Top Best Games Under 10 MB For Android

Top Best 5 Games Under 10 MB With High Graphics

Best Games Under 10 MB list is here :Games are awesome! I mean who does not like gaming? In the past, if someone talks about gaming, the first thing that would pop-up in your brain is – A high-end gaming rig! But now, it is a totally different story. Gone are the days where you need big displays and high-end setups for gaming. Now all you need is a fifteen thousand rupees Android device. Chances are you are running out of memory on your device. Or you don’t really have enough data to download huge titles. That is where these small games come to the savior. In the ocean of games available in Play Store, it gets really tough to find Best Android Games under 10 MB.

Best Android Games under 10 MB

There are a lot of games under 10 MB available for your Android devices in the Play Store. But quite a lot of those just messes and they push a lot of ads too. So to save a lot of your time, we have done a lot of research and made a list of lightweight games under 10 MB. So without any further discussion, let us quickly discuss the best Android Games under 10 MB.

#1 Mekorama

There will be no list of best Android games under 10 MB without including Mekorama. Have you ever played a puzzle game which includes fun? No, right? Mekorama is one such game! Mekorama is all about helping a robot through some tiny diorama puzzles by interchanging some portions and objects of the level so that you can make it to the end. Talking about the graphics, there is not a lot of texture to load here. The controls are quite easy and the gestures are easy to learn.

In the beginning, the levels are easy and you can get through very easily. But the levels get more challenging as you progress. By the completion of each level, you can unlock other levels. In that process, you will be able to unlock and complete all the levels. So, as mentioned earlier, there are quite a lot of levels when you progress and if you feel like they are less or if you complete the game, there are some custom levels which are built. Just by scanning a few QR codes you can easily import the levels which were built by users like you. You can get the QR codes from the official twitter and facebook handles of Mekorama. Also, there are quite a lot of fan pages and groups where you can get the QR codes.

If you have enough time to do, you can build your own levels too. If you have ever played Minecraft where you can create your own maps with blocks, just like that Mekorama is very easy to build. To sum it up, Mekorama is a very tiny, fun and challenging game which you can download. The download link of the application is available below. This application is also available for iOS devices too.

#2 Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is not really a new game, but for what it is worth, this is the best driving game you can find in this segment. This driving game literally has one hundred million-plus downloads. Considering the numbers, I need not say how popular this game is! To put this straight up, this is a simple driving game with a lot of game modes. We will discuss the game modes in the further parts of the article. This game was developed and maintained by SUD Studios. The company has also released Dr. Driving 2, but it did not replace the first one.

The game starts with a simple concept of driving a car. Unlike a lot of big titles, this is not one such game where you will be controlling the car easily. Instead of saying the controls are hard, I can say, the controls are real and accurate and comparable to real life. In the first-person mode, you will have to control the steering wheel and gears as well. The rotation and axis control of the steering wheel and car movement is arguably true to life. If you ask me about the graphics, they are not intense at all. Do not expect the Real Racing 3 or Asphalt 9 quality here. I mean, what can you expect from a 10 MB package?

There are a lot of game modes to choose from. The game modes available here are a highway, speed, drift, fuel efficiency, parking, and truck. The driver-level gets increased while playing and the game gets challenging with time. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this game out. The download link is provided below. Just like Mekorama, this one is also available on the Apple Store.

#3 Die in 100 Ways

This is my favorite game on the list. This is more or less like a famous game “Dumb ways to die”. Talking about this game Die in 100 Ways, this game has more than ten million downloads on the Google Play store. Not just that, this game comes in a very small package of 9 MB. Well, to be honest, this game pushes some ads every now and then. I personally recommend you to try out this game in the offline mode to get the best experience.

So the game starts in a house first. That is the first level. The second level takes place in a spoiled beach house. The second level will only unlock if you have scored more than 30000 points on the first level. So, unlike most of the games, this is not a single conceptual game. There are a lot of mini-games here. For example, there is this one game, where an electric wire needs to be attached. We need to attach it properly within a few seconds. On the other game, there are a few banana skins dropped on the floor, we need to dump it in the dustbin within the allotted time.

This is a very fun game where you have to kill the fishes, pick and dump banana skins and turn the taps off. Overall this would be my pick in this list of best Android games under 10 MB. In my first try, I made a score of 4260. Do let me know your first score in the comment section below. The download link is provided below. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, download the game and have fun!

#4 Break the Prison

Break the Prison is developed and maintained by the company Candy Mobile. The company is famous for making small games under 20 MB and already released more than thirty games under 20 MB. If you think you heard the company name already, then yes, they made some famous titles like Modren Sniper and Roller rush. Talking about Break the Prison, as the name itself suggest, this is all about Prison Escape.

The playable character will be sentenced to death due to some crime. The character wanted to escape jail in order to surprise his wife on her birthday. There are various levels in order to reach his wife. The first level is all about making the police think that the character is innocent by doing random things like reading the newspaper and stuff. Certainly, you have to steal the keys from the police and get out of jail. The coming levels are all about escaping the prison in stealth mode and running while skipping the obstacles.

Overall, Break the Prison is definitely an interesting game where you can show off your prison escaping skills with three stars on all the levels. The download link is provided below. Don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comment section below.

#5 Stickman Fight

Not to be confused with other Stickman fight games. This game is also developed by Candy Mobile. As mentioned earlier, the company is famous for making small games under 20 MB and already released more than thirty games under 20 MB. If you think you heard the company name already, then yes, they made some famous titles like Modren Sniper and Roller rush. So taking back the story to the Stickman Fight, this is a wonderfully designed game.

Like the break the prison game, there is no story backing here. We are randomly spawned in some unknown area and we will learn some movies like punching the enemies on their faces, jumping and dodging too. Once learned, all the enemies start rushing towards us one by one. We have to simply beat them. Slowly, they start carrying weapons like swords and baseball bats. We have to dodge and beat them, then our character will pick weapon from the enemy and throw on other enemies.

Overall this game is really fun to play and addictive too. This game is available at a very small package of 6 MB. The graphics are on point. The controls are very easy. This game has more than one million-plus downloads. This game is definitely a worthy one. Download link is provided below.

These Games are updated with the most new and common Games which are favorite among android users, Since you have red about all the games you can choose the perfect one for you. Also these are some of the games which are our all time favorite and not only this but the best thing about these games is that you can play them without internet as well

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These are our picks of Best Android Games under 10 MB. We recommend you to try all of the games as they are very small-sized packages. If you are a fun lover, then Die in 100 Ways is the one which satisfies you. For the action lovers, Stickman Fight is definitely worth trying. Racing fans can try the Dr. Driving game. So try out all the games and let us know your favorite game in the comment section below. Please share this post with your friends and family, so that they can also enjoy these tiny sized games. It is time for me to bid you adieu. For more posts like this, stay tuned with us! Till next time, stay techy!

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