AuraVr headset Review : Best Plastic VrHeadset ?

Last updated on February 22nd, 2017 at 09:47 am

AuraVR Headset Detailed Review .

Confused about which VR headset to buy then we are here to clear your confusion. If you are not interested in buying a cardboard VR headset but your pocket doesnot allow you to buy a plastic VR headset then AuraVr might be the Best Headset for you .

Best Alternative of Samsung Galaxy Vr and Oculus Rift at Cheaper cost .

The AuraVR headset is available in Indian market through many website .SO buying AuraVR is not really a problem .AuraVR is considered to the best VR headset because it is made of plastic and Comes at a very affordable rate . AuraVR is available for just 650INR.
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What comes inside AuraVR Box ?

You will get a AuraVR headset and a head strap in the box .you dont have to worry about assembling the AuraVR set it is very easy and can be assembled in fraction of minutes .
Why AuraVR is the best Headset in the market ?

  • AuraVR is made of plastic which makes it the cheapest VR headset made up of plastic.
  • AuraVR manufacturer has done a great job in its design .we were not able to find and glitch in it design.
  • AuraVR is very handy to use.You just have  to attach the head strap with the AuraVR .So a beginner can also use it with no difficulty.
  • AuraVR comes with a magnetic trigger which is also a added advantage for VR set at this price range. Magnetic trigger will work with your Smartphone only if you have a magnetic sensor in it. Even if your smart phone doesn’t have a magnetic sensor you can go for AuraVR headset.
  • If you want a hand free VR headset experience then AuraVR is the best option.In many cardboard version you have to hold the phone which make it really uncomfortable but in AuraVR you can lock your device which not only protects your smartphone from falling down but also makes the viewing experience awesome .
  • AuraVR also provide good security to your phone.When ever you attach your smartphone in it you will get a sponge to support you smartphone. You also have to lock the white rectangular cap.It is quite easy to lock them but really difficult to unlock there is no chance of  your smartphone to fall off.
Compatibility ? 
 AuraVR is compatible upto 6 inch phones which makes it a smartphone for almost all the devices in the Indian market.
First of all you have to download a VR app available in the google playstore to start your experience with  AuraVR headset
Final Words :- 
In the final note we would highly recommend this  AuraVR headset if you want to experience virtual reality then go for this AuraVR headset without thinking twice .

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