How to Increase Battery Life in Samsung Smartphones .

Extend Battery life In Samsung Android Phones .

Using a Samsung Smartphone ? Want to increase battery backup of smartphone ? if yes then you are at right place . Samsung android phones are undoubtedly good and comes with different innovations and concept every time . But the biggest and maybe the only drawback of samsung smartphones is their poor battery backup which doesn’t even give a backup of full day .So in this guide today we are here with the guide on How to increase battery Backup of samsung smartphones .
Samsung manufactures some great smartphones every year and one of the best examples are the Samsung Galaxy s7 and the Samsung Edge series which is one of its kind but still doesn’t matter how premium or expensive the device is you will always face the battery backup issue . 

How to improve Battery life on Samsung smartphones .

So starting with the guide :- 

Factory Reset :- 

The first and best way to increase battery backup of any android smartphone including samsung smartphones is to factory reset / Hard reset your samsung smartphones . So to increase battery backup of your samsung smartphone follow the below procedure :- 

  1. First of all turn off your smartphone .
  2. Now press Volume Up + Power + Home button together .
  3. Now your samsung smartphone will boot in Recovery mode .
  4. Now select Wipe Data / Factory reset .
  5. Wipe Dalvik cache .
  6. Wipe cache partition .
  7. Reboot System Now .
Thats all !!!! By doing the above method you will feel a great difference in the Battery backup of your Samsung device .
Wipe Battery Log / Stats ( Rooted Users only ) 

This method is for rooted users only :- 
  1. First of all turn off your smartphone .
  2. Now Boot into cwm recovery . 
  3. Now you will see some options .
  4. Go to advanced and choose 
  5. Wipe battery stats .
  6. Now Reboot system .
By doing the above method you will clear the Stats of the battery and thus the battery backup of your samsung smartphone will increase .

How to save battery life of samsung smartphones .

Wallpaper :- 

Wallpaper , yes wallpaper’s are one of the biggest reason behind decreasing the battery backup of your smartphones so below are some of the ways :- 
  1. Never use live wallpapers .
  2. Always use Less bright and colorful wallpapers .
  3. Use Black / Dark wallpapers .
Reason behind Using black wallpapers is that now a days amoled screen comes with a feature in which when the image displayed on the screen is black the pixels automatically get turned off so in that case it helps a lot to increase the battery backup of Samsung smartphone . 

Use Less Widgets :- 
Many smartphone users like to keep a ton of widgets running on their homescreen but they dont know that these kind of widgets not only decrease the battery juice but also makes your smartphone slow by consuming a great amount of ram .
Use Less Apps :- 
There are many apps like Battery saving apk for Samsung smartphone , battery backup for samsung but none of them actually works instead they decrease battery life of your smartphone . So it is better to avoid installing such apps . 
So this was our guide on How to increase battery life of samsung smartphone , I hope this guide helped you in extending battery of samsung .

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