How to Update Xiaomi redmi 1s to Miui 8 .

Last updated on February 22nd, 2017 at 09:47 am

Update Xiaomi Redmi 1s to Miui 8 .

Do you want to update Xiaomi redmi 1s to Miui 8 Based on Android marshmallow ( May be ) Then you are at right place . Today we are here with a guide on How to update xiaomi redmi 1s to MIUI 8

Miui 8 is the latest operating system from xiaomi . Xiaomi is the third largest smartphone company in the world and not only this but their Miui operating system is also considered as the best operating system in the world . Miui 7 which is the predecessor of Miui 8 can be seen running on many smartphones . So in this guide we will tell you how to upgrade xiaomi redmi 1s with MIUI 8 .


Xiaomi redmi 1s Miui 8 Update .

Before upgrading redmi 1s with Miui 8 update here are some points you have to remember before Proceeding :- 
  • It is recommended to make a backup of all the contacts and files .
  • A minimum internal free space required is 2gb . 
  • You should be using a fast internet connection to avoid corrupt file downloading .

Install Miui 8 Update on Xiaomi redmi 1s .

  • So first of all Open the Updater app from the app drawer .
  • After opening the Updater app you will see a option ” Check system updates ” . 
  • Just tap on that .
  • Now if there is Miui 8 update available for your redmi 1s you will see the option to download the update .
You can also download the update from the Miui Official website . 
To update Xiaomi redmi 1s from official website :- 
  • First of all visit the redmi 1s rom download Page .
  • Now download the Miui 8 update for redmi 1s .
  • After downloading place it in the Internal memory .
  • Now go to the updater app and select ” Choose Download package ” .
  • Thats All !!!! You have successfully updated your Xiaomi redmi 1s to Miui 8 .

So this was our guide on How to Update xiaomi redmi 1s to miui 8 . 

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