5 Tricks to Win in Ludo Everytime | 2023 Ultimate Wins

Ludo is widely recognized as the “King of Board Games” by millions of fans residing in different parts of the globe. The title conferred upon the game was justified when ludo emerged as the most popular game during the lockdown.

When individuals play ludo game online or offline, they are required to come up with effective strategies to overpower their opponents and win matches since it is a strategy-based board game. Even though a particular strategy or move does not come in handy in every situation, there are certain moves and tricks every player should be familiar with to ensure they shine in all their ludo matches.

This article will list some of the most effective moves and tricks following which individuals can showcase exemplary gameplay in ludo matches. Let us dive right into it:

Move Multiple Tokens at Once

In every ludo match, irrespective of whether individuals are playing it online or offline, each of the players are given four tokens. The primary objective of players is to make each token come out of their house by scoring the number “6” on the dice. Once a token has been moved out of their house, the player can start moving them toward their base as per their preference.

Different players follow different tactics when it comes to marching tokens toward their houses. Some prefer marching only a single token at a time. Even though this tactic facilitates individuals to move the token in question very quickly to the base, it also enhances the risk of it getting eliminated by the opponents’ tokens.

Hence, it is advised that players open all their tokens as quickly as they can and start moving all of them simultaneously. Even though doing so requires precision and awareness, it increases the chances of a player making their tokens reach their base quickly.

Stick to an Offensive Gameplay Strategy

There is a very popular saying, “Offense is the best defense,” which stands true in the case of ludo games as well. What most players follow during ludo games is a defence-centric strategy, i.e., they try to avoid picking battles with opponents’ tokens when marching toward their base. Even though this helps them to a certain extent, it does not work in most cases.

Hence, players are advised to follow an offence-based strategy, i.e., they should take every chance possible to eliminate the tokens of opponents whenever possible. Whenever a token gets eliminated, it gets sent back to its respective house. To take the token out of there, players need to score a “6” on the dice, which is very tough.

Hence, chasing opponents’ tokens and attempting to eliminate them significantly increases the chances of a player winning the game. Besides this, it also helps in lowering the morale and confidence of players.

Obstruct the Path of Opponents’ Tokens by Creating Obstacles

As mentioned earlier, the primary objective of players in ludo games is to ensure that their tokens reach their respective bases first. Besides this, the priority of players should be to eliminate other players’ tokens. However, luck may not always be in the player’s favour. Hence, an effective alternative is to block the path of players.

Throughout any ludo board, there are multiple milestones or checkpoints where tokens are safe from all sorts of danger, i.e. when they are placed on the said points, they cannot be eliminated. Hence, players should place a few of their tokens at milestones and wait for their opponents’ tokens to arrive. Once the opponents’ tokens are ahead of the player’s, the player can try eliminating them. It is a foolproof way, following which players can easily overpower their opponents in matches.

Remain Patient

A ludo match can last anywhere between half an hour to many hours, depending on what strategies players are implementing. For instance, if both the player and opponent are following a defensive strategy, a ludo game can last for hours. When a game goes on for longer than anticipated, most players lose their sense of composure and start making reckless moves in an attempt to finish the game quickly.

This, in turn, puts them at a disadvantage and their opponents at an advantage. Hence, every player who wishes to shine in ludo games should always remain patient, calm, and composed, especially when the game is taking longer than anticipated to get over. Doing so will help them make calculated and sensible moves and eventually assist them in winning the game.

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Be Observant

Besides having top-tier strategies and being calm and composed, players also need to be observant. In any ludo game, every player must read their opponents’ moves and strategies. For instance, if their opponents are playing an extra-offensive game, the player should try sticking to a more defensive strategy and vice versa.

Doing so will help them plan their moves ahead of their opponents, which in turn, will put them at an advantage. Hence, players are advised to be highly aware and observant to ensure they always stay a few steps ahead of their opponents.

As opposed to other types of board games which are highly inclined towards luck, ludo is one of the few ones wherein skills play a more crucial role than luck. Hence, any individual who wishes to shine in every ludo game and emerge victorious should follow and implement the aforementioned tips in ludo matches to obtain positive results.

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