How to Transfer Balance From Airtel To Airtel Number

Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel

So now Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel number using our easiest Guide on Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel, Consider a situation where you are out of balance on your Airtel Number and you want to make an Urgent call? Now you need not to worry as in this guide we will show you the easiest way to Share balance from Airtel to Airtel Number.

Airtel is one of the first and Major network provider company in india, The company was founded 23 years ago in india and at present the company holds a user base of almost 308 million users worlwide. many times we come across situations where we urgently have to Send or transfer money from Airtel to Airtel or We end up running short of  Balance in our phones and get it transferred from friend’s airtel number to our airtel mobile number and we dont find ways to do so. Breaking the ice we present you how airtel balance transfer is done Step by Step in the easiest way.

Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer

So airtel to Airtel balance transfer using USSD codes is one of the simplest and easiest way in which you can transfer or send your Airtel balance to Friends or Relatives Airtel Number or you can also ask your friend to Share his Airtel’s Mobile number balance to your Airtel mobile number easily by dialing just an USSD code.

Now that before we jump in further to the method of learning how to transfer balance from airtel to airtel a few things are there for anyone to keep in mind. Don’t worry these are really simple.

Pre Requitsites before you Transfer your Airtel Account Balance to Other Airtel Number

Airtel sim for for the sender and receiver. It means the number on both the sending and receiving end has to be airtel.

Another thing you have to make sure is that the sim must be in the first sim slot. Yes readers its important that the airtel number you are using to transfer talktime should be in the first slot of any dual sim handset.

You should have the minimum balance of 10 rupees so that you can transfer that to another airtel number or else you have to take a loan which is another help provided by airtel. The criteria of minimum balance is given in the post further so you need to continue reading.

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Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel Using USSD codes

So for those who dont know what is USSD code, So ussd codes are basically a combination of numbers starting with * and ending with #. Also you can Check our Detailed Guide on Airtel USSD Codes List Using USSD codes to Airtel balance transfer is one of the most quick and convenient way to Share balance. The combination of numbers are 141 and its a easy number to remember I suppose. So the  number you have to remember while transferring balance from your airtel number to another airtel number using this Method  is *141# and that’s it.

You will arrive on a menu which says Reply and has sections which says 1 Share talktime,2 buy happy hours till 9 help at the bottom.

And below that you will see a space where in you type in your reply.

As we are here to learn on airtel share talktime all you have to do is type ‘1’ in the reply space and Tap “send”

Next all you have to do is type in the amount you wish to send. Suppose you have to share 5 rupees then type 5 in the Send Balance Section.

The thing you should be notified about is 5 rupees is the minimum amount that you can transfer and the maximum amount is 40 indian rupees.

Also in a day you can share only 5 times which means in a month that,s 30 days, you can share upto 150 times which is a lot right. As every time you pay someone or for something we mostly occur a service tax so here also for the money your are lending or sharing, my ,friend using airtel balance transfer ussd code has a minimum service tax of 10 indian rupees.

Next up you will get details mentioning the airtel share talktime amount you wish to send along with the amount of service charges you will pay.

Just enter the exact amount you wish to transfer.

So gathering all the important details all you need to do is enter the mobile number on which you wish to apply the airtel to airtel balance transfer technique and press Send button.

And as soon as you press send, you will be notified with a message which once you open will have an elaborate description of the amount of airtel share talktime along with the service charges you incurred.

Also your friend will receive a message which says that you gifted them so and so amount and will definitely bring them a smile.

POP: Now thinking what’s that? It’s just points to remember in my words. So readers another crucial thing to keep in mind is that you have to be really careful and while entering the other airtel number. Unfortunately if the number turns out to be wrong by any mistyping, the Airtel service providers will not be anyhow responsible for the lost of money or balance you will incur. So that is one thing you have to remember.

One small suggestion that I will give in order to avoid any loss during airtel number balance transfer is that recheck the number. It’s always better to Re check the number so you are double sure already.

Airtel has changed their IVR numbers and USSD codes in 2020, So we have Mentioned new ways to Transfer balance from Airtel to Airtel in 2020. Also if you want to know method to send money from Airtel to other network provider do write in the comments section below we will update the guide with working method.

This method is working properly even in 2020, So if you are a Airtel user you can just Use this Guide even in 2020 and that’s enough because we have updated the Guide for our Users. If you are using any other Mobile network operator then you cant use This method as it is meant only for Airtel users.

Wasn’t thats an easy a easy guide on airtel to airtel transfer with the help of ussd code. So readers this as I mentioned earlier is the quick and simple way in which you have learnt how to transfer balance from airtel to airtel OR how to transfer money from airtel to airtel. Hope this guide was helpful for all the readers out there. If there are any further clarifications you can always drop a comment and let me know.

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