GeoGuessr Free – 12 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives

GeoGuessr Free

You are a geography enthusiast. Or at least you’re intrigued by learning new locations, we have listed down some geoguessr free alternatives which you can try!

Perhaps you have visited a few cities while on a business trip, or maybe you found yourself down the road from a historical site.

Whatever inspires your curiosity, there has to be one app like geoguessr that appeals to your tastes. And if there isn’t, why not create it!

That’s where we come in with this collection of applications like Geoguessr, which will give you a genuine experience without the hassle of traveling.

What is Geoguessr?

GeoGuessr is a platform that lets you guess where you are on Google Maps without spending time looking for landmarks. It provides an automated navigational experience that is fun and easy to use with professional quality results.

The game uses a map of the World with landmarks and geographic features to test your geography knowledge to the fullest. It is fun and easy to use – type in the name of a country or city and see if you can guess its location!

It is often used by students who need help with homework assignments to find out where something is located.

GeoGuessr was released on nine may 2013 and downloaded more than 1 million times on the Google Play Store.

It has received widespread success and often tops the list of most played games. It’s a basic yet exciting game that tests your knowledge of geography, where you have to guess which country is being shown on the screen based on different clues.

Whether you are bored of GeoGuessr or want to switch from the premium version to a free version, this article will help you find the best geography-based trivia apps that are just as fun.

In this post, we were busy listing free GeoGuessr alternatives that can be played on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. All designed to make your guesses guessing the location by yourself more fun and exciting!.

Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives

1. Seterra

Best Free GeoGuessr alternatives
Best Free GeoGuessr alternatives

Seterra is among the best free GeoGuessr options alternatives for users of uncommon languages in 2021. It is a fun way to learn about different countries, geography, and the World.

The purpose of Seterra is to familiarize you with different countries, continents, and landmarks. The game has a wide range of quizzes and mini-games, each with simple instructions to lead you through the learning process.

Nine different game modes challenge you in other ways, so you never feel bored playing it. Show all, learn, many, selection, pins, pin hard, write, type easy, and type with auto-complete are among Seterra’s nine-game modes.

If you love geography, you’ll have fun playing Seterra Online. The game is an online, single-player, or multiplayer geography game that challenges players to learn the names of capitals and significant places worldwide.

Seterra Online includes a ‘voice’ tool that assists you in learning how to pronounce the names of nations, cities, and locations correctly. The game consists of over 400 maps in 40 languages, including relatively obscure ones.

Seterra offers a social platform where you can share your favorite country, the capital city, flag, river, lake, or notable geologic with friends. It also includes fun games to help you test your knowledge and get to know the World better.

Seterra is a quiz-sharing platform that allows players to create and share custom quizzes with friends, family members, or students.

Below is the Pricing:

  • Membership Level 1 – $1 per month
  • Membership Level 2 – $5 per month
  • Membership Level 3 – $10 per month

It’s a free download that you may get on your iOS or Android device. It has many features, including adding pictures to questions and playing music. At the same time, the quizzes are being taken or adding voice recordings giving users an easy way to access their software programs on the go.

2. Geotastic

Geoguessr Free Alternatives
Geoguessr Free Alternatives

One of the most intriguing GeoGuessr alternatives is Geotastic. Geotastic is a free geo-location trivia game that lets users compete with other players without traveling around the World.

This is a versatile, free, multiplayer geography trivia game that lets you explore the World and play fun games while you’re at it.

It is an app that lets the users choose from among different Game modes, including random street views, famous landmarks, and a flag guessing mode.

The best way to enjoy Geotastic is to play the game with friends or family. You can also challenge other people in Geotastic for the highest score.

With more than 12 million players worldwide, Geotastic has become one of the most popular mobile games. It offers a gamified version of what we do in our everyday lives -While gaining points and unlocking some exciting features; you’ll be exploring new locales, meeting new people, and learning new things.

The Geotactic browser-based map maker is free to play but requires an account. You can create a game or join an online lobby, although the latter only needs you to make it, not join it.
All you need to do is guess the location of a place by clicking on it. The game’s interface looks like an app with an orange box and blue background shown on a white screen.

The only difference between this and other GeoGuessr games is that Geotastic has multiple levels to make it more challenging for users.

3. City Guesser –Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative

Guess City Games
Guess City Games

City Guesser is a free alternative to GeoGuessr, another browser game that’s quite similar to(seriously, they look identical)it. But, unlike GeoGuessr, City Guesser uses video – rather than the Google Maps API – to do so.

City Guesser is a fun and free mobile app that competes against other players worldwide that uses your phone’s GPS location to guess the location of a city.

This is necessary for anyone relocating and needing to know the name of their current area and anyone who likes playing games with their family and friends.

City Guesser is a simple browser-based video game that takes you worldwide in an exciting quiz show style challenge.

City Guesser’s easy-to-use app provides you with clues about cities and current travel destinations, as well as photos of these places. You can use this game to have fun while learning new things.

It gives you the best travel recommendations for where you should go next. It helps you find out which places have the most things to offer and the best times to visit these places based on your personal preferences.

The map comprises two categories: major cities and busy places. The active areas include various tourist attractions and local food, culture, and nightlife spots and find you a city within a country, continent, or region.

This software works on both iPhones and Ipads devices that help you explore the natural World while traveling or exploring.

4. PlayGeography – GeoGuessr Free Alternative


PlayGeography is a new twist on the popular game GeoGuessr. It is a fun and educational geography game for all ages.

It follows the same gameplay style as GeoGuessr but allows you to learn about places around the World as you play.

It is the latest geography game from TeachMe and is the most accurate geography game in the app store. It will help you learn more about countries, capitals, and landmarks. This is an educational app that teaches children about their World through gaming.

The game aims to teach kids a fun and engaging experience while also providing insights into the geographical areas they have selected as their “home.”

This game allows players to explore different countries, regions, and cities in the World without ever having to leave their homes.

PlayGeography is an online quiz game that lets you guess the location of the World’s major cities. You are given a map and an image of a town taken from Google Maps or OpenStreetMap in the game. You have to type in the name of the city, state, country, and its flag. The location is displayed above your answer on the screen, and you can then move on to the next question.

You can choose from 4 different map types: Map, Political, Satellite, and Physical. In addition to assuming the name of the city/country/state, you can also try to guess its flag and its currency symbol.

The site is intended to be a pleasant method for individuals to learn more about geography. Playing geography games will help you increase your knowledge of the world around you.

It allows you to play geography trivia and solve interactive maps. The site has hundreds of different questions that are fun to answer.

The site also has an interactive map, which allows you to drag and drop countries into their correct locations. If you forget where a nation is, click on it to see its name and position on the map.

5. GetLost


GetLost is a simple alternative to GeoGuessr that maps the United States and India.
It is a new street view game inspired by GeoGuessr. In this game, users use their computer screens to identify different locations around the World.

It is a street view game inspired by GeoGuessr. It’s an excellent real-world location recognition game that challenges you to find your way around the World and answer trivia questions. You can play on mobile or tablet.

GetLost is a free puzzle and trivia game that gives you a unique experience. The game comprises five rounds, and scoring depends on how close your guess is to the actual location shown in Street View.

The game is a fast-paced number game. The objective is to guess the word shown in the card of the number of letters equal to the current max score on the board. Your current score is displayed at all times next to the current max score.

The game is simple. You have to guess the location where the photo was taken. You can choose from three options for each location: a mailbox, a city, and a street address. The quantity of points you receive for each proper estimate is based on how near you are to the actual location.

GetLost is similar to GeoGuessr, but you don’t get a multiplayer mode here. However, the single-player gameplay is pretty involved.

The game is available to play for free on their website, but there is also a subscription plan that provides you access to more material, news updates, and other gameplay styles. There are some limitations on the size of gameplay and the number of geographic areas you can access.

6. Zoomtastic


Zoomtastic is one of the best and most interesting GeoGuessr alternatives. The user has to guess the picture’s country through questions.

Zoomtastic helps people learn about countries by providing them with information that can help them answer these questions, such as country flags, their locations, capital cities, and more.

It is an online game available on the web browser and mobile devices. This game is similar to GeoGuessr, but their gameplay is different.

The app gives you the chance to guess the location of various countries worldwide. It’s a fun way to learn about some of the most exciting places and cultures out there, which is why it’s one of our favorite GeoGuessr alternatives.

In Zoomtastic, you’re given a random country in the World. You have 30 seconds to guess the country’s name before it jumps out. If you’re done with 30 seconds and still couldn’t figure it out, zoom out more and more to reveal more details of the country like cities, mountains, oceans, etc.

It is an excellent game if you’re searching for a great playing game on the web. What makes it so unique is that its gameplay is enjoyable, interactive, and engaging. It’s rightly earned its popularity and is the choice of most laptop and desktop gamers out there.

The best Geoguessr alternative you can find is Zoomtastic. It’s a free application for all devices, which means anyone can join in.

7. Ducksters


Ducksters is another top GeoGuessr alternative that we recommend you to try out.

This app, like GeoGuessr free, is one of the most entertaining apps out there. On Android and iPhone, it is also one of the most popular games.

Ducksters is a mobile game where players guess the real-time location is floating around by tapping on the screen.

It is a well-known application that hosts various educational quizzes and games. It has quite a decent number of geography-based examinations, making it one of the best alternative GeoGuessr games.

Ducksters is an entertaining, free GeoGuessr alternative to guessing location based on map images. By playing this game, you will learn helpful information about the World. You will also have a chance to quickly improve your map and geography skills.

It is an awesome Geography-based trivia game that covers all the continents, countries, and US states. You’ll have to figure out which country or state a given thing belongs to. The game is entertaining.

Ducksters is a great site for kids of all ages. Whatever grade your children are in, chances are you’ll find something that is both educational and fun. The website provides activities for young students and games for older children.

Ducksters even has printable puzzles and activities that you can use at home or in the classroom.

At Ducksters, they have geography word searches for a large variety of topics. This includes oceans, lakes, deserts, glaciers, islands, and ecosystems. There is no reason not to learn something new today with this quiz.

Ducksters, like the other GeoGuessr variants, assign points to participants depending on how accurate their guesses are. This site ranks you by the number of correct locations you guess and keeps track of your overall accuracy.

The website is only available on the internet and is not mobile-friendly. If you want to play Ducksters geography games on a computer, you’ll need one.

Ducksters is a platform where you can play exciting geography games for free.

8. Lizardpoint


The Lizardpoint’s quiz platform is an online testing alternative tool to GeoGuessr.that allows users to test their skills in different subjects.

A potential benefit of using quiz platforms like this is providing an instant feedback loop and helping students improve their skills faster.

Lizard Point is a platform that provides various tests and quizzes on a wide range of topics for people. They have over one million registered members and serve more than five million questions every month.

Lizard point has found success with its user base because they offer quizzes on subjects like geography and arts – which are not provided by other apps like QuizUp or Quizlet.
It has some of the best quizzes to learn more about the different countries of Europe (and worldwide).

Lizard Point is a quiz. The name is derived from the logo’s shape, which resembles the head of a lizard.

Its platform is perfect for all sorts of subjects! The goal of Lizard Point was to find a less brutal and more fun way of learning geography that anyone could enjoy.

It is a profitable yet straightforward solution for teachers who want to bring geospatial learning into the classroom. Not only are you able to share your classes and quizzes with students, but you can also even provide them with digital formative and summative assessments that can be downloaded as PDFs. Best of all, LizardPoint keeps track of each student’s progress using their personalized quiz tracker.

It is a fun new website that lets you practice guessing countries and states by showing you their detailed map.

GeoGuessr is designed to help kids learn about different countries, regions, capitals, and more. For teachers and schools, Lizard Point is an excellent GeoGuessr alternative. It’s also completely free to use.

9. World Geography Games

World Geography Game
World Geography Game

World Geography Games is perfect for kids and adults who want to test their geography knowledge, as it has strategic levels, fun trivia, and an adventure mode.

It provides enjoyable and instructive quiz games for children, students, adults, and elders interested in learning more about the globe. The quizzes are informative, cover questions about all countries, and are helpful, folks.

It has numerous questions, which gives good practice to the student. Quizzes on nations, continents, cities, flags, mountains, seas, rivers, deserts, volcanoes, islands, and other topics are available. Overall, it has a more extensive selection of game genres than GeoGuessr. It is based on a universal approach to learning that is easy for children from all walks of life.

It is looking for a concept of educational, fun, and innovative games: one game with single or multiple player capability that is easy to implement and easy to minimize in size.

It is an educational game about geography. This geography game helps students learn about world countries and capitals, flags, famous landmarks, and important places in the World and have fun, hence the name ‘game.’

It was created for kids who are bored in geography class but want to learn about world countries and capitals, flags, famous landmarks, and essential places in the World.

It is an interactive digital game that helps you improve your knowledge about geography and helps You get an understanding of many nations and cultures. It is now available in more than ten languages. The game has been translated into seven other languages in just three years and is still growing.

World Geography Games is a free-to-use digital game that tests your geographic skills. Although it doesn’t offer 3D maps or videos, Give it a try if you want to challenge your geography knowledge.

10. GuessWhere Challenge

Guess Where challenge
Guess Where challenge

GuessWhereChallenge, a free, fun, and adventure-filled game where you can test your skills and learn about the world simultaneously. It is an immersive geo-challenge game for Android devices that will teleport you to a random place anywhere on the planet.

A game that takes your location and turns virtual reality into reality. You can virtually teleport yourself to places worldwide by choosing your site and the distance you want to travel. The mission is to identify the five locations of each round and earn as many points as possible.

It is an adventure-filled game where you will have to travel to various parts of the United States, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the World by solving 360-degree panoramas. The more places you visit, the higher you can reach on our leaderboard. And other features. The goal is to click on the area you think it is located.

GWC’s popularity has increased as it provides a simple and effective way to find geocaches. With it, people can easily find the nearest geocache from their current location or home and log into the game to search for treasures themselves.

It has a better design and doesn’t rely on Google Maps, which reduces bugs and issues. The main feature of this game is a large variety of challenges, including finding famous landmarks, monuments, remote places on the map, and more.

On Android, this app is one of the excellent alternatives available to GeoGuessr. In multiplayer mode, no matter who you are, you and your friends will have a lot of fun competing and playing against one another.

You may play the game on any phone or tablet from home or on the move because it is accessible with desktop and Mobile.

If you’re looking for a free game like GeoGuessr, then you’ll want to give GuessWhere Challenge a try. Guess where the same developer behind GeoGuessr created it. The game is more of the same with a few additions.

11. Hide & Seek World

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek

Hide & Seek World is an entertaining geography trivia game with a unique idea focused on multiplayer gameplay.

It is a fascinating geography quiz game that puts your knowledge of different parts of the World to the test. It’s a fun idea that you and your pals take turns being the search or hider.

It had the Dark Theme for smartphones and smartwatches. This is also an excellent way of learning geography. There are continuous scoreboards for individuals with the top scores and the most victories on the Hide & Seek World website. There are up to 200 people in total; all of them are playing in real-time!

The concept of hiding & Seek World is amusing. Each time, one hider chooses a place (with Google Maps Street View)using a web browser, and multiple seekers try to guess where the location was. Depending on how near their prediction is, each seeker receives points. After a gaming session, the seeker with the most points wins.

The multiplayer modes are so entertaining that you’ll be hooked on hiding & Seek World right away. Like with GeoGuessr, you can travel to different countries and cities on this website.
Hide & Seek World allows users to engage with the game in various ways. They can choose from playing solo or with friends, which offers free and paid versions.

You may play as a free member in both free and paid modes, with the freeway allowing you to play one game per day and the paid option allowing ymode. You may also invite others to play the game at the highest level.

12. Where Am I?

Where am i
Where am i

Google Maps has introduced a new fun game called “Where am I?” it asks you to find a mystery location based on different pieces of information.
ou to play unlimited rounds, create your character, and play with up to 20 people in private
“Where Am I?” is a location guessing game that drops you in random places all over the World. It’s a navigation app that helps you figure out where you are. The app uses technology and complex questions to help players figure out where they are. It’s a fantastic game with lots of suspense!

It turns Google street view photos into a fun and addictive game. The overall purpose of this game is to figure out what is going on in the World, where you are right now on the map, by using different clues – street signs, cars, and other local landmarks.

It is a simple game with a lovely art style that looks aesthetically pleasing. In addition, Where Am I? makes the process of locating your current location on a world map easy and fun!

The concept is simple: you click on the link to play, and you will be taken to Google maps. First, you are dropped off in a random location. Next up, you will be presented with a Google Streetview photo. Your challenge is to guess your location from the street view.

Where Am I? is also a free geography trivia fun that must be included among our list’s most acceptable GeoGuessr alternatives. And, in case you’re curious, it’s not only free to play, but it is ad-free.

Conclusion on GeoGuessr Free Alternatives

GeoGuessr Free is an intriguing game that fills a gap in our human understanding of geography. With its simple gameplay and addictive nature, it is one of the most popular mobile apps.

It is a fun, engaging way to engage students’ minds while letting them casually explore the world. It provides instant feedback when they are close to their target location and challenges students to stretch their knowledge of locations around the globe.

An exciting and unique experience, it challenges your ability to tell where you are through the viewfinder of your iPhone or tablet. It will be a fun way to use photographs you already have on social media, similar to what is already available with the Google camera app. The surprises of where they take you will be half the fun!

Here we have a rundown of the best free GeoGuessr alternatives. As already mentioned, the concept of guessing where you are by looking at a picture.

The best thing about the apps listed above is that they come with more features and functionalities than their premium counterparts.

There is a Free version of this game as well which offers the following services for free:

Free version

  • Limited 2D panorama view
  • One map
  • Play as much as you want

So go along and look at these top GeoGuessr alternatives without spending any money. We hope this article was helpful in your search for GeoGuessr-like applications.

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