Top 4 Redmi Note 4 Tricks for Non Root Users

Best Redmi Note 4 Trick for Non Rooted Users

So do you Want to know Best Redmi Note 4 Trick? if yes then You are at right place. Today we are here with Top Redmi Note 4 Tricks. Redmi Note 4 has been one of the most successful launches by Xiaomi ever! In India alone, they have sold more than 50 Lakh units of the infamous Redmi Note 4 till now. And this is pretty obvious as it provides a great value for money because of its awesome specifications and features, all of which is running on Xiaomi’s own custom Android called MIUI. And speaking of software, today we are here to tell you 4 Awesome Hidden Tricks for the Redmi Note 4 which you should totally learn!

Top Redmi Note 4 Tricks
Top Redmi Note 4 Tricks

Redmi Note 4 Tricks for Non Rooted Users

So here is the list of the top 4 tricks for this device, and to use and learn these, all you have to do is to follow the small description provided with each trick, and you’ll be a true Redmi Note 4 Guru in no time!

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Best Redmi Note 4 Trick: Dual Apps

Since the Redmi Note 4 is running on MIUI, it has quite a lot of unique features, and the one I like the most is Dual Apps. This feature can be really great for those who have multiple social accounts, or just want to run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously, since this device has dual sim support. What this feature does is that it will make a copy of the apps that are already installed on your phone, and both these instances of the app will have different user data. To enable this feature, first head to Settings of your phone and then open the Dual Apps section. In here you’ll see a list of available apps, and in here just turn on the apps that you want to clone!

Best Redmi Note 4 Trick: Record Calls Automatically

There are many instances in our daily life where you are like, “Oh, I wish I had recorded that phone call” and in such scenarios, a feature like this can be very handy. What this feature does is that it will record each and every call placed on your phone, and later save it to your storage. To turn it on, you just need to find the Call Recording option in the settings and turn it on, as simple as that!

Best Redmi Note 4 Trick: Shake to Arrange Icons

We all know that by default there is no app drawer in MIUI, and because of this when you uninstall apps, your home screen can become a lot messy due to empty space between the apps. What if there was a cool way to quickly rearrange these apps? Worry not because you can do exactly that just by shaking your phone, ain’t that magical? And the great thing is that feature is already enabled on Redmi Note 4!

Best Redmi Note 4 Trick: Long Screenshot

Sometimes when we want to share something from our phone’s screen, we are not able to take all the info in one screenshot, and usually, we end up sharing multiple screenshots, which can be very messy. Sure you can go and stick all the screenshots together, but that is very very time consuming, and that’s where Redmi Note 4’s MIUI comes into play. Xiaomi has taken screenshots to the next level by introducing Long Screenshots. To take such screenshots, press and hold power button+volume down and select scroll.

We hope that you liked all these tricks for the Redmi Note 4, and it’ll make your experience using this device a lot better. Also, let us all know what tricks do you know about your Redmi Note 4 down in the comments section. If you liked this post then consider sharing it on social media, and also check out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest tech content!

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