Best 1 Android Tablet in 2015 With Affordable rate .

The Best Android and windows tablet with 2Gb Ram 32Gb Internal memory and 2.16Ghz Quad Core processor And Intel Gen 7 GPU .

Are you planning to buy a Tablet ? And Confused with many  varieties present in the market ? or are you finding a affordable Tablet with Awesome high end features ? then you are at right place . Today we will tell you about a tablet that Hardly cost 100$ ( 6000 Rupees ) but carries more and high features then a Samsung galaxy tab .

Best android tablet below 100$ 6000 Rupees 2015 .

The tab we are going to discuss about is “Chuwi Hi8 “It is a Dual boot tablet which means it is Loaded with Android 4.4 plus Windows 8 which is a feature that is rarely found in Any tab .
Starting with the features of the tablet :-
  • Android 4.4
  • Windows 8
  • 2Gb ram
  • 32 Gb internal memory .
  • 2.16Ghz Quad core processor.
  • Camera 2.0mp Camera .
  • 4000 mah battery .
  • 8.0 Inch Magic colour panel Full hd screen .

Chuwi Hi8 Tablet – The best tablet below 6000 rupees – Review .

Starting with the Screen Of the tablet .
Screen :-
Chuwi Hi8 comes with full High definition Magic colour panel which Gives ultra amazing picture quality . There was no such like Reflection when used in brightest Conditions .The brightness was awesome .
Now coming to the video playing and Images displayed on the screen .
As we already told that the Screen is full hd so the images and videos displayed  from the tablet’s screen was just awesome  .
Coming to the Camera of Tablet .
Chuwi Hi8 Comes with 2Mp rear camera and .3 mp fron selfie camera .
Being a 2Mp Camera we didn’t expected very much from the tab but seriously you wont believe that the images that came out were ultra clear and can easily be compared with a 5 mega pixel camera .
Coming to the front .3 Mp camera , The images weren’t too detailed and it is pretty much obvious also because expecting too much from a 0.3Mp camera would be a foolish decision , Coming to the images quality of the front camera . So the images were easily identical and clear as well however there was a little blur but thats not a big issue .
Coming to the final Part :-
System and Hardware . 
Chuwi hi8 comes with a 2.16 Ghz processor which is enough for doing heavy multi tasking and gaming as well .
The 2Gb ram makes the tablet a beast and seriously no doubt in that , the scrolling , the Swamping , opening apps , playing games , Doing office work was so smooth that we felt that we are working one a pc . Thanks to the world class perfect combination of 2.16Ghz quad core processor and 2Gb ram .
The best part about this tablet is it comes with the Intel GPU and not only this but the Intel Gpu is Based on Latest Gen 7 .
So according to us This tablet is undoubtedly one of the best tablet in world and we would not be wrong if we Categorise it as the BEST 1 ANDROID TABLET IN 2015 BELOW 100$ 6000 RUPEES .
if you liked it and wish to buy then you can buy it from Here , The price of the tablet is Only 93$ which is 6000 Rupees as of today .
Best 1 Android Tablet in 2015 With Affordable rate .

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