8 Best Free Mac Cleaner in 2021

In this guide, we will tell you about 8 best Free mac cleaner that will clean your whole Mac Book for free.

You might see several apps claiming cleaning your Mac for free. But it is really very difficult to find a cleaner that can actually wipe out any potential threat to your MacBook or pc.

Mac is already very secured when compared to Windows OS. But if your Mac is connected to the internet most often then one single virus can cause a very big threat to the files and health of the mac os.

Mac os has really great developer support over its competitors But being apple’s Very own os there are very limited options available. We have prepared a list of best free mac cleaner in 2021 which will help you to Clean your Mac and increase its performance.

Mac free cleaner helps you to check and scan your Mac book for any future or virus related threats. It is always recommended that you run a scan of your mac every month to keep your pc healthy by cleaning the cache and all other temporary files stored in the memory of your Mac.

These best free mac cleaners in 2021 will work flawlessly on all your mac laptops, computers, and every other machine running on the mac os.

Best Free Mac Cleaner in 2021

We have compiled a list of Best and Most lightweight free mac cleaners in 2021, You can Download free mac cleaner in your Mac pc/computer and install it without any issues.

  1. CleanMyMac X
  2. DaisyDisk
  3. MacBooster 7
  4. App Cleaner & Uninstaller
  5. Smart Mac Care
  6. CCleaner
  7. Drive Genius 5
  8. Data Rescue

So above mentioned are the best 8 Free mac cleaners in 2021, Now below you will get to know about all of them in detail

1. CleanMyMac X

Standing on 1st position, This is one of the best free mac cleaner tool in 2021. The best thing about Cleanmymac X is the simple and fast UI which lets you clean your mac in 2-3 clicks quickly.

Not only cleaning but it can also perform additional tasks like Malware cleaning, cache cleaning, and temporary files cleaning which increases the mac performance.

Cleanmymac free mac cleaner
Cleanmymac free mac cleaner

CleanMyMac X will scan your laptop and will show you details about all the files and malware which are affecting the performance of your laptop.

This tool is so well built that it can prepare a list of all the Culprit apps which are degrading the performance of your laptop.

All mac Laptops, Computers stores some local data, broken links, Cached files, and temporary files. This tool helps you to remove all the temporary files from your device which boosts the performance of your PC or laptop for free.

There are 2 versions of this app available, one is the paid one which offers multiple offerings and the other one is the free which is enough for basic services like temporary file cleaning and boosting the mac Performance.

2. DailyDisk

DailyDisk is another best free mac cleaner for users who are looking to boost the performance of their Macbook, This software presents all the flaws and all the reasons in the form of a chart.

Once you get the detailed chart of your Laptop you can easily decide which apps you want to keep and which not.

To make the processing and loading faster your mac always stores some files in the form of cached files and temporary files.

Temporary files may be beneficial for future faster loading and processing purpose but sometimes mac automatically piles up Hundred of GB temporary files which can affect the performance of your Mac. So with the help of this Mac free cleaner, you will be able to Wipe out the files.

dailydisk free mac cleaner
dailydisk free mac cleaner

The easy Drag and drop feature of Dailydisk allows you to simply select the partition you want to scan and then just see the tool in action.

This is an All in One Junk remover tool for mac which Wipes out all the junk files from your Mac in just 1 click.

The thing which makes this free mac cleaner different from other cleaners is the ability to scan multiple disks at some time with maximum speed. This saves your lot of time.

The Quicklook feature built in the tool helps you to look for the content available in the app, If you want to save the data you can save it otherwise one click on complete clean will wipe out all the junk stored in the app.

You can Download free mac cleaner from the official website of DailyDisk.  To install from Apple App store you have to pay a charge of 9.99$ to purchase the Software because there is no free version available of this tool on the app store as of now.

It is always recommended that you try the free version of this tool before buying it. Using free version of the tool will give you a free idea of How the tool works.

3. Macbooster 8

Just like the name says, The Macbooster 8 tool will increase the performance of your Macbook by cleaning the temporary junk files which are affecting the performance on your device.

The tool works on the comprehensive mac cleaning module which makes it a choice for many mac users.

Nowadays most of the devices are connected to the Internet. While the internet might be a boon for many but when it comes to cybersecurity you might face potential risk if you don’t properly clean your Mac from time to time.

Macbooster 7 mac cleaner
Macbooster 7 mac cleaner

The Deep clean feature of Macbooster 8 allows you to evaluate the risk and threat your mac may face in real-time and future. Once you activate the Deep clean feature you will see that the free mac cleaner is showing you list of all the Virus and malware present on your device.

Its also not true that all the files which are under the Virus tag are a real threat to your system, As sometimes antivirus can also show you False-positive error.

One Similar issue which makes your Mac slow is the Adware which can show you Hundreds of Ads within no time when you connect your Mac to the internet. So if you are using the Mac booster 8 then you can also Clean all the adware present on your Mac.

To make Loading faster apps Like Google chrome and Geforce experience create tones of duplicate files, While Loading the app may get faster with these duplicate files but if the overall performance of PC is concerned then you may face that the Mac is performing very slow.

When you turn on the Duplicate file cleaner scan the Software will automatically clean all the duplicate files present on your system.

Not only Duplicate files, the Software can also clean cache files and junk files responsible for the slow performance of your Mac Laptop.

There are many apps in Mac like the iTunes which store cache of many files in the background, while cache might not be worrisome for many users but it is 100% responsible in making Old mac devices slower.

You can also boost Ram on your Mac by clicking on the ram boost for mac option present within the software itself.

Many Mac faces Bootup lag, when you use this Mac free cleaner you can easily turn on the fast startup feature which improves the Startup time of your Mac laptop by a great extent.

Just like any other Cleaner, you can also Download best free mac cleaner for free, But if you also want the advanced version of this software then you can always purchase the free version of this software.

4. App Cleaner & Uninstaller

App cleaner & uninstaller also works on the Cleaning Junk and Cache module, Basically, you should understand that Junk files and cached data on your Mac play an important role in making your Mac Slow.

There are some apps that automatically start when you turn on your PC, While this may not be an issue for many users but according to our reports, this may be the real reason behind the slow loading of your Mac.

To Clean, all the apps cached data and temporary files on your mac you have to just Click on Clean my Mac in this free cleaner.

App Cleaner and uninstaller free mac cleaner
App Cleaner and uninstaller free mac cleaner

You also get an option to hibernate or disable the apps that slowdowns your mac, it is always recommended that you disable the apps which you know about. Disabling the system apps might cause issues with the proper functioning of your Mac.

Deleting one by one app may be a time-consuming process, But the App cleaner and uninstaller Software allows you to simply select the apps you wish to Uninstall from your Mac in 1 click.

Not only Delete, but this app will also remove all the residuals of the app from your PC which will completely remove the app from your system. Doing this will make your pc Significantly faster.

One big disadvantage of this software is the Non-support of malware and adware on your Mac, Which means if you use your Mac with internet then this Software may not provide you online support.

The toll can work very well on your machine offline but if online security is concerned then you may not like using this Free mac cleaner in 2021.

There are 2 versions available of this tool, One is the Free version which can easily clean cache from mac and perform other similar tasks and the other one is the paid version which comes with some advanced functions.

For the Free Version you can visit the Official website of the developer and choose “Download Free mac cleaner” and to download the paid version you have to Just open the App Store and search for the app.

5. Smart Mac Care

Most of the Apple Apps are paid and it is really a very difficult task to find the best mac cleaner available for free in 2021.

Just like the 4 free options given above, The Smart Mac Care is also a good choice for the users who wish to clean and boost the performance of their Mac.

Smart mac care is an all in one solution for most of your PC needs like Removing malware, Adware, Spyware, and Junk files from your system.

Not only windows but the Mac also gets slow after several years of usage, Now when you execute the Smart mac care cleaning process you will see a lot of junk and cached data flushing out from your system.

Smart mac care free mac cleaner
Smart mac care free mac cleaner

Mostly Cached files and junk files are the main culprit in slowing down your Mac, Not only the Bootup time but it also affects the overall performance of your Mac Laptop or computer.

The Smart mac care works by establishing a Connection through the internet So it also takes care of your sensitive information by Not scanning it.

You get 2 options to clean the disk space. The first one is the standard cleaning which can Solve the purpose for many. But if you are not still satisfied with Space you got from Standard cleaning you can move forward towards the Advanced cleaning.

Advanced cleaning performs a deeper cleaning which removes all the unwanted files and cached data (junk files) from your computer. The process may take more time than usual but the wait is worth as you will see a lot of more space has been added to your disk.

The Smart mac care is also one of the best Lightweight mac cleaners which occupies a very small space on the disk of your mac.

You can get the Free version of Mac cleaner from the official website and if you are comfortable with this Tool you can also download the Paid version from the Apple app store.

6. CCleaner

No Doubt internet is full of Malwares, Adwares, Spyware, and what not? Once your device is connected to the internet all the Sensitive data and files are vulnerable to people trying to invade your privacy.

CCleaner is another best free mac cleaner for the users who are connected to the internet most of the time,  Not only Cached files this tool also takes care of clearing your browsing data and history.

If someone is trying to inject cookies in your browser then also this mac cleaner will alert you.

It is highly recommended to always use Vpn service like Turbo VPN for pc to browse the internet anonymously.

ccleaner for mac
ccleaner for mac

Apart from handling most of the Online Tasks, You can also Clean Cache from mac, Clean Junk from mac, and clean unwanted files from your system.

Cleaning all the unwanted files is the best and easiest way to Make the speed of mac faster without using any software.

Broken permissions on mac are another big culprit in slowing down the performance of your device, once you clean the Broken permission you will see improvement in the bootup time of your mac.

If the overall performance of the mac is considered then you can also increase it by removing the incomplete downloads, files residual by performing a deep clean on your Mac through the CCleaner mac cleaner.

The free version of the Toll can clear junk files, cached files from your system however if you want premium support and automatic updates then you can buy a paid version of the tool.

7. Drive Genius 5

All the Data we download, We copy is stored on Drives, And that’s why it is important that you should keep your partition and disk health good.

Drive genius 5 is the best mac cleaner in 2021 if it comes to maintaining the good health of your Drives and Disks.

The Scan feature in this tool scans the Files of your drives and then it eliminates all the harmful files available on the Disks and partition of your Mac.

Drive Genius 5 Mac cleaner
Drive Genius 5 Mac cleaner

In most of the cases the Drive C is affected by Cache, and Junk files which degrade the performance of your Mac. So when you run Drive Genius 5 it will wipe out all the junk files, trash files, and temporary files stored on your Local Disk.

incase if you want to Deep clean your mac and you want to clan all the unwanted files stored from ages, You can create a new separate partition for bootup. While you Bootup on the new partition the tool will scan for all the trash in the background.

In case if you think that the Partition on which your Mac os is stored is getting low on space you can always increase it using the extended volume feature.

Just like the extending feature you can also shrink the volume of partition on your Mac.

Apart from this, you can speed up your mac laptop computer by clearing all the Junk and cached data stored on the Partition of your mac.

You can Get Best mac cleaner for free from the official website of the developer. The paid version of the tool is also available on the Apple app store.

8. TuneupMyMac

This tool is the last entry in our list of best free mac cleaners in 2021. Listed on the 8th number doesn’t mean that this software is incapable of handling your requirements.

using the Deep scan you can scan each corner of your system storage. Once the process gets started you will see a list of all the junkware present on your device hindering the proper functioning of your system.

The tool is based on comprehensive cleaning which allows you to clean the mac in 4 different modules.

The cleaning module cleans all the Trash and junk stored on your machine

tuneupmymac free mac cleaner
tuneupmymac free mac cleaner

The Optimization module optimizes the bootup time of your mac by clearing the junk stored in the bootup module on your mac.

Manual cleaning module allows you to choose the files and apps you want to clean, This is a great feature if you want to partially clean your mac and its Data.

The Security module in the mac cleaner allows you to keep a check on the most essential security settings of your mac.

You can try the free mac cleaner by using the trial version of the tool, Paid version of this tool is also available which offers you some more premium options.

is there a free Mac cleaner?

Yes, there are many free mac cleaner, In this guide, we have listed the best 8 free mac cleaners which you can use to boost the performance on your Mac.

What is the best Mac cleaner?

CleanMymac is the best and most lightweight cleaner for mac. The tool cleans all the trash from your system which increases its performance up to a great extent.

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac?

Cleanmymac is not an official free mac cleaner. However, it is considered as one of the best mac cleaners because of its lightweight size, Therfore being a light weight cleaner and Work efficient cleaner most  of the users use it.

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