How to Get Different Dimension Me

How to Get Different Dimension Me: Different Dimension Me is an AI-powered website that creates anime-style portraits from uploaded images. With advanced AI technology, users can customize skin tone, hairstyle, eye color and accessories to achieve a unique look suited for both personal and professional use. Different Dimension Me offers users the freedom to experiment with different styles and settings to craft unique avatars that express their individual style and personality.

Different Dimension Me achieved worldwide popularity in November 2022 when it launched on Tencent QQ’s platform in China. Since then, it has become a trending topic across China and other parts of Asia. All generated images remain the property of their user; the website only uses them to provide the service requested.

Users of the website simply upload an image, and its AI-powered engine generates an anime-style portrait in under 10 seconds. The service is accessible on various platforms including its official website and Different Dimension Me app available on Google Play.

What is Different Dimension Me?

Different Dimension Me is an AI-powered website that enables users to quickly and easily create anime-style portraits out of any uploaded image in just seconds.

Utilizing AI technology, the site generates these images with various styles and settings for users to experiment with – giving users endless possibilities to create unique versions of their photos.

Launched on Tencent QQ in November 2022, Different Dimension Me quickly gained popularity as social media users used it to craft portraits of themselves, others, and even characters!

Different Dimension Me allows users to upload an image onto the website and wait for the image generation process to start automatically – usually taking less than 10 seconds.

Once complete, users can download their anime-style portrait for personal or professional projects.

Different Dimension Me is just one example of AI technology being employed to generate images based on prompts. Other types include Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and GPT-3 as well – each with their own purpose.

While AI-generated pictures can be an excellent tool for creating unique and captivating content, there are ethical concerns surrounding the surrendering of rights to uploaded pictures and using stolen works within its database.

Different Dimension Me examples

Since its launch, people have been sharing their AI-generated anime images on social media platforms – particularly in China. Users can quickly upload their desired image and the AI technology generates it within 10 seconds – an amazing feat of technological wonder!

Different Dimension Me anime images can be found on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Users have shared their AI-generated portraits featuring fictional characters, celebrities, and pets alike. Different Dimension Me allows users to customize their character’s skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, and accessories using AI technology for truly unique looks that no one else has created before.

To generate an AI-generated Different Dimension Me anime image, users simply select “Wo Ye Yao Wan” (Paint now) and upload an image. The AI technology then generates an anime-style portrait of that uploaded picture which is revealed after a brief music video introducing the generated AI image.

My friend’s dog.
by u/EpsilonBatter2 in DifferentDimensionMe

How to get Different Dimension Me

Different Dimension Me is an AI-powered website that transforms any image into an anime-style portrait. If you’re interested in trying out this service, here are the steps to get started:

  • To begin the animation portrait process on Different Dimension Me’s website (, navigate to their upload button and select your image that will be turned into an anime portrait.
  • Wait for it to begin automatically – usually taking no longer than 10 seconds).
  • Once the process is complete, you will be presented with a short music video showcasing your generated anime-style portrait.
  • Different Dimension Me is available on various platforms, including Android and iOS devices.
  • To download the Different Dimension Me app, visit Google play store for Android and App Store for IOS.

If you use the QQ instant message app, you can access Different Dimension Me by typing “AI” into the search bar and tapping on its banner. If it does not appear, try logging in again to see if it appears on top.

It is worth noting that Different Dimension Me has gained popularity in China and other parts of Asia, as discussions about AI have grown on social media platforms. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to visit the Different Dimension Me subreddit at for answers and clarification.

Controversies regarding the AI

This is a tweet detailing the user’s attempt to use Different Dimension Me AI to create characters from The Walking Dead. They express their disappointment with its incapability to recreate black characters and speculate that being Chinese may have contributed to its limitations in creating diverse characters.

This tweet poses important questions about the significance of diversity in AI and technology. Many AI systems are created by homogenous teams that may not reflect the populations they serve, leading to biased algorithms that perpetuate discrimination and inequality. As AI becomes more deeply embedded into our lives, it’s essential that we prioritize diversity and inclusion during its development and deployment.

It is worth noting that this tweet emphasizes the significance of user testing and feedback in technology development. User testing can expose biases and limitations in AI systems and help developers refine their algorithms. By including diverse perspectives and experiences into the development process, we can ensure AI systems that better serve all users.



Different Dimension Me is an inspiring demonstration of how AI technology can be employed to generate anime-style portraits from uploaded images. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, users are free to experiment with different styles and settings to create unique avatars that showcase their individuality. Since its launch on Tencent QQ in November 2022, Different Dimension Me has grown in popularity throughout China and other parts of Asia, inspiring users to share their AI-generated portraits on social media platforms.

Though AI-generated pictures offer advantages, there are also ethical concerns with its use of user-generated imagery and stolen works in its database. Furthermore, Different Dimension Me’s AI technology may not be sufficient enough to create diverse characters; therefore, prioritizing diversity and inclusivity during AI development must be prioritized.

Different Dimension Me is an inspiring example of the power of AI technology in creating captivating content. Available across various platforms, it gives users a fun and creative way to experiment with their images to express their unique style and personality.

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