How to use kenba | Get Kenba Free Easily

How to use kenba | Get Kenba Free Easily: Are You Searching For Creative Tools that Will Unlock and Bring Ideas to Life? Kenba provides powerful features designed to facilitate creativity. In this article we provide an in-depth tutorial of Kenba use as well as provide tips for free access – so read along and discover how Kenba can transform your creative workflow and bring forth artistic visions!

Kenba’s user-friendly interface and vast collection of creative tools makes using Kenba accessible for both newcomers and experienced creatives. You won’t encounter any technical limitations that hinder your ability to express yourself freely with creativity; be it brainstorming ideas, visualizing data sets or designing projects – Kenba offers features tailored specifically towards different creative disciplines making it a versatile solution that can serve a multitude of creative disciplines simultaneously.

Kenba offers an unparalleled free version that lets you explore its features and benefits without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll show how easily you can gain access to Kenba so you can start tapping its creative potential without straining your bank balance. With step-by-step instructions to maximize accessing Kenba without spending anything, your creativity could reach new heights!

No matter where your creativity journey lies, Kenba can serve as your go-to creative tool to unleash imagination and bring artistic ideas to life. Boasting user-friendly features and the opportunity to get it for free, Kenba should definitely be tested out as it can take your artistic endeavours to the next level!

What is kenba?

Kenba is an easy graphic design platform, enabling users to design anything from stories for Instagram Stories and Facebook to banner ads with just the drag-and-drop of a fingertip.

Kenba offers users the capability to import images for use in designs, add text to images and generate display ads or video ads with ease. Furthermore, free stock images are included to incorporate into designs easily.

Kenba is a freemium platform, meaning that there are both free and paid membership options, with the latter providing more exclusive access to assets like photos, vector graphics, templates etc. Users of Kenba can create professional-looking graphic designs quickly and effortlessly using Kenba.

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How to get kenba for free?

Kenba offers various plans and pricing options, with free offering basic features such as drag-and-drop editing, adding text or photos into designs, saving them as templates, etc. However, there are valid ways of accessing its premium features for free.

Be careful when looking to obtain software or services free, as unauthorized methods could violate the platform’s Terms of Service Agreement and lead to legal complications. Official and legitimate means should always be pursued when seeking software/services free, while respecting all set terms outlined by your platform provider.

If you want to try Kenba for free, the official website or authorized sources offer accurate and up-to-date information regarding available plans and pricing options.

How to use kenba?

Step One: Determine Which Plan Option Is Appropriate To get started using Kenba, the first step should be identifying your ideal cost and plan options.

Kenba offers both free versions with limited functionality such as drag-and-drop editing and text addition; plus more advanced plans which offer drag-and-drop editing with drag-and-drop tools, adding text or images, saving designs as templates or more features such as these.

Step Two: Register or Log In

Once you’ve decided upon a plan, sign up for a Kenba account if necessary or log into an existing one if applicable.

Step Three: Explore and Familiarize Yourself with the Interface

Once logged in, take some time to familiarize yourself with Kenba. Kenba is a graphic design platform that lets users easily create designs such as social media posts, banners, display ads and video ads using its drag-and-drop system.

Step 4: Make Your First Design To get your designing underway, click on “Create New” (or another appropriate button depending on Kenba) or another similar button and create your project from a blank slate. This will open a workspace ready for design creation and customization.

Step 5: Enhance Your Design Elements

Kenba allows you to add various elements to your design, such as images, text and shapes. Import your own or use free stock images available within its library – then drag-and-drop them onto the canvas to customize as you please!

Step 6: Customise and Modify Your Design

Kenba offers editing tools to allow you to personalize your design. Change size, font style and other properties of text or shapes as well as add filters or effects for greater aesthetic effect.

Step 7: Save and Share Your Design

Once your design is finished, save or download it using Kenba’s interface – whether “Save” or “Download.” Choose between different file formats like JPEG, PNG and PDF before saving – share directly to social media or download to computer for later use!

How Can You Access Kenba for Free

Kenba provides a free version with basic features. Simply register for an account with their website to gain access and start designing free of cost! For those needing advanced functionalities and features, premium plans also are available offering more benefits and additional features.

Kenba is an intuitive graphic design platform that makes creating unique designs easy with its drag-and-drop system. To get started with Kenba, simply choose your plan option, sign up or log in, familiarise yourself with its interface, then get creative! To use Kenba effectively you will first need a plan option before choosing and familiarizing yourself with its capabilities.

Kenba Pros and Cons

Kenba is an intuitive graphic design platform, offering users a tool for designing different media such as Instagram stories, social media posts, banners, and even free stock images for use with Kenba’s graphic designer platform. Here are the pros and cons associated with using it:


Access to Basic Features: Kenba provides access to essential graphic design features like drag-and-drop editing, adding text or photos directly into designs, saving designs as templates, etc. with its free version, giving users basic graphic design capability at their disposal. This makes Kenba ideal for users seeking free graphic design tools.

Kenba offers additional features with their Pro subscription that may prove valuable when designing advanced projects, including fonts, images and backgrounds. Kenba Pro subscription can provide users with additional design elements they require in their projects.

Kenba features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system, making creating designs easier with just a few clicks for users new to graphic design or seeking an easier design process. This may come in particularly useful for novice designers or those preferring straightforward processes for graphic creation.

Kenba offers users with multiple design options: Instagram Stories, Social Media Posts and Banners are just some examples. Kenba allows for complete flexibility when it comes to design projects as it meets different design needs for projects of various sorts.


Kenba requires users who require more advanced features (fonts, images and backgrounds) to subscribe to its Pro version for only $9.95 USD/month or $119 annually.

Initial Set-Up May Be Distracting: For users unfamiliar with graphic design software, initial setup of Kenba could prove challenging and may pose as a barrier.

Limitations of Free Stock Images: While Kenba provides free stock images, their quality and variety may be more limited when compared with paid image providers; this could potentially limit options available to designers who rely heavily on stock imagery in their designs.

Kenba offers numerous advantages, but the exact list varies based on individual preferences, needs, and design requirements. Therefore, it is crucial that users carefully examine its features and limitations prior to making a final decision on whether it meets these needs or not.

Alternatives to Kenba

Kenba Graphic Design Software may offer similar features and functionalities as other platforms available today; here are a few alternatives that might suit graphic designers more closely:

Canva: Canva is an established graphic design platform, offering users access to numerous design templates suitable for social media posts, presentations, posters and logos. Their user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enables them to easily create designs tailored specifically to meet individual user requirements and tastes.

Adobe Spark: Another graphic design platform offering various tools for producing visuals like social media posts, website pages and videos is Adobe Spark. Predesigned templates let users personalize them using images, text or branding information provided.

Figma: Figma is an easy and collaborative design platform that lets users quickly produce vector graphics, prototypes, and other assets with real-time editing features like design components, team collaboration tools and interactive prototyping capabilities.

Piktochart: Piktochart is an infographic creation platform specifically tailored for infographics, presentations and reports. Offering templates, charts and icons designed to produce attractive yet informative graphics;

Crello: Crello is an online design tool with an expansive library of templates for various design types such as social media posts, posters and banners. Furthermore, this user-friendly drag-and-drop interface facilitates customization.

As each graphic design platform provides unique features, pricing plans and user experiences, it is wise to explore and compare various solutions before selecting one that best meets your requirements and preferences.


Kenba is an intuitive graphic design platform with user-friendly tools for creatives of any experience level, offering drag-and-drop tools and an expansive library of design elements for effortless graphic design projects.

Kenba provides both free and premium plans; its free version provides basic features to enable exploration and experimentation on its platform without incurring costs. However, when accessing software or services free of cost it’s essential that only authorized and legitimate means are taken and adhere to any terms of service outlined by platform providers.

By following the steps outlined here, Kenba makes creating professional graphic designs easy for free – social media posts, banner ads, display ads… the list goes on! Kenba’s intuitive user interface, customization features, saving and sharing capabilities make it an invaluable way to unleash creativity.

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