How to use Hike stickers on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger .

How To Send Hike Messenger like stickers on Whatsapp and Facebook Messanger For Android and Iphone.

Are you finding a way to Send Hike like stickers from your whatsapp messenger and facebook messenger in Your android and apple iphone ? Then you are at right place . Today we will tell you a easiest way with which you will be able to send hike stickers from whatsapp and facebook messenger .
Believe it or not but hike messenger is one of the best messenger in the world and not only this but this is the best alternative of Whatsapp messenger , According to a survey Hike can possibly beat whatsapp by the end of 2016 and the reason is clear also , Hike is loaded with many features that whatsapp still lacks of , features like virtual assistant , Cricket news, news,jokes and the last and the best A great variety and chocie of stickers that are seriosuly awesome and a thousand times better then Whatsapp’s Default Boring Emoticons  .
After Many mails and request we thought to find a way with which we can officially Send Hike stickers using whatsapp and Facebook messenger on Android and apple iphone without downloading any external app .

Trick to Send hike stickers from whatsapp and facebook messenger from apple iphone android phone without downloading any app .

This is basically not a trick , but it is a hidden feature in Hike messenger app that most of us didn’t knew about . 
For sending Hike stickers from your whatsapp and facebook messengers you dont need any root or any another app expect Hike messenger . 
Starting with the Guide :- 

How to send Hike messenger stickers using whatsapp and facebook messenger using your apple iphone and android without root .

  • First of all open Hike messenger , and Tap on the menu button .
  • You will many options , choose settings .
  • Now after choosing settings .
  • Again you will see many options , Ignore them and choose 
  • Choose ” STICKEY”
  • After choosing Stickey , You will need to select the apps you want to send hike stickers from .
  • It is not that that you can only use Whatsapp and facebook messenger , but you can use any app you want to send hike stickers from .
  • Here we have choose Whatsapp and Facebook messengers .
  • After selecting the apps.
  • Close Hike messenger .
  • Open your Whatsapp or facebook messenger .
  • Now you Will Notice a new logo on The Top of your whatsapp messenger .

  • Now to send Hike stickers you will need to tap on the Hike logo .
  • As soon as you tap on the Hike logo , a new tray with stickers will open .
  • Now all you need to do is Select the stickers you want to send using whatsapp or facebook .
Thats all By following the above guide , You can send hike stickers from your whatsapp and facebook messenger without downloading any app .
So this was our Guide on How to send Hike messenger stickers on Whatsapp and facebook messenger from android smartphone and Apple iphone without root and without using any app .

I hope you liked this .

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