Character Tier List of Brown Dust 2 for March 2023

Character Tier List of Brown Dust 2 for March 2023:Brown Dust 2 is a mobile tactical role-playing game released in June 2021 that has been praised for its depth and strategic elements, enabling multiple strategies to succeed. With more than 160 characters available, players must decide which characters they should use when building an effective team. To aid with the decision-making process, we have compiled the latest Brown Dust 2 tier list for March 2023 – ranking all characters according to their usefulness in battle. Keep reading to discover which characters are considered top-tier, mid-tier, and bottom tier this month!

Characters in the game can be divided into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B).

Characters such as Alec and Angelica are considered the best attackers in the game and play an essential role.

Defenders such as Ludia, Seir, Ledakrad, Mamonir, Aaron, Lucius, Arkan, Lecliss, Granhildr and Zenith are considered ideal for protecting other members of the team and possess healing abilities which make them invaluable assets in battle.

Character Tier List of Brown Dust 2

Brown Dust 2 is an action RPG created by NEOWIZ that offers a console-like adventure in 2D graphics. The game consists of nine characters with various stats and playstyle options. A tier list ranks all characters from best to worst, helping players decide which characters they should use at different stages in the game.

At present, Brown Dust 2 does not feature any S-tier or A-tier characters. However, some of the main characters in Group B include Beatrice and Carson.

S-Tier Characters

S-Tier Characters


As we begin a brand-new year, here is an update on the Brown Dust character tier list! At the top are Grimnir, Destina, Vivian, Cidd and Luluca who are essential characters for anyone wanting to climb the ladder and compete at the highest levels of play. Each character boasts impressive kit designs that set them apart from others while each offering something special that can be utilized in various team compositions. If you want to build an effective team in Brown Dust, these should be your top targets!

A-Tier Characters

A-Tier Characters

1. Cleo
2. Siena
3. Leone
4. Mirianna
5. Mercure
6. Nyx
7. Ignacia
8. Rashil
9. Rupie
10. Orsem

B-Tier Characters

Characters in Brown Dust are many, but some stand out above the rest. Here is our selection of B-Tier characters as of March:

-Annette: Annette is an excellent all-arounder with high DPS and strong support abilities, particularly against magic users. She possesses excellent armor protection as well.

-Carmelina: Carmelina is an outstanding all-arounder with high DPS and excellent support abilities. She especially excels against physical attackers.

-Iris: Iris is an adept mage with impressive single target damage and strong crowd control skillset.

-Vivian: Vivian is an impressive support character with excellent healing and defensive powers.

C-Tier Characters

C-Tier Characters
These characters may have potential in the future, but for now they lack sufficient value to warrant investment. While some may have potential, others are far superior.

This tier consists of:
Elena, Astesia, Dio, Alencia Annette Mahatma Rima

D-Tier Characters

Brown Dust’s D-Tier Characters for March are:

Fiona: A support character with low base stats. She is, however, one of the only characters in the game with the unique ability to heal and buff allies.

Doris: A tank character with high HP but low damage output. She excels at drawing enemy fire and protecting weaker allies.

-Gustave: A melee attacker with high damage but low defense. He should be used as a glass cannon to take down enemies quickly.



We hope this character tier list for Brown Dust 2 has been beneficial to you in building the ideal team. Knowing which characters are strong and valuable can save time and money when assembling your dream squad. Stay informed on upcoming events and updates so that you stay ahead of competitors! Best of luck with building your squad, warriors!

It’s essential to keep in mind that the tier list may change depending on which characters are available in the game or with future updates.

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