Best Software to Recover Deleted Files In Mac Os And Windows

How Helped me Recover my Office Files?

I have a Mac and a Windows PC. I keep most of my work files on the Mac and all my entertainment stuff on the other PC. The fact is that I know almost everything about my Windows PC. I can tweak a few things and do some technical stuff. But when it comes to my Mac, it’s all about my work – nothing more. I find it a little complicated and don’t want to meddle with it.
But the day I lost my office folder on Mac, I realized that I had made a mistake by not keeping myself updated with its technical side. All my office work was gone and I didn’t know what to do! I searched everywhere and it wasn’t there. I didn’t know how I lost it – whether I deleted it or someone else did it on purpose. Such things had happened with my Windows system when I lost my movie files, but this was a disaster!
I thought of looking for a solution or some software on the web and came across Their Disk Drill seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. I downloaded it onto my Mac. It scanned my system and almost instantly I saw the files from my office folder on the screen. I was relieved beyond anything!
My entire office folder was recovered and I was the happiest person in the world! Now I use this software to backup all my work. I have also made it a point to keep myself updated with some of the important technical things about my Mac.
I would recommend this Mac recovery tool to everyone. Its features are so simple and effective.

Top Features of Disk Drill

Highly Versatile Software
Although I used Disk Drill only for recovering my office files, after using it for some time I realized that it is much more powerful. It can be used for recovering many things.
  • It can recover files deleted from the integral drive and from USB flash drives.
  • It can also recover files from an external drive partition that has been lost.
  • It can recover music files lost from my iPod.
  • It can recover images and videos lost from my camera.
  • I think these are quite powerful features and go beyond just the Mac.

Rebuilding Lost Partition & Rescue
I like this feature because it almost magical. Disk Drill uses a number of techniques to optimize the results during data recovery. It can recover data even if you have a lost partition or a failing drive.
  • It can back up the entire drive/ partition (in case of a failing drive) on a new drive in the form of DMG file.
  • It also protects a volume during scanning from any data overwriting.
  • It can scan lost HFS+ partitions (reformatted) and build the catalog that don’t mount properly.

Future Data Protection

Thanks to Cleverfiles I am now able to keep all my files on my Mac safe and protected. Disk Drill has many free features for data protection. I just enable these features and there is no worry about losing data. I know I can always recover it in case of any incidents.
  • The Guaranteed Recovery feature maintains a hidden copy of all my files that I delete on my Mac.
  • The SMART monitoring feature will warm me whenever there is any problem with the hard drive.
  • The Recovery Vault feature maintains a record of all the files I delete. This allows me to recover files based on their names and location.

Disk Drill helped me recover my office files, failing which I could have lost extremely valuable data. It is easy to use, even for a non-tech savvy individual like me. Recovery is extremely simple as it doesn’t cause any confusion. The Recovery Vault feature makes it even simpler as it keeps a track of the name and locations of files. I will recommend Cleverfiles to everyone.
So this was our guide on The best software to recover Deleted files using Cleverfile’s Disk Drill . 

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