Best Smartwatch of 2016 Below 50$ .

Ulefone GW01 Smartwatch review : Best Budget smartwatch With Android and Ios Support ? 

Planning To buy a smartwatch at affordable rate ? but confused with a lot of option available in the market.So today we are here with a review of the UleFone GW01 Smartwatch .

There are a lot of smartwatches available in the market , And just because of that we cant decide among the options Because  some comes with High price but less features and Some come at low cost and extra features but with bad quality . So Just to solve the doubt and help you in buying the best smartwatch at affordable cost we are here with the review of Ulefone GW01 .  One of the best thing about Ulefone GW01 is that it comes at a price tag of  just $54.99 which is quite cheap and affordable. Ulefone GW01 comes with different color which is Black,Golden,silver.


Review of Best Smartwatch Ulefone GW01


Ulefone GW01 uses a Mediatek chipset and it comes with 54MB RAM and 128 Mb internal memory.


Ulefone GW01 uses a ips display with 240×240 screen resolution and the screen size is 1.3 inch and it also support touch screen.

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Ulefone GW01 uses a  310 mAH polymer battery which is pretty impressive and the charging time of smartwatch is about 3 hours and the battery may last  for at least 5 days.


Ulefone GW01 uses a Bluetooth 4.0 which can be used to control music player,MP3,Mp4,smartphone. Ulefone GW01 is also compatible from android 4.4 version To Android 6.0.


With the help of Ulefone GW01 you can count the step taken by you while walking or running. Ulefone GW01 also calculate the amount of calories burnt by you.


Ulefone GW01 also comes with a featured camera which can be used to take some decent quality Images .


Ulefone GW01 can be used to keep a eye on you smartphone which means if there is a certain amount of distance between the smartwatch and smartphone an alarm will ring and you can have a look where your smartphone is.

Other features of Ulefone GW01 are as follow.

Message Reminder
sleep Monitor
Remote Camera
Notification provider

So As we mentioned earlier that the Ulefone GW01 comes at a price tag of less then 50$ which is the best part . We have seen smatwatches coming at rate of 600$ – 700$ with almost similar features . So For those who are budget concerned and want to get one of the best smartwatches at cheap rate Ulefone GW01 is the best choice and may also come handy for them . 

So this was review of the  Ulefone GW01

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