The Best Android Smartwatches Under 10$ – 2016

The Best Android Smartwatch Just Under 10$ or 1000 Rupees . 

With the increasing amount of tech interface in our life everything is monitored by our smartphone. But its not possible to always carry a smartphone in our hand for example while jogging. For such situations, we need some specific data like the amount of calories burnt or the number of steps we took.  But buying such a device would mean shelling out huge money from your pocket? Wrong. So we present you super smartwatches under $10
Today we are Here with two best smartwatches Under 10$ 
  • U80 Smart Bluetooth Watch
  • U8S Smart Bluetooth 3.0V Watch (Sports Version )

Features of  U80 Smart Bluetooth Watch

The simple and sleek watch  comes with a color variant of black ,white and red. The smartwatch is inbuilt with many amazing features such as call reminder, Sleep monitor , pedometer, Message reminder, drinking reminder, remote camera control, sedentary reminder and it comes with an anti-lost feature.
While we are running or jogging, we need someone to remind us to keep drinking water. While taking out our phone while running is not possible, it is possible to wear a watch that would remind you to do so.
While you jog, the U80 Smart Bluetooth Watch keeps the track of your distance and automatically updates the App inside your phone. It also comes with a sleep monitor to keep a track of your sleeping schedule.
The U80 Smart Bluetooth Watch has inbuilt features that gets synchronized with your smartphone and updates your contact list so that you can make calls and send text messages from your smartwatch.
The Smartwatch also allows you to remote access your camera so that you can capture all the moments effortlessly. The Device has a rectangular display and the case is made up of high quality rubber and plastic.  The Smartwatch weights only 0.043 kg.
This power packed smartwatch can be purchased here for just $10.48.
let’s move on to our next contender .

 U8S Smart Bluetooth 3.0 Sports Smartwatch

Unless like the previous watch, this one doesn’t have a color variant but it comes in black, which is a really nice and common color among gadgets. You can buy U8S from Here 
The main Features of U8S Smart Bluetooth 3.0 Sports Watch are :-
  •  Thermometer
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter function
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Remote Camera
  • Bluetooth Music
  • Phone Call Reminder
  • Message Reminder
All the features are similar to the U80 Smartwatch except the U8S comes with Thermometer, Barometer and Altimeter which means that the Device is very suitable for any sport personal specially mountain climbers and other sports personal. The Device has a rectangular display and the case is made up of high quality rubber and plastic.  The Smartwatch weights only 0.043 kg.

So this was our guide on The best Android smartwatches Below 10$ – 2016 i hope you liked it .

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