How to Get Back Warranty After Rooting

How to Get Back Warranty After Rooting

So Do you want know How to Get back warranty After Rooting? if yes then you are at right place.  Now a day we love to Root our Android Phone and play with Custom ROMs and all. Bus some Android Phone manufactures don’t think it and they cancel warranty while we are in root.To get back warranty After rooting.we are here with a guide How to get back warranty after rooting. Without wasting any more time let’s jump into the guide.

We have to Unroot our Android Phone to get back warranty. Now you have question, How to Unroot our Android Phone. nowadays unrooting is simple then rooting and you can do it in few steps.

There are two method Which i am going to tell you.

  1. Unroot using SuperSU or Superuser app.
  2. by deleting root files using Root Browser.

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Let’s begin the guide on How to Get back warranty after rooting.

Unroot Using SuperSU or Superuser app

Step 1:-  You have root access that means your phone have installed Superuser or SuperSu app.

Step 2:-  open SuperSU and go to Setting –> tan on Unroot.

Step 3:- wait until the unrooting process done.

Step 4:- after unrooting delete the SuperSu and Superuser app from you android phone. And also remove apps which you used for rooting.

Now you have successfully unrooted Android Phone. but the process do not work with all android devices. Don’t worry we have second method for unrooting and get back warranty.

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By Deleting Root Files using Root Browser

Step 1:- Download and install Root Bowers on your Android phone.

Root Bowers:- Download 

Step 2:- Now, open it and navigate to system Folder and go tap on XBIN or BIN.

Step 3:- Now Delete the SU file.

Step 4:- Now go back in System folder and tap on app and find Supersu or Superuser.apk. 

Step 5:- Delete both Apk. ( SuperSU , Superuser )

Step 6:- Now, Reboot you Android Phone.

So this was our Guide on How to Get Warranty Back after Rooting android Phone, We hope that this guide helped you ,I hope you liked our guide on How to get back warranty after rooting. If you have any question regarding the post feel free to leave in comment down below in comment section.

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