How to Change Team In Pokemon Go Trick .

How to change Your Team colour In Pokemon Go android and Ios .

Do you want to change Your pokemon go teams and want to know the Trick to change team in Pokemon go for android and Ios ? If yes then you are at right place . Today we are here with the Guide in which we will tell you How to request for a team change in pokemon go . Some days ago it was not possible to Change team in Pokemon go game but now the company has enabled a way with which you can change your pokemon go team from Red Team, Blue team and yellow team color
Pokemon go is a virtual reality game for android and ios platform , The main concept of the game is to walk and catch pokemon using pokeballs , The game also contains Gym and pokestops , And to claim Gym you have to select a team between Yellow team , red team or Blue team . After selecting the team there is no option to change the team in the app itself but today we are here with the guide in which we will tell you the way to change Pokemon Go team officially .

How to Change Your team in pokemon go After 1 time Selection . 

For the users who haven’t selected any team up to now can simply go near any gym and as soon as they see a gym just tap on the icon and then select the Team of your choice and for those who have already selected the team and want to change now can follow the below guide to Change team in pokemon go after selecting for one time . Before going to the guide make sure you follow all the points mentioned below :- 
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of pokemon go .
  • Make sure you have Already selected a team .
  • Make sure Device is Connected to internet .
  • Make sure you are near to any gym because team change in pokemon go needs a Gym nearby .
  • Make Sure you are above level 8 .

How to Change Teams in Pokemon Go . 

  • First of all Connect your smartphone to Internet .
  • Now open the Pokemon Go app .
  • Now after opening you will see a Pokeball icon in centre just tap on that .
  • Now After opening you will see a Settings option just open that .
  • In settings you will see a option ” Help Center ” Just open that . 
  • Now as soon as you Tap on Help center you will see options like below . 
  • Now Fill each and everything carefully and mention the Name and colour of the team you want to Change .
  • After Doing that just reboot your smartphone . 
  • And that’s all You have successfully Changed Team in Pokemon Go in android and apple iphone .
So this was our guide on How to Change Teams in Pokemon go Easily .

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