Apple increases Price of Iphone upto 29%

Last updated on February 22nd, 2017 at 09:47 am

Apple increase’s Price of Iphone 6 , 6 Plus , 6s , 6s plus upto 29%

Are you a die hard fan of iPhone and  prefer using iPhone instead of android  and  maybe planing to buy a new iPhone 6 or any other iPhone devices  in India .Then my friends you might have to think twice or thrice.Suddenly higher authority of the company has decided to raise the price of Apple iPhone ,iPhone and all the other iPhonee by 29%.

Apple increase Price of Iphone upto 29%

Company has been forced to hike the price of  iPhone due to very poor sale  performance by  the  latest (limited edition) which is iPhone SE .  iPhone Se had shown a very disappointing sale among the Indian user and Indian’s are not acceptimg the iPhone SE with open hand.So Apple company has  decided to raise the price by 29% to cover the poor sale performance by  iPhone SE
Apple increase Price of Iphone upto 29%

Apple company has played a very clever shot by rising the rate of rest of the iPhone by 29%.Apple had been  running on a high  discount from the last three month . But company has finally decided to take a step back and  raise the price of iPhone and 6S  so that there can be some sort of increase in the sale of iPhone SE .

How much price is Apple increasing in the iphone

Apple increase Price of Iphone upto 29%

As we all are aware about iPhone SE. iPhone SE was launched on March 2016 and soon after it release it was one of the most criticized phone of the year 2016 for  having such a high price tag and very few changes in its specification from it previous version or we can say no change from its previous version. iPhone SE  doesn’t comes with any WOW!!! feature which is one of the major reasons why it was not able to impress the customers.
At present  iPhone SE is selling at the price tag of  39k INR  and when compared to iPhone6 (16Gb) variant which is available at just 31k INR on the other hand iPhone 6S is present at just  40,500INR . After the increase in the price iPhone 6 (16gb) will hike at 40kINR  and iPhone 6S(16Gb) will cost around 48kINR. 
The current decision will also increase the price of iPhone 5S  which was earlier priced at just 18k INR Will now be available for 22k INR. Company is also introducing  EMI system to increase the sale .Lets see if it works or not.
Apple increase Price of Iphone upto 29%

The sources  also told us that Company  held a small meting before the launch of iPhone SE in India and they decide to keep the stock of iPhone SE  at a quite low level. May be they were planning a scheme.
One more thing Apple must be worried about is its competitors Samsung  or Xiaomi–who were able to sell twice the amount of their product.
One more factor for the poor sale of iPhone SE is its small screen  size . iPhone SE comes with 4 inch display which is not really impressive.It seams like now days people are more mesmerized by large screen smartphone .

So lest see weather this step from the company helps to increase the sale of iPhone SE in India or they will loose their  rest o the market also.

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