Make Money From Blogging With Infolinks

How To Make Money From Blogging using Infolinks .

If you ever ask a blogger or a website owner about their expectation from their blog, most probably their answer would be to monetize it. There are several ways to monetize a blog including reviews, sponsored posts, providing services and above all displaying advertisements.

The most popular and preferable method to monetize a blog is to display ads over it and earn money on the basis of user clicks. There are many advertising networks in the market, but most of them are Not good except a few.

Every blogger or a website owner has a vision of monetizing their blog using the most trustworthy and reliable ad network. Till date, Google Adsense was the prominent choice for blogger, but the time is changing now.
Due to the very strict approval policies of Google, it is being tough for bloggers and website owners to get Adsense approved. Even after approval, there are always chances of getting blocked by Google Adsense if you fail to meet their guidelines

Infolinks – The best way to earn money from Your Blog . 

Infolinks is a wildly spreading ad network and becoming a prime choice of bloggers. There are various numbers of reasons why you should go for infolinks. Which includes its easy integration, flexibility, minimum rejection rate, easy customization and many more. I’ll tell all these features in detail, but first let me tell you a bit more about infolinks.
What Infolinks Actually Is:
Infolink is one of the most famous advertising networks out there. It is an advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can create campaigns to promote their products and services and publishers can monetize their blogs and websites by displaying high-quality ads to their site.
Infolinks is a wildly growing advertising program with optimum approval rate for publishers and advertisers. Infolinks ads are highly customizable and it takes hardly 2 minutes to integrate them on the website.
Features of Infolinks:

There are numerous reasons why you should choose infolinks over other ad networks.
1. Easy approval

Infolinks does not have tough approval criteria. Unlike others , there are not very rough and tough guidelines to follow. You just need to have a blog with a good amount of traffic. They don’t take days to send you the confirmation email. Once you submit the application, they reply you with the positive answer within 24 hours most probably.
This is the reason why infolinks is like a blessing to the newbie bloggers, who don’t have many options to monetize their blog.
2. Easy Integration

Infolinks ads are very easy to integrate. It takes less than 2 minutes of yours to integrate ads. All you need is to sign up to infolinks and wait for the approval. Once you get approved, log into the website’s dashboard, take the java code, and paste it to your website. That’s it, you are done. Isn’t it very easy to integrate infolink ads??
3. Flexibility advertisements formats:
Infolink provides different types of ad units. You can choose any of them or all of them from their ad unit buffet according to the need of your website. They offer following four type of ad units.
1. In-Text Ads

In-text ads are probably the best feature of infolinks. It is the most popular ad unit of infolinks since it does not use any ad space. You have to place these ads on some of the relevant keywords on your article. These ads don’t affect the look of your website nor create any kind of distraction to the users.
in text ads infolinks best review 2015
2. In-Fold Ads
In-fold ad units are best suited for you if your only target is to earn money. These ads are the clever ones since they appear after some time when a particular page is opened.
These ads are not highly customizable since they have very few options for customization. How these ads look, you can see in the screenshot.
3. In-Tag Ads

If you are choosing In-tag ad units, you will be given relevant keywords related to your article. You can display these ads below or above the contents. These ads are very neat and distraction free. How these ads are placed, you can see via the screenshot.
4. In-Frame Ads

In-frame ads are the best option to use the unused margins on the website. These ads can be situated without any problem, with the color of your choice. It helps you make some cash with the unused area very easily.
Another good thing about these ads is they have a hide option over it. It means if it disturbs the reader, they can hide it with just one click.
4. Easy payment methods:
When it comes on payment, infolinks proves to be a good choice. They offer various convenient methods of payment including  PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH (applicable for U.S. bank accounts) and Payoneer for a local bank transfer).
Most of the users prefer PayPal to receive their payments. These flexible modes of transfer help all kind of users to receive the payments easily.
5. Can be used with other ad networks
Now infolinks wins the competition here. Infolinks has no such demand of being used as the only ad network on the site. You can use infolinks with other ad networks . Thus, you can make a good amount of money using multiple ad networks on your website.
6. Easily customizable adds
No other networks are as customizable as infolinks. You can customize the number of ads you want on your website, also you can disable or enable ads on the particular page or category. In addition to this, you can also change color, size, and overall display of the ads according to your choice.
7. Timely Payments
This is another good plus in the infolinks features. They never get late to deliver the payment from the payout day. The professionalism is what makes a company go high, and infolinks are good into that. The minimum payout for infolink is $50 for PayPal, bank transfer, and Payoneer. While it’s $100 for wire transfer, and the Western Union.

8. No ads space required
This is one of the best features of Infolinks. Unlike  any other ad network, Infolinks ads are highly customizable. You can put them anywhere on your website. In-text ads don’t even need any space on your page. You can use infolinks ads highlighting any of the keywords or text in the content area.
9. Infolinks Support Center
Infolinks has a strong customer support center. They provide interactive support videos and FAQs page. Most of your queries get solved by these two. If not, you can call them any time or ask your queries via the contact form. They try to get you in touch within 24 hours of time.
Nothing is perfect in This , The very same is for Infolinks :- 
Drawbacks of Infolinks Network:
Along with all these positive sides of infolinks, there are some drawbacks too. Though, the downsides of infolinks are not many, but since they exist, it’s our duty to make you aware with them. Here its goes.
  • Infolinks payout is little lower than Google Adsense.
  • The CPC rate per click is lower in other countries than the US.
These are the only drawbacks with infolink. Other than this, this is the best choice for you.
Earlier, Blogger used to see google AdSense as the best monetization program for their blogs. If they couldn’t get approval or got to block under any circumstances, they get disappointed. But now, the time has changed.
In the seven years of its journey so far, Infolinks has grown to one of the best advertisement networks and one of the best Adsense companion. Now it’s not only the second choice of bloggers, but it is turning to their prime choice. Hope this review will help you to decide if you should go for infolink or not. But if you ask me, it takes you nothing to give it a try, do try it ones and let us know your reviews.
So this was our guide and A Detailed review on How to make money from blogging with infolinks , i hope you liked it . 

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