Check: How Much VRAM Do I Have In Windows 10?

If you are Wondering How Much VRAM Do I Have In Windows 10 then in this guide we will show you the best way to check the Amount of VRAM your Windows OS has.

We are much familiar with RAM (Random access memory), But when it comes to Vram we all get confused about it and start thinking what actually it is.

Vram Stands for Video Random access memory and it is similar to RAM, but this specific portion of ram is used for Graphics and video purposes. In general, it is way faster than a normal ram.

Vram is used to draw and store your graphics on the System, The ram is so faster that is used to display textures and images on your display instantly.

If your System has a dedicated Graphic card then there are strong chances that the graphic card has reserved separate ram to Function graphics and video jobs on your system. The basic Function of VRAM is to handle graphics and Display options Simultaneously. So it is pretty obvious that the more amount of ram, The more complex functions it will be able to handle smoothly.

In Very easy terms, The more amount of VRAM your system has the more faster and complex images it can display. So now you might be wondering How Much VRAM Do I Have In Windows 10? If yes then follow the Steps given below to investigate.

Method 1: Check how much VRAM your computer has in its Display settings

For Windows 10 users, The best way to check is by accessing the “Display settings”, To Exactly know how to check How much VRAM your graphics card has,  follow the easy steps given below:

  • Press Windows Key to Launch Start Menu
  • Now in the Search box type Display and Click enter on the first result
  • Now in the Display Settings Scroll down to the bottom and Tap on Advance display settings
  • In Advanced Display settings Click on “Display Adapter properties for Display 1
  • Now You Will Be Able to See How much VRAM does your Computer has.
  • For us, it Was 128 MB (Written in front of Dedicated Video memory)
  • You can also Check the Amount of VRAM your Graphics card has

Above Mentioned was the easiest way to Know the Amount of VRAM your computer and Graphics card has, You can Also check by Following the Steps given above.

Method 2: Use CPU-Z to check how much video RAM your computer has

Cpu-Z is Another great Application available for Windows, The process to check VRAM using CPU-Z tool is pretty easy and all the information related to your PC will be displayed in front of you in Just 1 Click.

Cpu-z is a third party application that shows some basic info of your system, Checking the VRAM using this app is a perfect option for those people who don’t want to Complex the process.

The best thing about this app is that it will tell all Detailed information about your PC and every component related to it. You can Check almost every information about your system including Temperature, RAM’s, About Cooling fans and almost everything.

Follow the Steps Given Below to Check VRAM memory:

  • First of all Download CPU-Z (here) and install it on your PC.
  • Now Run the app As Administrator
  • Now Wait for the app to Fully Scan your PC.
  • Once the Scan is Completed Navigate to “Graphics” Tab
  • Now Check the Amount of memory available.

Method 3: Check VRAM using dxdiag tool

Dxdiag is another great tool to check how much  VRAM do I have in Windows 10, This tool takes only 1-2 minutes to get all the information about your System.

Not only 1 But if you have 2 Graphics cards installed on your System then also you can use this tool To Check VRAM and it’s Status.

Follow the Steps Given Below to Check using DXDIAG tool:

  • Open run window and Run it as administrator by Pressing the ⊞ Win (windows) + R Key Simultaneously.
  • Now type “dxdiag” in the Open: Box and tap on Ok
  • Now Click on Yes When Asked by DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Now in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, Tap on Display Tab
  • Now You will See the Amount of ram in front of Display Memory(vram)
  • Here Display Memory Denotes to the VRAM memory, For us, it shows 128 MB you can Also check yours using the same way.

These are some Of the Simplest ways to Check How Much VRAM Do I Have In Windows 10, Incase if you also know any other way Please share with us in the comments section below.

How to Increase VRAM in Windows 10

The best way to Increase VRAM in Windows 10, Windows 7, and Other Windows is by Purchasing a new and improved version of the graphics card.

As the VRam is Hardware component of a Computer so it is not possible to Increase Video memory by using a Software. There is plenty of Graphics cards available in the market with a good amount of VRAM. So you Can Upgrade to the new and more efficient graphics card.

FAQs about How Much VRAM Do I Have In Windows 10?

How do I find out how much VRAM I have?

You can Figure out the amount of ram by Accessing Display Settings, Then Navigate to Adapter settings and Check the amount of VRAM your system has.

How do I check how much VRAM I have Windows 10?

You can Check It by going into the Display settings, You can Also use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to check Video random access memory.

How do I add VRAM to Windows 10?

You can add or increase VRAM in windows 10 by installing a new graphics card on your computer. Some of the best Graphics cards Are NVIDIA, Gigabyte, and Asus.

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