Can You Get Refund from OnlyFans After Cancelling Subscription?

Can You Get Refund from OnlyFans After Cancelling Subscription?: Are you thinking of canceling your OnlyFans subscription but unsure if a refund is possible? You’re not alone; with the platform’s growing popularity, many users are asking about their options for getting money back after canceling. In this blog post, we’ll investigate if refunds are possible and provide guidance on how to ensure a smooth cancellation process. So let’s get started!

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service founded in 2016 by Timothy Stokely in London, United Kingdom. On this platform, creators can post multimedia posts such as photos, videos, and live streams behind a paywall for subscribers’ enjoyment. While it’s primarily known for its adult content, OnlyFans also hosts other creators like fitness trainers, musicians, public figures, and artists.

OnlyFans operates on a subscription-based model, where users pay an annual fee to access creator-exclusive content. Creators retain full control over their work and set their subscription fees – with OnlyFans taking between 20-30% commission from earnings. As such, the platform has seen tremendous growth recently – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering content creators the chance to monetize their efforts while building meaningful connections with their fans.

OnlyFans has become well-known for its adult content, but the platform is not limited to this niche. Creators from various fields use the platform to monetize their work. Nonetheless, due to its association with such material, parents should be aware of the platform and monitor their children’s online activity closely.

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Can You Get Refund from OnlyFans After Cancelling Subscription?

OnlyFans has a strict no-refund policy for digital content and monthly subscriptions. However, there are exceptions to this rule; if you cancel within 24 hours of signing up, the full cost may be refunded in full. Moreover, if a creator blocks you on OnlyFans, you will receive a refund for any active subscription that was purchased.

If you wish to cancel your subscription and request a refund from OnlyFans, it is recommended that you carefully read their refund policy. Some users have reported success with chargebacks through their banks; however, doing so could potentially get you kicked off the platform. Alternatively, third-party services claim they can assist with canceling subscriptions and getting refunds from OnlyFans; however it’s important to exercise caution when using such services.

Overall, although it may be challenging to obtain a refund from OnlyFans after canceling your subscription, it is highly recommended that you carefully review their refund policy and consider any potential exceptions or alternatives before requesting one.

How to cancel Only Fans subscription?

If you’re looking to cancel your OnlyFans subscription, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to remember that OnlyFans is a subscription-based service. That means that once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to the content that you paid for.

There are a few steps you can take in order to cancel your OnlyFans subscription:

  • Log into your OnlyFans account by going to the OnlyFans website; there is no app available for this purpose.
  • To unsubscribe from a creator, navigate to their page or locate their account in order to do so.
  • To turn off auto-renew, click either the switch/toggle or select the Auto-Renew checkbox and toggle accordingly.
  • You may also contact [email protected] and request that they unsubscribe you on your behalf.
  • OnlyFans rarely issues refunds for subscription cancellations, so be sure to consider this before subscribing and then cancelling.

Another alternative is using DoNotPay as a subscription management service, such as canceling your OnlyFans subscription. This could help manage all of your subscriptions more effectively.

How to get a refund For OnlyFans Subscription?

If you wish to cancel your OnlyFans subscription, there are a few ways you can do so:

  1. Reach Out to OnlyFans Customer Support. Their dedicated customer service team are available to assist with any problems you may be having, however some users have reported difficulties getting a response from OnlyFans support.
  2. File a complaint for overcharging or claim fraud. If you were charged twice for the same thing or were billed for something you didn’t purchase, OnlyFans can investigate and take appropriate action; however, in order to do so you will need to provide evidence supporting your assertions.
  3. Reach Out to the Content Creator Directly. If you have canceled your subscription and would like a refund, your initial step should be to contact the creator directly. If the issue is related to their content, they may be able to assist.
  4. Do a Chargeback Through Your Bank: If OnlyFans does not honor your reasonable refund request, you can file a chargeback through your bank. However, note that this may lead to removal from the platform.
  5. Add a banking account if the payment was made with one: To confirm that OnlyFans has provided reimbursement, go to the Payments page (located in your credentials section) and confirm with that banking account whether it has already been added.

What if you can’t get a refund for Onlyfans Subscription?

OnlyFans does not provide refunds for monthly subscriptions or purchases of digital content due to its strict no refund policy. However, in certain circumstances such as double charging and fraud, OnlyFans may consider refund requests.

If you are a content creator in the US, earnings must be transferred to your bank account as OnlyFans does not currently support PayPal. On the other hand, those living outside of America can receive payouts through any compatible e-wallet other than PayPal.

Some users on Reddit have recommended initiating a chargeback through your bank in cases where OnlyFans fails to honor reasonable refund requests.

If a fan requests a refund for their subscription, they should contact OnlyFans support and the support team will review the case and decide whether or not to issue one. Nonetheless, if an user attempts to chargeback or dispute from their credit card company, their access to OnlyFans may be terminated.

In conclusion, Although OnlyFans has a strict no refund policy, they do consider refund requests in certain circumstances. Users may reach out to OnlyFans support or attempt a chargeback through their bank; however, please be aware that doing so may result in the discontinuation of their access to OnlyFans services.

Contacting the OnlyFans customer support team

If you need to get in touch with OnlyFans customer support about a refund, there are several ways. Raising a ticket, sending an email to [email protected], or reaching out via Twitter are the primary methods. It should be noted that responses typically take 1-3 business days; when reaching out it is essential to provide evidence of errors or documents supporting your refund request.

When reaching out to customer support, it is essential to include as much detail about the issue, the subject line of your inquiry and any attachments (if applicable). OnlyFans offers six ways to contact their team: filling out a contact form, creating a ticket through your account on OnlyFans or reaching out via Twitter.

If you experience any difficulties with your OnlyFans Merch Store orders, you can reach customer support via email at [email protected] Please be aware that OnlyFans Merch Store customer service is only accessible Monday through Friday.


Finally, getting a refund from OnlyFans after canceling your subscription is possible, but it depends on their Refund Policy. Please be aware that this policy can change at any time and refunds may not be guaranteed for all users. If you would like further information regarding the process of requesting a refund, be sure to reach out directly to customer service for further guidance.

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