Start App – The best Lockscreen App For Android Smartphones

Android devices comes with the freedom of big space and the big play store. Which means we can have hundreds of apps in our phones. Nowadays, there is an app for anything and everything.  While its very easy to have an app for a separate cause, the complexity in the phone increases. So Celltick came up with a solution to this complexity. What if we had a lockscreen that would give us a sneak peek at social media, or direct access to our custom selected apps? The answer to your questions is here. Presenting “Start by Celltick“. While the play store is filled with other lock screens, the START definitely stands out among everything. Let’s give you an up-close look at it.


The Screenlock that has it all:Start by Celltick

The First Look
On activating your lockscreen, you will get the standard screen with notifications, channels, settings, starter settings on your top left hand side, and more setting on your top right hand side which includes the background and Start settings and security settings.
if you come back to the main screen, you will see a lock icon at the bottom. That is the star of the start.
You can Download The App From Google Playstore .
The lock ring
the lock is enclosed in a circular ring. if you tap and hold the lock for a few seconds, you will get to see the options that are available to you.
The options are:

  • camera apps
  •  phone
  • messaging apps
  • favourite apps
  • unlocking icon
This is the most important  part to understand. All these options are a shortcut to your apps. The Start doesn’t launches it own camera or its own messenger unless like other Lockscreen apps. It provides you a simpler and shorter way to reach your favorite apps quickly without actually unlocking your phone.
Moreover if you have any doubts or suggestion about START you can Contact CellTick’s Official Facebook Page 
Camera Apps
You must be thinking it would only have the camera apps and nothing else. You are totally incorrect. The camera shortcut comes with our inbuilt camera and other apps like gallery,videos,google play movies and tv. This is an excellent feature as we don’t always require camera but checking out all the selfies is a serious task. The Camera icon always provides us a shortcut to videos or Play movies and TV.

Select Contact
The select contact feature let’s you choose the recently called contacts. It shows you a list of last recent four contacts. If you select a contact, it directly takes you to the contact page where you can call or send a text to your selected contact. Other than that, if you just hover to the select contact, it takes you to your phone directory page without choosing a contact.

Messaging App
The messaging app is a collection of all the communication tools in your phone. Let it be a messenger or your email, you can directly look into your app and reply to the important messages or refresh your inbox and have a look at the prioritize emails. It also lets you access texting apps like messenger, so you can quickly reply to your loved ones without going through any hassle.

Favorite Apps
This feature let’s you select all your favorite apps in one place. Let’s suppose you are on a vacation, hence you use Google Maps too often, this feature let’s you custom select all these apps and put them under one place. This is a very handy feature for various professionals as we get to select our own apps to be shown in this particular category.

Unlocking Icon
To unclock your phone, you can choose a pin or a pattern. You need to set up your pin or your pattern different that the one set up in your phone. Now where is why i would choose the Start over the basic lock in my phone. The appeal of Start is way more. It looks very elegant due the the increased transparency of the background and even the encircled digits carry on the ring feature of the app.

Beyond the lock screen
One of the interesting features of the Start is that , it let’s you choose, let it be your apps or your widgets. With amazing widgets like search, date , time, you can even customize the color you will put on them. The transparency of the Start makes the whole look screen have a very beautiful look. You can custom select your own background on your lock screen or you can just choose from the beautiful lock screens given by Celltick itself while is a collection of thousands of amazing wallpapers.
You can Check on Youtube How Start Lockscreen Actually Works .

Overall Review

  • Appearance: 10/10
  • Design: 9/10
  • Ease of Access: 10/10
  • Performance:8/10
This is a must have if you want a lock screen that has it all. And Also if you want the Best LockScreen App for android in 2016 Then start is the perfect app for you as it allows you to do customization at a great extent which is not only good but interesting also .

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