Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Launch Date Price and Specifications

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India launch Date , Price and specifications . 

Do you Guys want to Know when will be The Xiaomi redmi note 3 launched in india and Xiaomi redmi Note 3 price in India ? Then you are at right place . Today in this guide we will tell you about the date of Xiaomi redmi note 3 launching in india and the Price of Xiaomi redmi note 3 India .
Xiaomi today launched the Xiaomi redmi note 3 in China with awesome specifications at a very affordable price tag of Just 140$ For the 2Gb ram + 16 Gb Memory variant and 3Gb Ram + 32 Gb Memory for 170 $ . Now as you all know that xiaomi is having some issues with Ericsson on Mediatek processor so there are some possibilities that This time Also Xiaomi will or will Not release the Xiaomi redmi note 3 in india , Just for your information The company some days back released a Handset named as Xiaomi redmi note 2 But didnt released it in india because it also runs on the Mediatek processor . Now when the new Device xiaomi redmi note 3 is also based on the mediatek processor so obviously the biggest question which comes is Will Xiaomi redmi note 3 launch in india and if yes then what will be the Price of Xiaomi redmi note 3 india

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India launch date and Xiaomi redmi Note 3 Price in india . 

Okay before Going to the Guide let us have a quick look at the specifications and features of the Xiaomi redmi Note 3 . 

Xiaomi redmi note 3 Display :- 

Xiaomi redmi note 3 comes with a 5.5 Inch Full Hd display with a amazing PPI rate of 401 Pixels per inch which makes it the one of the best smartphone with this kind of Display in the Sub 10K segment . Not only this but the smartphone also comes with a Sunlight display which was earlier seen in the Xiaomi Mi4i , just for your info Sunlight display is a technology which adjusts the display automatically in the sunlight and gives the best performance by adjusting brightness color and many more features . 

Xiaomi redmi note 3 Camera :- 

Coming to the Camera , Xiaomi redmi note 3 Comes with the same camera like the old redmi note’s but this time with many more features and enhanced features . The rear camera has many features like autofocus , face detection and many more features . the one and only Hardware upgrade in the rear camera i have seen is that now the Xiaomi redmi note 3 comes with Dual led flash which undoubtedly will help to take good images in low light . 
The Front Camera On Xiaomi redmi note 3 is also as same as its predecessor , There is a 5 Mega pixel camera on the front of Xiaomi redmi note 3 , Hence no hardware changes are made in the front camera as well However there is a extra features added which was missing in the older versions and the feature is the 36 Beautify mode which will help you to take selfies in different ways and styles . 

Battery :- 

Coming to the Battery  , The Xiaomi redmi note 3 comes with a Big and Massive 4000 Mah battery and seriously this is one of the biggest reason this smartphone will be the best smartphone of 2016 in the sub 10k and sub 15K segment . i personally have used the xiaomi redmi note 3G the first version of the redmi note which used to come with a 3200mah battery and seriously i was surprised with the performance of that device and now when the new xiaomi redmi note 3 comes with a 4000mah battery then one can easily expect awesome and 2 days of unstopped usage from the smartphone .

Xiaomi redmi note 3 Fingerprint sensor :- 

Coming to the Fingerprint sensor , The Xiaomi redmi note 3 comes with a fingerprint sensor and you will be surprised to know the fact that Xiaomi redmi note 3 is the One and only device from Xiaomi featuring a fingerprint sensor . The Fingerprint sensor is said to unlock the smartphone in just 0.3 seconds of time and if this info is true then you will be shocked to know that xiaomi redmi note 3 will become the fastest device in terms of unlocking from the Touch id sensor followed by the apple iphone 6 and One plus two . 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 hardware :- 

Coming to The Hardware , The Company has release two Variants of the Redmi note 3 , basically The 2Gb+16Gb Variant and the 3G+32Gb Ram where 2Gb and 3Gb are ram and 16Gb and 32 Gb are onboard storage . 
Starting with the processor the redmi note 3 is based on the latest and flagship processor from Mediatek which is the X10 Helio Processor which delivers out standing performance . The Redmi note 3 runs on 8 cores making it a octa core smartphone and it is worth mentioning that each core is Clocked at 2Ghz which means more and Good performance from the smartphone . 
There are two major changes made in the redmi note 3 is that this time company have provided a non removable battery which is good according to some and according to some it is bad however the non removable battery makes the smartphone more thinner which makes the phone look premium .
The second major change company has made that this time there is no Sd card slot provided which means you cant increase the memory of the smartphone . 
So this was a quick look at the specifications of Xiaomi redmi note 3 .
Coming to the main topic :- 

Xiaomi redmi note 3 India launch Date :- 

Upto now there are no official words on the india launch of the xiaomi redmi note 3 ,But according to some of the sources the Xiaomi redmi note 3 will debut in india in the First week of January 2016 . This is all what we know about the Xiaomi redmi note 3 india launch

Xiaomi redmi note 3 Price in India :- 

As the smartphone is launched in China at two different cost for 2 variants so the expected cost in india for the 2Gb + 16Gb ram is 9000-10000 whereas the 3Gb + 32 Gb can cost upto 12000-15000 which is quite reasonable . 
So this was our guide on The Xiaomi redmi note 3 launch date in india and the Xiaomi redmi note 3 Price in india

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