How Coolpad Is Coming Out Of Products .

Last updated on February 22nd, 2017 at 09:47 am

The earth has changed a lot from the time it was born. We have entered the era of “digital age”. Everything is now fitted into the tiny screen of our rectangular devices. So what you are holding in your hand has the power to connect you to everyone else holding a similar device. That’s how powerful a Smartphone is and how it has changed millions of lives for good.  The star players in the market of Smartphones are three separate Operating Systems: iOS, Android, Windows. Although Apple appeals to the high-end loving customers, Android is loved and is the most used operating system because of its simplicity and versatility. Anything you ever want to do is possible with an Android in your hand. That is why it is very important for us to choose which Smartphone we are going to buy.

While Apple is a closed system, an Android user can enjoy certain freedoms which sometimes can be very tricky on the memory management in Android Operating System. The major problem happening now is that there are too many to choose from. Every phone needs to be a little bit better than the previous one. The biggest dilemma that customers face while selecting an android phone is “Which one do I buy?”  Each device on the market has some unique feature: if some has better RAM then some has better looks. So how do we choose a device?  Well, selecting a device has a lot to do with what features you require while also taking the price into consideration. Sure affordability is a valid argument, however a customer needs to look for the device’s lifespan and good customer service. Thus if we want to upgrade to a future device, we need to keep in mind that we must choose a reliable brand. 

The Indian Market is specially filled with choices. Any company belonging to this market is directly making their brand available to billions of possible customers.  Hence, it is of no surprise that most of the world’s leading brands have Indian market on their top preference.  While many make promises they do not eventually deliver, there are still a few companies that are bringing high level of quality products to us day in and day out. Along with this, they are giving us a good customer service and value for our money. Among those selected, there is one that particularly strikes out by bringing us unique products at prices that are unbelievable, Coolpad.  
Coolpad is a young, innovative leading global Smartphone brand. They provide a premium experience through their design and the quality of the materials that they use in the production of their products. The company has aims to deliver the message that Smart phones are the gateway of life providing their customer the power to customize to their personality. 
What makes Coolpad unique? It’s their constant dedication towards their products, after sale services, wide network and many more. When their product Note 3 was launched, it was bought by 15,000 customers in less than five minutes , And Not only this but Coolpad Note 3 was also the very first smartphone in Indian market to come with a Fingerprint sensor .  This one statement proves the massive amount of people who prefer to get their hands on a Coolpad product as soon as they can. All their products have one thing in common: they are value for money. Every single product that is launched is much cheaper than the competitors but at the same time, they provide more features than the later. Thus Coolpad launches their products exclusively through to assure us a safe delivery.
Coolpad is all about customer service which is why they have their own TOLLFREE customer care number:18001027159 which many smartphone companies lack. If we have any query, we can just simply send them an email too.
We have a wide variety of products and such smartphones companies in India and more often they sell their products through different sellers. In such cases, when you go to claim the warranty of your product, the company would tell you to go through a million processes before you can get your product fixed. This is not the case with Coolpad, hence they have carefully selected whom to distribute their product and this effects the claiming of warranty too. When you buy a Coolpad product, you can be assured about the damage control for your phone. Unless like other competitors, 
Coolpad doesn’t have an array of products at your display but rather it has launched three PRIME products that makes it easier for you to choose among; Coolpad Note 3 Plus, Coolpad Note 3 Lite and Coolpad Max are the three current products in Indian Market. Not only these, Coolpad is also going to launch a new handset in the Indian Market Soon and according to rumors the device will be the perfect flagship killer at affordable price tag.

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