it Comfortable for hand and Easy for grip , There is no special protection for the back cover of the phone however a Plastic matte finish coating partially protects it from Some scratches  . 
Coming to the Capacitive Buttons / hardware Buttons of lenovo k3 note 
Lenovo k3 note carries a common design , There are three buttons :- 
First one :- Menu key 
Second One :- Home key 
Third One :- Back Key 
The keys Were too responsive plus there is also very less vibration which confirms the Action , One thing which made us feel bad about the k3 Note was that there was no back light Which in day Light is okay but in night it is difficult to recognise the buttons Accurately . 
Coming to the Volume Rockers , Power Button, Charger And Earphones 
Same like Xiaomi redmi note and Yureka , The Power button is along with the Volume rockers and is Placed below the volume rockers .
The material of the button is plastic are are coated with metal coating which makes the button look like metal and also enhances the looks of the Devices .
The charger  Point is placed on the bottom of the device . 
And the 3.5mm Earphones jack is present on the top of the device . 
Coming to the Speakers , Mic and Camera Placement .
The Speakers are placed on Top of the phone which is very unusual place . 
The sound of the smartphone is really Impressive and Crystal clear .
The mic of lenovo k3 note is placed just above the Speaker making the Call more Clear  . 
The Camera and flash are placed at the upper corner or the smartphone , the best thing about camera structure is there are no or very less Camera bumps which makes the Device Just 8mm Thick .
Coming to The 
Camera of Lenovo K3 note 


This is Seriously Something Lenovo should feel proud of .
Lenovo k3 Note is loaded with a Combination Of 13 Mega Pixel + 5 Mega Pixel camera .
Seriously there is No competition of Lenovo k3 Note’s Camera in Sub-10000 Segment .
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The images captured from K3 note were too detailed and Clear that we could easily notice every and each thing in the image  .
Coming to the Low light Capturing , The camera this time also was enough capable of capturing hd detailed images . Thanks To the dual flash of lenovo k3 note which helps the camera to take Good and Clear photos even in low light .
Coming to the 5 Mp Selfie Camera ,Lenov k3 Note comes with a Smart Age and Happiness indexing technology which tells us Our estimated age plus how much happy we are . 
The front camera comes with many intelligent features like beauty shot , wink shot , smile shot voice shot . 
Here are some samples of the images clicked from lenovo k3 note’s back camera :- 







Coming to the main and Most Important Thing :-
Performance and Hardware of lenovo k3 Note 


Seriously Looks and Build Can be ignored once but performance is the thing which we can’t ignore in any way . 
Lenovo K3 Note Specification Chart : 
Lenovo k3 Note Comes with 1.7 Ghz new technology Mediatek Mt-6752 processor Coupled with 2 Gb of ram , This is one of the
rare smartphones in the world with 6752 processor . 
The hardware combination of 8 processors and 2 gb ram makes this phone a heavy duty smartphone capable of unlimited multitasking  . 
We used the smartphone for almost a month and we never faced any hang or lag type of issue , switching from one app to other app was also very smooth . 
Coming to the Battery of the smartphone 
Lenovo k3 note comes with a 3000 Mah battery which is seriously a awesome thing in this price range , the baterry backup of the smartphone was also good . 
we played the video we played games and we used internet as well and the battery of k3 note gave us pretty decent performance with full day running in just one charge. 
The Last and The Most main Thing is benchmarks :- 
We were Surprised to see the antutu score of Lenovo k3 Note , The score lenovo k3 note Got in The antut Benchmarks app was Way more then oif HTC M8 and Samsung Galaxy s4 ” The two Well known flagship devices ” 
Lenovo k3 note Scored 45791 In Antutu benchmarks which is Far better from the One that Yu yureka and Xiaomi redmi note Received 
  • Lenovo k3 note :- 45791
  • Yu yureka :- 28791
  • Xiaomi Redmi note :- 32678
Lenovo K3 Note is available in Black and white Colour In india , However if You want to buy Lenovo k3 Note in Yellow Colour Then You can Buy it from Here :- 
Buy yellow Lenovo k3 note from Here at only 9,688 rupees .

According to us Lenovo k3 note is The smartphone below 10000 rupeess and is the Best alternative of xiaomi redmi note , Now its over to you ..

So this was our guide on Lenovo k3 note review , we Hope this review helped you in Choosing if to buy lenovo k3 Note or Not 


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