Buy Namotel 99 Rs Smartphone online – Book Order Namotel Smartphone 99 Achee Din Online .

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How to Book Namotel 99 Rupees Achee Din Smartphone – Book Buy now Namotel Online website  . 

Namotel 99 rupees Achhe Din smartphone launched at 99 rupees only , yes you heard it right . Namotel android 99 rupees smartphone is launched in india at only 99 rupees which is much cheaper then the Freedom 251 which was priced at 251 rupees . Namotel 99 Rupees smartphone is named as namotel achhe din smartphone . One of the things which is making namotel 99 one of the most trending topic today is its 99 rupees price tag . Namotel achhe din 99 is a android smartphone priced at only 99 rupees
So today we are here with the guide on the Namotel 99 rupees android smartphone booking . in this guide we will discuss about the following topics :- 
  • Namotel 99 rupees smartphone booking online .
  • Namotel achhe din android smartphone booking .
  • How to buy Namotel achhe din in 99 rupees online . 
  • Buy Now namotel Achhe din in 99 rupees .

How to Book Namotel Achhe Din 99 Rupees Android Smartphone online – Buy Now Namotel 99 Smartphone achhe din .

A bengaluru based startup named as namotel has launched a new android smartphone . It is a common android smartphone in hardware and software part but what makes the namotel 99 achhe din different is its 99 rupees price tag . You might be shocked by hearing but yes Namotel achhe din is a smartphone that comes below 100 rupees or less then 2$ . In this era where we get 1Gb 3G data in 250 rupees a company is providing a android handset in only 99 rupees . Yes 99 rupees android smartphone . 
There is no information on this whether the name of the smartphone NAMO-tel is derived from Narendra modi’s name or not but if it is then we can expect that this Namotel 99 rupees achhe din is Genuine and not a scam like the freedom 251 .

How to Activate whatsapp video calling in android .

Namotel 99 rupees smartphone is a android smartphone and currently it is available on the which is the official website of namotel to book and buy Namotel achhe din 99 rupees smartphone .
Recently i recived many mails asking How to Order Namotel 99 rs achhe din smartphone ?, How to book rs 99 mobile in online and what is the official website of namotel 99 rs achhe din to book
So before going to the guide on How to Book Rs 99 namotel smartphone let us discuss about the specifications of the Namotel achhe din .
Namotel 99 rs android smartphone – QUAD CORE PROCESSOR

The namotel Achhe din android mobile comes with a quad core preocessor . We have seen many smartphones coming at around 2500 rupees with a dual core processor , and Namotel is offering a 4 core processor in a 99 ruppes android smartphone only .

1GB RAM+ 4GB ROM – Namotel Achhe din Book online .
The namotel 99 ruppes android smartphone comes with 1Gb ram and 4Gb of rom , This is seriously something unbelievable because a 2Gb meomry card costs around 250 in the market but Namotel is offering a Android smartphone in only 99 rupees .

The Namotel rs 99 smartphone comes with 3G conncetivity feature .

In the camera segment the Namotel 99 rs android phone features a 2 Mp primary camera unit and a .3Mp front camera unit .


The Namotel achhe din supports dual sim out of which one is a 3G supporting slot and the second is regular GSM sim .


The Namotel 99 rupees android smartphone comes with a 4 Inch Display . The buil dof the display is yet not confirmed , However expecting too much from a 99 rs android smartphone would be unfair .
1325 mAh BATTERY

The Rs 99 Namotel comes with a 1325 Mah battery which is said to give a battery backup of more then 5 hours .
The Namotel Achhe din smartphone is available in two colours White and Black .

The Namotel rs 99 android smartphone runs on android 5.0 lollipop . Upto Now there is no words on the android upgrade for Namotel 99 rupees smartphone . 

How-to-Book-Namotel-Achhe-Din-99-Rupees-Android-Smartphone-online-Buy-now-Namotel 99-Smartphone-achhe-din

How-to-Book-Namotel-Achhe-Din-99-Rupees-Android-Smartphone-online-Buy-now-Namotel 99-Smartphone-achhe-din

How-to-Book-Namotel-Achhe-Din-99-Rupees-Android-Smartphone-online-Buy-now-Namotel 99-Smartphone-achhe-din

Steps to Be taken While Namotel 99 Rs android Order in Online .

Before Buying the Namotel Achhe Din 99rs , You should take care at payment steps. We will recommend you to Buy Namotel rs 99 achhe din by Cash on Delivery options . However you can also book Namotel 99rs android phone by paying through Debit/Credit card . As we already mentioned earlier that we will recommend you to order Namotel 99rs smartphone by COD payment method . . As per Warranty in the Namotel 99 rs android Mobile website is 1 Year. This warranty of the Product extends for a period of 12 months for the Host unit, 6 months for Battery and Charger, and 3 months for Earphone commencing from the date of purchase. Its Cost around 4$ US Dollars (3.65$). USA/ UK World People also Waiting to grab From Indians. Mobile Warranty : Any defect arising due to misuse of the unit, damages due to liquid ingress, or physical abuse, or normal wear and tear will not be covered by this warranty. Plastic components like front & back cover plus rubber component like key pads; antenna will not be treated under warranty coverage. The warranty is void if the unit is tampered with, altered or repaired by unauthorized persons.
Processor Mediatek Quad core
CPU  1.2 Ghz 4 cores 
Resolution ips Display 
OS Android Version 5.0.1 Lollipop
RAM 1 Gb ram
Finger Print Reader No
Front camera  .3 Megapixel
Rear camera 2 MP, with Flash Light
Flash memory 8 Gb
Sensors Proximity , Gyro , Light
Battery  1235 Mah
Display 4 Inch Hd .

If we see the specifications of the smartphone so they seem somehow identical to the freedom 251 which was launched some days ago and was priced at 251 , During the time of the launch it was the cheapest android smartphone in the world but now after the launch of the Namotel 99 rupees smartphone . The Namotel ache din has been named as the Cheapest smartphone in the world . Just for a quick view the Freedom 251 came with a 4 inch screen along with 1Gb of ram and 8 gb on board storage . The company claimed to ship the smartphone from may starting  but we didnt see any indications of the smartphones being delivered , Probably it was a scam . 

Order Namotel 99 rs Android Achhe din smartphone Online .

So starting with the guide on How to order Namotel 99 rs smartphone online :- 
  • First of all Visit the Namotel 99rs Booking website .
  • After visiting you will see a list of many smartphones and you have to Choose the ” Achee Din 99 Rs Smartphone ” .
  • Select Acchedin Tab on Top Menu Bar for Rs 99 Mobile. 
  • After selecting you will see a Option to Register for the Achee Din 99 Rs smartphone .
  • Before registering for the 99 rs android smartphone you need to scan your Photo and Adhaar card .
  •  Now you have to Make a Bemybanker id to complete the registration process .
  • The Phone is covered under 1 year warranty .
  • After you successfully order Namotel 99 rs android smartphone you will receive a confirmation message on the given mail and registered number . 
Video on how to Book Namotel 99rs online :- 

How to Order Book Namotel 99 rupees android achhe din smartphone From mobile .

The procedure to book the Namotel ache din from mobile is same as on the desktop :- 
Now you will see the following options , Choose ” Achhe Din 99 Rs smartphone ” :- 
  • Now After choosing Know more you will see a option to register for the sale :- 
  • After Tapping on register you will see the Form to input your details .
After successfully completing the guide you will receive a confirmation message saying ” You have successfully booked Namotel 99 rupees android smartphone online .

So this was our guide on How to Book and Order Namotel 99 ruppees android smartphone online , I hope this guide helped you in Buy Namotel 99 rs achhe din smartphone online .

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