How to Hide Messages In Whatsapp Chat ( Whatsapp Trick 2017 )

Trick to Hide Whatsapp Chat Messages without Using any App

Do you want to know how to Hide whatsapp chat messages without using any app? and want to know trick to hide whatsapp chat in 2017? If yes then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide on How to Make whatsapp chat secret.
Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the biggest messaging app, facebook acquired whatsapp in october 2014 and since then the giant messaging app is rolling out new features day by day But unfortunately one features is still missing in the Whatsapp chats and that is the Secret whatsapp chat feature and also there is no way you can enable Whatsapp secret Chat feature .But today in this guide we are here with the way with which you will be able to Hide whatsapp messages without using any app. So lets start with the guide on How to Make whatsapp messages Secret.

How to Make Whatsapp Chat Messages Secret

It happens many times when we dont want to share our chats with anyone or someone asks for our phone and reads our messages . So in that case Hiding whatsapp messages is the best thing you can do and this guide we will tell you How to Hide chats in whatsapp easily. 

How to Use whatsapp Without Number for Android.
Basically there is a feature available in whatsapp itself which can hide our messages easily but most of us dont know that and also it isnt the official way to to Hide messages in whatsapp chat.
Before you Start the procedure to hide whatsapp messages below are some points and pre-requirements you have to follow :-
  • You must be on latest whatsapp Version.
  • Make sure you are using the official version of whatsapp only.
  • Make sure your device is connected to internet.
This Guide is working in Following Devices :-
How to Hide whatsapp messages in:-
  • Apple Iphone
  • Android Phone
  • Windows Phone
So as i mentioned above that there is secret whatsapp trick available and is very simple but we dont about it so we will tell you How to Hide whatsapp messages with that trick.

How to Hide Whatsapp Messages in Android without Any App

  • First of all Go to settings of Your whatsapp.
  • Now tap on Settings.
  • Now Tap on About and Help
  • Now tap on About.
  • Now check Your Whatsapp Version if its latest you can proceed to the guide and if its not first of all update.
  • Now press the back button.
  • Now you will see archive chat option.
  • Just select the whatsapp chat you want to hide.
  • No archive the chat.
  • Now you will see that your chat is hidden.
  • To get the chat back open settings again
  • Now tap on archived chats.
  • Thats all !!! You have successfully hidden whatsapp message .
Here is the video on How to Hide whatsapp messages and chats in android phone.
How to Hide Whatsapp Chat Messages in Apple Iphone Ios
  • First of all go to settings of Iphone.
  • Now tap on About and help.
  • Now you will see whatsapp version, Just cross check with the app store and if its latest you can proceed further.
  • Now go to the chat you want to archive, Select it and slide towards right.
  • Now you will see Archive option.
  • Just tap on that.
  • Now you will get a notification Chat archived .
  • Now you have successfully made whatsapp chat secret .
  • To get back the chat just pull your iphone screen below:-
  • Now you will get Archived chats option on top .
  • Just tap on that and open .
  • Now when you will open you will get the chats you want to keep secret under the Archived chats section :-
So thats all !!! You have successfully hide your whatsapp chat and messages in Iphone and android.

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