How to Create Whatsapp Account With Fake Number 2020

Use Whatsapp With Fake Number

Create Whatsapp Account with Fake number in 2020? If yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide to Use whatsapp With fake number. Whatsapp is one of the most used Social messaging app worldwide. Now it happens many times when users want to Use whatsapp with virtual number but they are not able to use because they don’t know the trick to use whatsapp without real number.

There are many reasons why users want to Get Virtual number for whatsapp 2020, And the main reason is that either they want to do prank with their friends or they want to keep their identity private. So as we promised earlier that in this Guide we will show you the easiest way to Use whatsapp with fake number so make sure that you read this Guide till the end.

If you already use whatsapp You might know that you need a Number to register yourself in the whatsapp app and then only you will be able to send and receive messages, registering on whatsapp is not so difficult but to use whatsapp with Fake number is a work which needs mind and genuine Guide.

Use whatsapp with fake number
Use whatsapp with fake number

Create Whatsapp With Fake Number

So to Create Whatsappp Account with Virtual number you obviously need a Virtual number and to get that you need to Download app. So To proceed with the method to Create whatsapp profile with fake number you need to follow this guide till the end. Also before you start reading this guide, Just make sure that you responsibly follow all the Given steps and use the number responsibly.

Create Whatsapp Account With Virtual Number

  • First of all Download any Virtual Phone number app from Playstore ( We Recommend Using text now)
  • Now Complete the Registration process in the app itself
  • Now you Have to Download Whatsapp From Playstore
  • Now Go to text Now app and Copy your Virtual phone number
Create Whatsapp With Virtual Number
Create Whatsapp With Virtual Number
  • Number will be Provided on the top of Screen, Just tap on That and Copy
  • Now open your Whatsapp app and Paste the Number you copied earlier
  • Now Tap on Send Verification Code, You will Receive Code in the Text Now app
  • Just open the app and You will see the Code ” Your Whatsapp Verification Code is”
Make Whatsapp Account With Fake Number
Make Whatsapp Account With Fake Number
  • Just enter the Code in Whatsapp App and Tap on Verify.
  • Now Complete the Registration process in Whatsapp As well
Create Fake whatsapp Account
Create Fake whatsapp Account
  • Thats all , Now you can Start using Your Whatsapp Account with Virtual number for free
  • Below is the Given Screenshot of whatsapp Account with Virtual number
Whatsapp Business Account
Whatsapp Business Account

By using this trick to Create fake whatsapp account in 2020 works very well, Not only you can Text anyone using random number but you can also call using your virtual number for whatsapp account. This trick works most of the time and if bychance you face any problem in creating whatsapp account using fake number you can always check the updated section of Our guide.

Create Whatsapp With Virtual Number in Android

All the Android users can Follow all the steps given below, Basically the app which we discussed in the How to section is specially build for android users. So if you are a android user you can follow this Guide without any problem.

Create Whatsapp With Virtual Number in IOS Apple

If you want to Create fake whatsapp account in Apple iphone IOS then you can do the same android users did, All you need to do is just download the whatsapp App in your iPhone and then you have to enter the number which you got in Your android phone.

There are many guides available on internet to Make whatsapp account with Virtual number but most of them are now outdated and to create them you need a lot time,But at rootupdate we have created the most easiest guide with which many users have already created Fake whatsapp account. you can Also use this guide on whatsapp on web because its just a online version of the whatsapp

The best thing About this guide is that The registration process is much easier Compared to Other guides available on internet, You can Get Virtual number for whatsapp even if you don’t have your phone number because this guide works with facebook account as well.

Once you are done with the Virtual whatsapp account process you can Enjoy setting up your profile in no time and after that you can send and receive messages on Your Fake whatsapp account for free. Yes we all know that Whatsapp is a free platform to send and Receive messages but to get Virtual number you have to carefully Follow our guide.

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So this was all, This is how you can easily Get Fake number for whatsapp account. As we already said you that Please make sure that you use this Trick responsibly. This is one of the most easiest methods of 2020 to Create Whatsapp Account using Virtual number.

Anyways, If you have any doubt You Can Always write down in the comments section below. This is all For today hope our guide helped you.

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