Reliance Jio Bypass Trick to Remove 1Gb Jio 4G Limit to Unlimited

How to Use Unlimited Free High Speed Jio 4G after 1Gb Use – Jio 1Gb Limit Bypass

Use High speed jio after 1Gb, Bypass 1Gb jio 4g limit: Do you want to Know trick to Use jio 4G fast speed unlimited internet after 1Gb usage ? If yes then you are at right place because today we are here with the Trick to remove 1Gb Limit in Reliance jio.
Reliance jio is one of the most popular topics since 1 year as the company is offering free data to everyone without stopping. First they released jio preview offer in which they gave free unlimited 4G internet to everyone for 3 months after then they launched jio welcome offer in which they again gave free internet for 3 months and after that they again launched Jio new year offer in which they are offering high speed 4G internet data upto 1Gb and after that the speed is reduced to 128Kbps ( Slower than 2G ) . So in this guide we will tell you How to Remove 1Gb Jio 4G usage limit.

How to Remove 1Gb Jio 4G Limti to use Fast Speed Internet

So basically this trick is very simple and even you dont need to do download any other app to Increase the 1Gb Jio 4G internet limit to unlimited. Usually what happens is when you use jio 4G internet you will get high speed data but only upto 1Gb and after that the speed will be automatically reduced to just 128 Kbps which is extremely slow and irritating as well So in this guide we will tell you the Trick to Increase Jio 4G 1Gb internet usage limit .
So Before you remove 1Gb speed limit in reliance jio below are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow :-
  • Make sure you have inserted the sim card in 1st slot.
  • Make sure you have used 1Gb jio data limit.

How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G 1Gb Data Usage Limit to unlimited android

  • First of all Make sure that you have used 1Gb jio data and the limit has exhausted.
  • Now Go to the Phone settings.
  • Now you have to Search for Date & Time settings.
  • Now You will See Set automatically option .
  • Just uncheck that option.
  • Now you have to Manually set the data to 1 day forward for example if today is 18th so set the date to 19th and Just reboot your mobile .
  • Thats All !!!! Now you will see that 1Gb Reliance data is refilled .
  • You can Do the same step again and again to Remove 1Gb jio 4G data Usage limit.
How to Remove 1Gb Jio 4G limit in any android phone :-
How to Bypass 1Gb 4G Limit in Reliance Jio Iphone
  • Just like the android we have to do same in Ios to Remove 1Gb jio 4G limit.
  • So first of all You have to do is go to settings .
  • Now Tap on General Settings.
  • In General Settings you will see Date & Time option .
  • Open that.
  • Now you will see Set Automatically Option, Just tap on that and uncheck that.
  • Now you will get a option to set the Date according to your wish .
  • Now set the date to 1 day forward ,For example if today is 1 set the date to 2 .
  • Now just Reboot your Apple iphone and Enjoy Unlimited Jio 4G internet for free.
Here is the Video On How to Remove 1Gb jio 4G usage Limit in iphone :-
There is a alternate method also . After jio limited the unlimited internet usage to 1Gb many users were disappointed So jio secretly announced one more offer in which users can use unlimited High speed internet data from 2Am to 3Am without any speed capping so for the users who want to use high speed jio 4g speed data without any limit can use data from 2Am to 3am, and surprisingly you will get much more speeds from 2am – 5am compared to day time.
So this was our guide on How to Remove Jio 4G unlimited internet usage limit i hope this trick helped you to bypass the 1Gb jio 4G data limit in Android and Iphone.

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