How To Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page In A Single Click – 2015

How to Automatically invite All Facebook Friends To Like My Facebook Page in One Click in 2015 . 

Do you want to invite all your facebook friends to Like your facebook Page in a single Click ? Then you are at right place today we will tell you The easiest way of year 2015 to invite all friends to like facebook Page . 
It Happens many time when we have a Long friend list and inviting friends to like Facebook page one by one takes a lot time so in that case we wonder if there would have been a way with which we could easily Invite all friends with a single click and luckily today we are here with a guide with which you will be able to invite all friends to like your facebook in just a moment . 

Trick 2015 to invite all facebook friends To like facebook page .

Facebook by default doesn’t allow to invite once in all Friends to like your page and you need to Invite one by one manually But by following our guide you will be able to invite all friends to like your facebook page .

Invite all Facebook Friends To Like facebook page By Using Chrome extension – 2015 . 

First of All Download the Above Google Chrome Extension . 
After Downloading let it install . 
After the successful installation .
Go to The facebook Page For which you want to invite your friends .
Now Go to Menu . 
And Choose Invite Friends . 
Now a New window will open with your friends Name on it .
Now what You have to do Is , enable the Chrome extension We downloaded a Moment ago . 
Here is How the extension will be enabled . 

Go to the URL Bar of Chrome or the Space where you enter URLS . 
You will See a  Small ✔ Mark icon .
Tap on That . 
As Soon as You tap on that , A new Window will open :- 
You will See a Pop up Box which means the Process upto Now is going Right . 
Just After Some minutes you will See that the friends are Automatically invited . 
The Complete procedure will take approx 3 minutes and May extend upto 20 minutes the time depends on the numbers of Your friends . 
During the Invitation Procedure you will receive errors Of ” Page Unresponsive ” Simply ignore it . 
Thats it , After some time you will get a message saying That all of your friends Have been Invited . 
So This was our Guide on How to invite all facebook friends to like facebook page in one Click in 2015 i hope this helped you .

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