Airtel Free Internet 2019 Trick | Unlimited 4G/3G Data {Working}

Airtel Free Internet Trick 2019 to Use Unlimited 4G/3G Data

Airtel Free internet Trick 2019 Is here and if you want to learn the Trick to use Unlimited 4G/3G on Airtel then you are at the right place. Today we are here with well explained and Detailed Working Guide on How to Use Airtel Free internet in 2019. Airtel is one of the major Network providers in India and according to the Reports, Airtel has a user base of more the 355 Million people in India.

After the Launch of Jio in india Many users started Porting Airtel to Jio and the main reason of Porting from Airtel to Jio is the High price data Packs compared to Jio, But Today in this Airtel free internet Trick 2019 we will share the easiest and 2019 Airtel Free internet Working trick with which you can easily use Free Airtel internet.

Now most of the Devices come with 4G network support in India and with the Launch of Jio many smartphone manufacturers started Launching Volte Supported Smartphone in India, incase if your Smartphone is Not Volte you can see our Guide on How to Enable Volte Calling on Any Android Smartphone. So after the launch of Jio Volte calling Airtel also Launched Volte support in India, But as we mentioned earlier that Airtel’s Internet pack is expensive compared to Jio So there are many users who want to Use Free Internet in Airtel in 2019.  This guide on Airtel Free Internet Tricks is going to be authentic and I assure you guys that it’s going to be free of cost i.e. you can enjoy Unlimited Free 3G and 4G on your Airtel number

Airtel (Bharti Airtel Limited) is an Indian telecommunication company which ranks third in the world. Airtel also has a Network Spanning across 50 countries and 5 continents along with a Global Network Running Across 2,50,000 RKMs.

As we are all aware that Airtel is one of the renowned Indian telecommunication company reason being the kind of quality service it provides to their customers. Airtel provides services such as GSM network, 2G, 3G and 4G services and it solves Bugs Faster then Any other Network Provider in India. Airtel has always made sure that they provide hassle free internet connectivity. Airtel is believed to have the fastest 3G as well as 4G connectivity across the globe. Airtel has high speed internet along with affordable data packs.

Airtel is also planning to Launch Airtel 5G services in india very soon, and if this comes true then for sure Airtel will reduce the prices of their 4G data packs, but till then if users want to use Airtel free internet in 2019 then they can follow the steps given Below, the Guide is Updated with Working Method for 2019 January.

Unlimited 4G 3G Internet Trick 2019
Airtel Free Internet Trick 2019

Airtel Unlimited 4G 3G internet Trick 2019

Recently I came across few facts which claimed that Airtel has blocked many of their old tricks and ways of using free Airtel internet/data. So today in the following article you will find detailed explanations regarding airtel free internet connection 2019, latest Airtel free internet tricks, Airtel free internet connection tricks for computers or PCs, airtel free internet connection for any smartphone, Airtel free internet provider in app form or free proxy servers and Airtel free VPN. And trust me guys this article here will solve all your queries on How to get Airtel Free Internet (3g and 4g) in 2019. I hope readers are excited to read further and you guys will definitely thank me at the end.This trick will work in most of the states but some of the states that are confirmed by our users are mentioned as below:

  • Haryana
  • Rajasthan
  • Bihar
  • Punjab
  • New Delhi
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Chattisgarh
  • Jammu Kashmir
  • Kerala
  • Goa
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu

Things to Remember Before you use Free Internet on Airtel in 2019

  • Make sure there is Minimum 1 Rupee Balance in your Airtel Sim Card
  • Make sure Your Smartphone supports 4G and 3G Connectivity
  • Make sure your Device has Wynk Music app installed, because we have a New working Trick which allows wynk users to Avail free internet data.

Airtel Wynk Free Internet trick 2019

Airtel Free Internet Trick 2019
Airtel Free Internet Trick 2019
  • Install Wynk Application powered by Airtel from Google Playstore
  • Run the Wynk Application with the help of an Active Data Pack on your Airtel sim
  • Click on My Account in the Wynk App.
  • Then, click on Try Free
  • Now Choose Wynk Freedom Plan (which is a free plan)
  • Next up, Install Droid VPN (Android Users) or Install Tunnel Guru (Laptop/PC User)
  • Connect your Internet with APN:
  • Open PD Proxy OR Tunnel Guru
  • Move to Settings
  • Click on Options.
  • Then go to Advance Settings
  • Search for Parent Proxy
  • Enter Parent IP: and Port: 3128
  • Click on Headers and enter Host as:
  • Next up, Connect with TCP 443 Port
  • That’s all!! This is how you can Enjoy Free unlimited

2019 Airtel Free Unlimited Internet Trick

  • First Of all Get Droid VPN App from Google Playstore
  • Now Create A New Account on the App
  • Open Droid vpn app and tap on settings
  • After that tap on connection Protocol > select TCP
  • Tap proxy settings > Enable
  • Choose Proxy Server >
  • Enter port as 3128
  • Tap on http headers and fill them as
  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host: or you can also Select
  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • Now tap on settings and choose any free server and save

How to Get Free Internet in Airtel

  • First of all Install Troid VPN App from Playstore
  • Now choose any of the free servers
  • Next up, select the port and set it as TCP
  • Now select Rport and enter 443
  • Then choose Lport and choose it as 0
  • Now tap on menu button and choose Advance settings from there
  • Check mark on (Use Proxy for TCP Connection)
  • After Completing all the things given above just Enter the Below Settings
Proxy host – or
Port – 3128
Host – Host:
  • Now Press Save button and enjoy Airtel Free internet 2019 for unlimited 4G 3G on your Airtel sim card.

How to Get Free Internet on Airtel Using Miss call

So many of you guys might be aware by this Offer already but Incase, you dont know then Airtel is giving free 4G internet data pack to attract more 4G customers, The best thing about this trick is that this is the most easiest trick as all you need to do is just give a miss call to number and your Free Airtel 4g data will be credited. So follow the below steps to get Free airtel internet data pack.

  • First of all Make sure that you are using 4G Handset because by using this trick you will get Only 4G data which cant be used in a 3G or 2G device
  • Now give a miss call to 52122
  • Now wait for Free data confirmation message from Airtel
  • After Around 10 Minutes you will get a Confirmation message from Airtel
  • Thats all!!! This is How you can get Free 1Gb 4G data which can be used upto 28 days.

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So this was all about Airtel free Internet Trick 2019. We will Keep updating this guide with the Working Tricks, Incase if you know any other Working tricks feel free to Write down in the comments section below. We hope this Guide has made it easier for you to get free internet in Airtel 2019.

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