Best Cloud VPN app for Android & iOS

Best Vpn For Android And Ios 2017

So Do you want to Know best vpn app for android and Ios ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with the best Vpn app for Ios and android phone.

Numerous spammers and websites steal our privacy from us. They can steal our valuable and precious information like Credit Card Details, Important Documents, Contact numbers and the list goes on.

The Question that arises is What can We do to take care of our Privacy and Security, Right?

One of the best and recommended ways to avoid stealing of data is to be “Anonymous”. What is Anonymous? How can i be anonymous?

Hold on Guys. Grab some cookies and read this article. You’ll get all your answers.

Anonymous is anyone whose real identity is not known. There are lot of ways of being Anonymous online. One of the easiest and recommended way is to use VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network which assures that your identity will be secured and”Anonymous”. Which VPN should I Use?

Best VPN app For Android 2017

Here we are with the best VPN Apps for your Android and IOS Devices because we think for everyone.

Rocket VPN

With Over 30 million+ Downloads, Rocket VPN makes its way to Us. The Rocket VPN App is by Liquidum Apps.  Liquidum is an award-winning maker of mobile apps located in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Montreal, Canada. And we think the company deserves that award very well. Rocket VPN allows you to browse Internet with more freedom. It let’s you protect your Privacy from Spammers. Rocket VPN gives you power to use Internet more securely and privately.

Lets take a look at Why you should chose Rocket VPN.

  • Protects Your Connection

Turbo VPN Protects your connection with every site that you visit. Turbo VPN encrypts your data with the site which means no third party can decrypt and steal your data hence providing you more freedom. The App allows you to select a Virtual location to Hide your location from the Internet.

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  • Surf Securely

Turbo VPN have built-in web browser, which they call rocket Browser which allows you Browse directly from the Rocket VPN App itself. You still get those benifits like Private Connection, Security, Virtual location and so on. it gives you ease as you don’t need any third party browser to surf the Internet. Just open Rocket VPN and you are good to go.

  • Connect to Secure Servers Worldwide

Turbo VPN has tonnes of Secure Servers from Worldwide to chose from. There are lot of Locations which you can chose Just tap on the Location that you wish and you will be connected to that Secure Server instantly. Helping You to keep yourself even more Secure.

Rocket VPN is a free application that allows you to browse securely and anonymously. Rocket VPN includes a free data allowance that refills monthly. For unlimited surfing and access to all locations, You can subscribe to their premium plan by paying affordable and convenient price.

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So this was our guide on Best vpn app for android and Ios, I hope you liked our guide if you have any doubt you can Comment down below in the comments section.

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