[Solved] How to Fix Prisma is Over Capacity Issue .

Steps to Fix Prisma Is Over Capacity issue in Android .

Step By Step guide to Fix Prisma is over capacity issue while editing photos . Prisma is undoubtedly one of the best photo editing apps for android smartphone and within 1 week of the launch the app became popular among everyone , And probably thats the reason that their server got Overloaded and users are facing Overcapacity issue in Prisma app . So today we are here with the guide on How to Solve Prisma is over capacity error
Prisma is a photo editing app which comes with many filters that makes the pic cool , But The biggest drawback of the app is that it doesnt work offline and all the pics you want to edit are first uploaded on their server and then you get a edited pic . Now when many users try to Edit the pic at the same time the Prisma App Shows Over capacity error . So today in this guide we will tell you How to Edit pic in Prisma app without Overcapacity issue

Prisma is Over capacity Solution .

As we told you earlier that the error ” There are too many people using Prisma right now. Please wait a moment and try again ”  in prisma app comes due to Many people using the app at same time . However sometimes it may also happen due to many other factors so Lets us fix Prisma overcapacity issue in android .

How to solve Prisma Is Over capacity error :- 
  • Step 1. Make sure Your Device have proper internet Connection .
  • Step 2 . Make sure You are using a Faster internet connection , 3G/4G/WIFI is recommended .
  • Step 3. Check the Size of Image you are trying to edit in Prisma and if it is more then 3 Mb then Reduce the size of the image and then try again . 
  • Step 4 . Now make a reboot of your android device .
  • Step 5. After rebooting Again open the app . 
  • Step 6. Now select the image you want Prisma to edit . 
That’s all !!! You will see that now you can easily edit images in Prisma without prisma is Over capacity issue . 
After using above steps Your error will be solved , And for the users who are still facing the issue can try the below Method .

Solve Prisma is Over capacity Problem in android phone . 

  • First of all Reboot your smartphone .
  • Now head over to settings .
  • Now open App settings . 
  • Now search for Prisma .
  • Now open app .
  • Now You will see Many options .
  • Choose Clear data.
  • Then Clear cache .
  • And Then choose Force stop .
  • Now again go back to the homepage and Reboot your smartphone .
  • After rebooting Open the app . 
That’s all !!! After doing all the above steps you will be able to solve Prisma is over capacity issue in android smartphone .

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