Coin Master tricks and Tips 2022

Best Coin Master Tricks 2022

Best Coin master tricks 2022 are here, In this guide, we will be sharing some of the best tricks of the Coin master game, if you use them while playing the game you can attain a very high ranking in the game. The more good your village is the more your raking will be pushed up, But Do you think that you can Play Coin master without tricks? Our answer is no. There is no Game in this world that doesn’t have tips or tricks. So just like that today in this guide, we will be sharing the best tricks of coin master in 2022.

How to send more than 5 cards per day trick

If you ask us is there any Way to Send more than 5 cards per day in coin master, So yes nothing is impossible. All you need to do is just follow this guide and in this section, we will show you the best tricks of coin master. So to Start with the Very First way is you have to change the date of your Phone to 1 day later, that means if it 26th April today, You have to just shift it to 27th April, Doing this will enable you to send more than 5 cards per day in coin master game.

Coming to the 2nd way so it is also very easy, As All you need to do is just Uninstall the game from your smartphone and download it again from your Playstore account. Doing this will clear all the data stored by the game and you will be able to Send more than 5 cards in 1 day in the Coin master game. This trick will work as much as time you want but still, we will suggest you to use it only once or twice to be on the safer side.

Two-finger trick for getting last treasure in hole

If you understand this then it’s fine, But if not then let me tell you the real meaning of this term, So basically what happens is that when You plan to Raid any village you get a maximum of 2 treasures in 3 chests, but when you follow the Two-finger trick for getting Last treasure in the hole all you need to do is Apply this easy trick. In this Trick you have to do is just open the first 2 treasures normally and when you head over to the 3rd hole for getting treasure you have to Place your finger on the old two holes and then tap on 3rd hole, Doing this will increase the chances of getting a treasure in the third or the last Hole.

Get free spins in Coin Master

This trick to Get Free spins in coin master is my favorite trick, Usually, the Coin master gives around 5 spins every hour to the players who play the game, And in the Whole day, the total limit of Free spins is around 50 Spins per day. But there are many players out there who want more spins, So if you also want more spins you can get them from this link and you can get up to 400 Spins every day. Which can be used to redeem coins and other coin master game rewards easily.

Coin Master trick to Get Unlimited Coins

So Unlimited Coins in Coin master game is a dream come true for everyone, The main Concept and value of this game is Coins and Spins. The more coins you have the faster you can build your village and rank yourself very above other players. So if you ask us how to get unlimited coins in the Coin master game for free so the first and the easiest way is by using the coin master 400 spins link which will help you to get more coins in just one go.

Keep your pet active

If you want to get a Detailed guide about coin master pets then comment below, Pets are the most underrated assets in the game However if you keep your pet active while raiding or playing the game you can maximize your rewards up to 90% more. There are three pets in the game coin master and they are named Foxy, tiger, and rhyno. If you want to get maximum coins while playing the game then always go with Foxy while raiding because it can get you around 10 billion coins in just 1 raid.

Buy chests in every village to Get Rare cards

Rare cards and golden cards are some of the most demanded items in the game, If you get a rare card you can get upto billions of coins, Many spins, and a lot of items that you can use while building your village. So the best way to increase possibility of getting maximum Golden and rare cards is by buying chests in every village. One village may cost you anywhere between 1 billion to 1.5 billion but if you get a rare card then all this investment is very useful as you may get all the coins in 1 to go easily.

The trick to Become a VIP player In Coin Master

There are basically two types of player in this game, Out of which one is the simple player and the other one is called as VIP player, if you ask us the trick to become VIP player in coin master so to be very frank there is no such trick with which you become a vip player in the game, and it is also true that the invitations are sent from game It side. To maximize your chances of becoming vip player in the game make sure you reach a great level and you play the game with fair tactics.

So these were the best tricks of coin master game, We hope this Guide helped you to be a pro player in the coin master game. Incase if you have any doubt feel free to write it down in the comments section below. We will Solve your Query as soon as possible.

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