ZGPAX S365 Smartwatch with SIRI Voice Control Function .

ZGPAX S365 The best bluetooth smartwatch for Your apple iphone and the best alterantive of apple iwatch .

Do you own a Apple iphone ? and Searching for A bluetooth smartwatch ? Then you are at right place . Today we will tell you about a smartwach that is the perfect choice for your apple iphone and not only this but the smartwatch is also compatible with all android smartphones.

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The craze of smartwatches is undoubtedly increasing day by day , Till now only android users used to look for a smartwatch but with the launch of Apple iwacth now apple users are also showing interests in smartwatches .

ZGPAX S365 Bluetooth Smartwatch – The best smartwatch for apple iphone .

Starting with the major features of the smartwatch .
  •  MTK2502 chip + Double Bluetooth 4.0 / 3.0 mode: Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, functions are more powerful.
  • SIRI function: S365 has SIRI voice control function, talk to the S365, and your iPhone will do what you said. (Note: This function is only applicable to iPhone)
  •  Automatically synchronize language: No need to set up language, as long as you have chosen the Automatic Synchronization Language option, then the language on the watch will automatic synchronization with your smart phone.
  •  Raise up your hand to light up the screen: When you want to get the time, only need to raise up your hand and then the screen will automatically light up.
  • Dialer / Message: You can make or check your calls / messages in the watch via Bluetooth. (Note: Message function is not applicable to iPhone)
  • Remote camera / music: Control your smart phone to take photos and play music, you can enjoy the pleasure on your wrist.
  •  Pedometer / Sleep monitor / Sedentary reminder: Take care of your health, help you develop good living habits.
  •  Look for phone: Turn on this function, your smart phone will vibrate or ring to tell you where it is. (Note: This function needs Android 4.4 / iOS 7.2 or above system)
  •  Information push: Can push instant information, such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Skype etc..

ZGPAX S365 bluetooth Smartwatch – Small Reveiw .

The first and best part about the ZGPAX S365 bluetooth smartwatch Is whenever you want to see the time no need to press the button again and again as soon as you raise your hand up the watch screen of the smartwatch automatically gets light up.

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The Second best feature about S365 Bluetooth smartwatch .


The best part about this smartwatch is that , S365 has SIRI Voice Control Function which will enable you to do anything with your apple iphone with voice commands using the watch .
The third best feature of ZGPAX S365 bluetooth smartwatch is 

ZGPAX S365 is not only a smartwatch but it is your Phone tracker aswell , Whenevr your smartphone goes 15 metre away from the Smartwatch the smartwatch will automatically start ringing, In case if you want to know where is your smartphone then there is also a function which will let you ring and vibrate your smartphone directly from the watch .

So if you are looking for the best alternative of apple iwatch then this is the best and Perfect option and that too at a very low rate .
If you want to buy the smartwatch you can buy it from Here

The price of the smartwatch is only 46$ which is Too much less then Apple’s i watch .

So this was our guide on The best alternative of Apple iwatch i hope you liked it . 


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