Facetime for Android Install and Use On your Phone

Facetime On Android How to Install and Use Facetime

Facetime for Android is one of the biggest questions of Android Users right now. Android facetime app for Android users will never be released because the app works only on IOS Apple iPhone, But in this guide today we will show you Best Alternatives to Android facetime app.

Android is one of the most used operating systems in the whole world at least in the smartphone industry, however there are still many things that are missing in Android that are iOS exclusive like iMessage, Garage band, or anything else and one of the most popular apps that is available only for iOS has to be Facetime. Facetime is an iOS only app that will never come to Android in the future, or will it? Well, today we are here to tell you how you can install and use Facetime for Android easily.

While for some, Android Facetime is still a dream, we are here with a method using which you enjoy Facetime on Android which will allow you to talk face to face with all of your friends right from Android device without even buying an Apple device. Android Facetime will be shown in this post later on via an alternate app method as the official Apple Facetime will never be released on Android due to exclusivity for iOS Devices.

Today in this post regarding Facetime on Android, we will show you how you can install Facetime on any Android device easily right at your home, and to make this possible we will be taking you through things like the files required for Facetime Android along with their respective download link, the detailed step by step guide on how you can install Facetime on Android as well as the prerequisites, that is, the things that you have to do before starting the process of installation of Android Facetime.

Facetime Android App What is It

By now many of you Android users might be wondering that what is Facetime, why is it better than any other video calling app, and how is Facetime for Android is possible? Well, worry not cause we are going to explain each of these things regarding Facetime on Android to you one by one.

Alright so first of all, Apple Facetime is an iOS only application that allows its users to video call your friends and family very efficiently. This means that your video calls will be of a very high quality without using much of your internet bandwidth. Not only that, the interface of the Facetime app is really good as you will also enjoy in the Facetime Android that will be installing on your Android device later on this video.

Apart from that Facetime for Android is very easy to use and highly responsive. If you also install Android Facetime on your Android device, you will be able to enjoy all these exclusive features of Facetime right on your Android device without shelling out hundreds of dollars to get an iPhone. Facetime Android will also provide you other features like good video quality, nice audio quality, and other things that were used to be exclusive to iOS, but no more as today we are here to show you how you can install Facetime on Android easily.

While the Apple Facetime app is only available on some specific iOS Versions and countries, Facetime for Android can be used on any Android version no matter in which country you are living in. Not only that but the Android Facetime will perform equally good no matter what Android device you have. Facetime for Android is also updated frequently so that your experience is uniformly good and you do not have to face any problems in the Facetime Android.

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How is Facetime for Android possible

As now you are wondering that how can somebody even get Facetime working on Android? Well, the answer to that is that Facetime for Android is not actually released by Apple, rather the Android Facetime is an equally good alternative to the original Apple Facetime. This alternate app for Facetime on Android will perform equally good and even better in some aspects as it is developed by someone else.

And the answer to the Facetime for Android is that we will be using an app called Google Duo that you can download from the play store. This is the best alternative for Facetime on Android as Google Duo is currently the highest rated Video calling app on Android and beats any other Android Facetime alternative available on Android via the Google Play Store.

While Google Duo will not provide you an equally good Facetime experience on Android like good integration within the iOS operating system, you will surely get almost the same video calling experience as you can expect from any Facetime for Android alternative.

Some major features of the Facetime for Android devices, that is, the Google Duo app include high video quality even on lower internet speeds, great audio within the video call, regular updates from Google itself, a very responsive and good looking user interface via a well planned material design. And with over 100 million downloads right from the Google Play store itself, Google Duo is possibly the best alternative to Facetime on Android that you can ever find and it clearly beats any other video calling app on Android like Skype or WhatsApp. If you are interested in installing Facetime on your Android device, Google Duo is the app just for you.

Facetime for Android which is made possible by Google Duo is the best Video calling experience that you can ever get on any Android as not only it is developed by Google, but apart from that since this app has over 100 million downloads, most of your friends will be already using the Google Duo making it an even better Android Facetime Experience. And with regular updates, Google Duo might become even better than the original Facetime by Apple.

Android Facetime App Prerequisites before you Install

Okay, so before we go further on installing Facetime on Android devices we need to do some very important things first as we will see now in this article. Starting off with the most important thing for Facetime for Android is having a good unlimited internet connection as we will be doing a voice chat which uses the download and upload speed at the same time. If you have a good speed unlimited internet then you are most welcome to proceed further in this guide for installing Facetime Android.

After that to enjoy Android Facetime you need to install the latest version of Google Duo on your Android device by either searching for it on the Google Play Store and download it on your Android device yourself manually.

Now since that is done the last thing we need to do for using Android Facetime is to open Google Duo app and in that give the Duo app all the permissions it requires like Camera, Audio, Contact or anything else which is required for enjoying Facetime on Android devices easily. Without all these important permissions your Google Duo will not be able to place any video calls at all so make sure to allow these for the best Facetime Android experience.

Once you have done all these things you can proceed further to start using Facetime on Android without any problems, but even if you have not completed even one of these things, please do that otherwise this quick and short tutorial will not be possible on your Android device as you have not followed each and every step given in this tutorial.

How to use Facetime for Android Devices

  • First of all, go and open your Google Duo app so that you can start using Facetime on Android. When you will open the Google Duo app for the first time it will ask for some important and required permissions that are needed to be allowed to the app so that it can start working right away. Apart from that, you will also need to sign in the Google Duo app with your Google Account so that you can place video calls and enjoy Android Facetime experience easily.
  • Now as you have completed the initial setup of the Google Duo app, you can use Facetime on your Android device by searching for contacts inside Google Duo. And if your friends are on Google Duo, their name will show up and you can call them right away, if not make sure to ask them to install Google Duo on their device as well to enjoy Facetime Android experience.

This can be used for allmost any android phone that comes with Android software installed, Apple iphone already comes with facetime pre-installed but in this guide we have shown you for android also.

We hope that you were able to successfully Install Facetime on Android and liked the experience of Android Facetime via the Google Duo app. Also, let us know what is your favorite feature of the Facetime for Android app, that is, Google Duo that is now installed on your Android Device. If you liked this post share it on social media and consider checking out our other blog posts to stay updated with the latest Tech Content!

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