Change Voice in PUBG Mobile {Funny Voice for Pubg Mobile}

How to Change Voice in Pubg Mobile

So do you want to Know the Way to Change Voice in PUBG Mobile? If yes then you are at Right Place. Today we are here with the Guide to Change PUBG mobile Voice chat and Commands. PUBG is one of the Most Popular games for Android and IOS users. According to Reports PUBG mobile has more then 50 Million Daily Active users excluding China, And not only this But Game also Surpassed Daily Active users on Fortnite.

Now Coming to the Main trick to Change Voice in PUBG mobile, So you might have heard about Changing voice in Pubg Mobile or you might have seen many players using PUBG Voice chat command but with Different Voice. So Yeah Even You can Do that now by Following this Guide in which We will show you the Way to Speak Pubg Voice commands in Different Voice and Language.

So Most of you Might Think that Changing Voice in PUBG is a trick and you have to use App to Change Voice in PUBG Mobile,But the Answer is no. There is No such App to Change Voice in PUBG mobile for Android and IOS. All You need to Do is just change a Little bit settings in the Game Data and you can Make Funny voice in Pubg Mobile Easily. So Without Wasting Much Time lets start the Guide to Change Voice in Pubg Mobile.

App to Change PUBG Mobile Voice

So As we mentioned already that there is no Such App to change voice in Pubg Mobile, But still there is a Way with which you can Get Child Voice in Pubg Mobile, But Before we start the Guide there are some Points and Things to remember.

Things to remember before we Start the Process

  • Make sure you are Using PUBG Mobile Version Only Because this Method will not work with the PC version
  • Make sure you make a reboot of the device so that the Game Doesn’t run in Background, Because if Game will run in Background this Method Won’t work properly.
  • Make Sure there is More then 60% battery in Your Android Phone
  • Make sure there is Active internet Connection in Your Android Phone to Download the Voice Changing File and Some Apps which will help in this Process.

Trick to Change PUBG Mobile Voice Chats

  • First of all Make sure you have Red all the things Given in the Things to Remember Section
  • Now Download PUBG Voice changing File from Here
  • After that Go to Playstore and Download Zarchiver app
  • Now Open the Zarchiver app and Navigate Towards Download
  • Now in Download You will See Active.sav File which you have to Copy.
  • After copying Select Device memory from the Above tab
  • Now Navigate to Android>Data> Files> Now Look for com.tencent.ig
  • Now Open Tencent.ig and then open Files>UE4GAME>Shadowtrackerextra>Shadowtrackerextra>Saved>Savegames> Now paste the File there
  • Now Just Save and Open your Pubg mobile
  • Now After Opening PUBG Mobile Head over to Inventory and then See if Voice Commands are Still there or Not, if they are available then it means you have succesfully completed All The steps.

  • So this is How you can Succesfully change the Voice in Pubg Mobile.
  • Also We If you Still Didn’t understand you can Follow the Video tutorial for easy Access.

How it Works?

So basically You might Know that there are Several versions of PUBG mobile which includes Japanese Version, Chinese version and All other Countries. Now In India the primary language for Playing Voice chat commands is english But when you follow this Guide it changes to Japanese version which is very funny To hear.

Basically the concept behind this guide is that it changes the default voice to some other language and when we hear the voice we find it very funny. Usually the language is set to English by default but when you use this guide you change the language and it sounds very funny to everyone which is good.

Many users play Pubg mobile and they Also love playing this game, Now what thing everyone wants is that they want funny voice in the pubgm and when you follow this guide you can just use different voice in Pubg mobile. This is working very fine in the Pubg Mobile season 12 as well so users which were facing issue in the latest update can now try the Guide.

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So this was all about How to Change Voice in Pubg Mobile, We hope you were able to change Voice chat in Pubg Mobile. Still if you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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